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December 8, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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December 8, 1989

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lgona publisher says "Use&apos;era or lose 'em " - Sec A - Pg. 13A dan IA News Advertiser t ri, morn., Dec. 8, 1989} Phone 755 3111 + Note: The following column was written by Dick the of the newspaper in Algona and it ap- editorial page. He is a former news editor of the Newspapers. What he writes about applies equally to home towns). 'em or lose 'em is the season when one can probably see more friends neighbors at the discount centers and mails in metropolitan lhan in their hometown. To me, that's spells c-o-m-m-u- out of town has always been a pet peeve with me. maybe not always. There was a time until about 17 Z ago when I, too, did not understand the damage I was do- my community.) COurse, I realize it's a free country and we're in a 'world You're saying I'll shop any darn place I please - 'import' to Algona (Namely yours truly) is not going should spend MY hard-earned money. NOT GOING to tell you where to spend YOUR money, but I would like to share with you some of our family does business with those who do bust- us. (Even if I don't succeed in changing your mind, :I hope you'll have a better understanding of what you're tdollar spent out of town is gone forever." That dollar helps that big city grow and prosper; while your hometown struggles and withers. The dollar you spend in the metropoli- tian cities and malls does buy merchandise, but the fringe ben- efits of those dollars go to the residents of THAT city. And the quality of life in your hometown suffers because you took away some of its 'dollar vitamins.' HOMETOWN MERCHANTS also share heavily in the responsibility to keep customers in town. I firmly believe they must provide selection, be competitive in price, maintain con- venient hours and provide friendly personal service. Routinely, I hear someone say, "I can't find it in Algona," or "I can get it $X.XX cheaper at .... " "I don't doubt these statements, but it's a matter of which comes first, "the chicken or the egg (the customer or the inventory). In other words, the more business a store does, the more items it can afford to stock. Likewise, the more items on the shelves, the more business the store will do. The more profit there is, the more money there is to reinvest in more inventory. And because the stock is being purchased in larger volumes, the better the wholesale price will be; there- fore, the better the retail price will be. Does that make sense? You keep part of the dollars you spend when you shop in your hometown. In fact, it's almost like doing business with yourself! One of the replies that's thrown back at me when shopping local is being discussed is, "What about the merchants and Horn-Kimballton TIME FAMILY Nordbys spent Thursday with her and husband, Roger Adel. They also their brother, Don of Audubon, who I by-pass surgery at ,ital in Des Christoffersen of was dismissed Harlan Hospital, Lillian Sorensen of the Retirement Home in Elk Horn had as her guests Thursday, her son, Dewey Sorensen and wife, Patricia of El Cajon, CA., and daughter, Val Deyne and husband, Tony Manzs of Omaha. llarlan Tribune OFFICE SUPPLY 1114 7th St. 755-3111 HARLAN \\;. Santa Letters Dear Santa: I have been a good girl. For Christmas, I would like a Barbie and a Barbie Ice Cream Shop, a Baby Bubbles, pajamas with matching doll, p.j.'s, a My Little Pony, a keyboard and Play Doh Snack Shop. For my brother Greg - he would like a radio/tape player, tapes, a poster and a magnifying glass. We will leave out some cookies and milk. Love, Gina Schmitz (Bob and Julie), Harlan. Christoffersens guests helping stoffersen celebrate afternoon; hosted the party for and friends at the Church at Elk Horn, eve. o, S139 Cut & Wrapped FREE CHOICE #2 nt Quarter 29 Hind Quarter Dear Santa, My name is Dusty Nelsen. I am 6 years old. I have been a pretty good boy. For Christmas, I would like a micro machine plane and train, a Ninda turtle, bean bag, Lego's and a space book., Please bring my 2 1/2 year old brother Dakota an alphabet roadway and my 1 year old brother Dane, a busy car. We will have milk and cookies for you. You can take them" home. Love, Dusty. Nelsen (Daniel), Walnut. us for your Financial Needs. their spouses, I see every time I'm at MC or PD?" That's hard to defend. Some say they're checking out the competition; others say they looking for certain hard-to-find items; and others are probably shopping (unfortunately). EARLIER IN THIS COLUMN I mentioned that I was not always and enlightened 'home- town's shopper. The year was 1972. I was fresh out of the Air Force; had landed my first newspaper job (news editor at the Harlan Newspapers); and was watching my pennies very closely - just as we do today. We had a fine shopping district in Harlan and rm sure we could have found everything we needed at the local stores. But, instead, Linda and I would scoot down the highway to the 'Big City' (Omaha). I was new to the business world and didn't understand... One day my boss heard me talking about my latest excursion in Omaha. He very tactfully asked me if I realized where the dollars came from for my weekly paycheck. From you, I replied. "Actually it comes from those who do business with us," he said. That hit home. Whether you are an employee or an employer, your pay- check comes from those who do business with your store or Office. HERE ARE SOME REASONS our family shops ex- clusively (well, almost exclusively) in Kossuth County: we are fortunate to still have a wide variety of full-line and speciality stores that stock or can order what we need; we realize that driving 40-60 or more miles costs money (gas, oil, tires, driving time, etc.); most merchandise is competitively-priced (one must con- sider all purchases, not just the attention-getting 'loss leaders'); we realize that every $1 we spend actually does the work of $5 (because it likely circulates throughout the community from payroll to business to payroll to business to payroll); a dollar spent out of town is gone forever; we know the business people we're dealing with; we're not just another face in the crowd; we can shop at our leisure; ex- changes are easier; any dissatisfaction is handled on a personal basis; parking is convenient parking (not blocks away in the far comer of a 20-acre lot); our merchants financially support the school and church ac- tivities of our children/grandchildren; we realize that taxes paid by local businesses AND their employees help provide better schools, streets, parks and other local services. I fully realize that not everything you need is available in your home community and there are occasions when you'll need to find an alternative source. But, at least TRY your hometown first... "Use 'em or lose 'em - your hometown merchants." Now that's not a desperate plea - it's reality. BIAS-PLY BIAS-PL Y $2500 15580013 WMewd RADIALS RADIALS $4900 PISS/80R13 Wnileml Whitewall SALE PRICE 16MOR.13 M.O0 170R-13 56.00 18580R.13 59.00 18575R-14 64.00 175R.14 12.00 575R.14 M.O0 21575R-14 68,00 22575R.14 70.00 21575R-15 ?0.00 22575R-1S 74.00 23STSP,-15 78.00 TOWN & COUNTRY W LEV Limited time offer on your choice of famous, deep-biting Town & Country Tires-bias-ply polyester cord or steel-belted radial Famous Firestone Town & Country snow tires/Buy now and go through winter weather on deep.biting "'Z-bar" treads. Steel belted winter radials. Get husky tread bars for snow traction, and radial polyester cdrd body for long wear, smooth ride. 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FRONT-END ALIGNMENT We'll set all adjustable angles to manufacturer's original specifications. I .,dl Jn n J Please call Harlan Firestone-- ])1 U 1il reran II 1 appointment I MUFFLERS .o.,Oo....o...,m:o....,..,,0.,,++o. LAURIE BYRNES BEI"/'Y DOERR Harlan Savings Counselo Sav___ings Counselor tone T,re '""" '"' F i re s " / m" "*./  ! [ -custom exhausts, too bta+K '+ '*+' AVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION "."/ pipe bending done here ldng, Saving., Ilms, And More ,llta# " / `5/l'e-`' ".'""/I 712 Durlnt I Hadlln 1 755-21811 -,,,r /, s 44., t /tzB-+5 4595 / Or Mufflers r ,++, o., 1708 Chatburn 755-5900