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September 1, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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September 1, 1989

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Ha Sec B - Pg. 5B TV week: Sept. 3 thru Sept. 9 . Phone 755-3111 / &apos;89 9//5/89 9/6/'89 9/7/89 9/8/89  Fri. mom.,Sept. ,, 1989 .o..,.o .o..,.o NEWS-ADVERTISER 7:30  SportsCenter 7:30  SportsCenter 7:30  SportsCenter 7:30  SportsCenter b LabxDayTe. 8:00 I Auto Racing: NASCAR 8:00  Auto Racing: CART Mid- 8:00  Auto Racing: NASCAR 8:00  Thoroughbred Sports Digest Ohio 200 (R Grcmd Natona, Gatade 200 ( / / Southern 500 (R) ) 9 9 89 I Sport (R) 9:05  MOVIE: 'Trail of the Pink 9:05  MOVIE: 'Hardly Working' 8:30 Waterskiing: U.S. Open (R) IIII I Labor Day Tale- Panther' 10:00  Tennis: U.S. Open (Live) 9:05 MOVIE: 'Make Me on Offer' 9:05  MOVIE: 'Before and After' MORNIN G MOVIE: 'The Main Event' 10:00  MOVIE: 'More Than Friends' 10:00 O  U.S. Open Tennis (Live) FAM CBN Family Channel O 10:00  TenniS:MOViE: U.S.,AnyOpenwednesday,(Live)  MOVIE: 'Wives and Lovers'  MOVIE: 'My Favorite Spy'  AIDS o Eighty Something 7:00  Swiss Fami|y Robinscn KM'I/ Omaha, NE 8 b KDSM Des Moines, IA I[ll j .  MOVIE: 'The Love Lottery' !1:00 O MOVIE: 'The Strawberry 10:30  What a Difference a Dog  MOVIE: 'Modern Problems'  O Adventures of Raggedy umpmg: 11:00 O MOVIE: 'Man From Ok a- Roan' Makes  MOVIE: 'Waltz of the Torea- Ann and Andy (CC). =mpsnire homa'  Bodies in Motion 11:00 ]) MOVIE: 'Sunset in the West' dots'  O Pup Named Scooby DaD 111 J WOI Ames, IA ll | 1 wOWT Omaha, NE O I Tennis: U.S. Open (Live) 1 I:00 ] MOVIE: 'In Old Santa Fe' Season Premiere (CC). I 11 KETV Omaha,/qE O iest Gun  Bodies in Motion AFTERNOON  Bodies in Motion (R) IIm Bodies in Motion  Kissyfur Season Premiere Ah  roll all iJm Ab KCCI Des Moines, IA O LabOrOayTele. AFTERNOON 12:00, H .... Show Jumping: AFTERNOON -- AFTERNOON ocl)o:n ra=iiliJJiJla II N WON Chicago, lL I[]1 , 12:00  CFL Football: Toronto Argo- Grand Prix of New Hampshire R s KDIN Des Mc,|nes, IA IW Y nauts at Winnipeg Blue Born- 12:05  MOVIE: 'Dixie Dynamite' 12:00 e Major League Baseball Ma- 12:00 e College Football: Washing- FttrToRn..e Ttat Delicate qllf |nil1 II11 iD ib4 WTBS Atlanta, GA I -an Hap- bets (Taped) , L cjazine (R) ton Stole at Brigham Young (R) Balance (CC). WHO Des Molnes, IA I 1:00  Top Rank Boxing: Michael 12:05  MOVIE: 'Gunsmoke' 12:05  MOVIE: 'Seminole'  Denver, the Last Dinosaur !Together 12:05  Sanford and >on: /no Carbajahl (7-0, 6KOs) vs. Jose 12:30  Ladies Pro Bowling: Gold 12:30  U.S. Open Tennis Joined in  Financial Freedom USA NET USA Network I [B] ,r.,. t p , Hawaiian Connection ESPN Sports Network I [El s b Lap,per. s 1:00  MOVIE: 'Torn Between Two Louis Herrara (13-2, 7KOs) (R) Rush Mixed Doublet (R) Progress (Live)  Outdoor Sportsman ) MOVIE: 'Suddenly, Love' !:00  MOVIE: 'The Mating Sea- 1:00 OTennis:U.S. OpenTennis  Daybreak CNN Cable News Network (D [H] uana (In Lovers' 3:00  MOVIE: 'P.K. and the Kid' son' Continue= (Live)  Best of Total Panic  NICK Nickelodeon I [I] rnannel 12 KPTM Omaha, NE  [d] reded Pi .... 2:00  Drag Racing: IHRA Gateway ( MOVIE: 'Wives and Lovers' 2:00  Tennis: U.S. Open (Live)  Lead-Off Man  Leave It to Beaver t L al... ml=,. , Nationals (R) Harlan Newspapers WWOR New York. NY  [L] 4:30  Running and Racing  Superbouts: Muhammad All ( MOVIE: 'Smile'  Garner Ted Armstrong r,l-,l kl,  ,) TNN Nashville Network Im [M] s  ay/eta- 3:00  MOVIE: 'Cry for the Stran- 5:00  Home Run Derby (R) vs. Joe Frazier (R) 1:20  Major League Basebolh St.  Journey to Adventure ,.,o,,, '';--= "' LIFE ldfelime  [.N] Kotion ge_rs' 2:30  Nautilus: 500 Million YoQrs Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs 7:05  National Geographic Ex- A&E Arts & Entertainment i [P] 'lberDa -, . MOVlE: 'The Love Lottery' $:30 =SportsLook Under the Sea hildG ;!=lq Le) h___ u__==____ J _rer DISC Discovery Channel ID [Q' y tote* 4:30  Inside the PGA Tour EVENING 3:00  MOVIE: 'Playing With Fire' 3.00 c 7:30  Kidsworld e Blues L.,, .... 5:00 O Home Run Derby (R)  MOVIE: 'My Favorite Spy' 5:30 I SportsLook 6:00 O Father Murphy (CC). j  Superman (CC).  0 0  News 3:30  Lead-Off Man  ' :   Dilney's Adventures of EVENING  VideoCountry (In Stereo) 4:00  Major League Bosebal|: Chi" Classic (Live) the Gummi Bears Season Pro-wEEKDAY I rUll IIU  I lJg _LI I Lab. Day Tale- 6:00 O Father Murphy (CC). Port 2 of  Family Ties (CC). Part 1 of 2. cago Cubs at Philadelphia Phil-  MOVIE: 'The Stepford Child- mlere () ...See at h e r 0 Andy Griffith lies (Live) ran'  Camp Candy Premiere side of g: IMSA Grand 2 .....  Nightly Busi .... Report  TNT Motorsports: Profiles of  MOVIE: 'Waltz of the Torea- O People to People 1 ITIHg this page | Conversion ttcm (Tared qlB ILB  IFJ  rewt  My Sister Sam Champions (R) dots'  Dr. Fad Wt4t W q e   -- II HgrJ4Bfl vis LaL--,  O VideoCountry (In Stereo)  SportsCenter 4:30  Thoroughbred Sports Digest 5:00  Home Run Derby  Fly Fishing Mastery From AVOC i Channels : equal : Listing ,mr uay To-  Family Ties (CC). Moneyline 5:00  Home Run Derby (R) 5:30  Best of SportsLook Scientific Anglers he Ameri--   Andy Griffith  Inspector Gadget 5:30  SportsLook EVENIN G  Big Story lTennis: U.S. Open Tennis i 12 CBN CaN Cable Netwrk f un :)uc-  Nightly Business Report  M*A*S*H EVENIG  Addams Family Continues (Live) ' 30 KMTV Omaha, NIE le -  My Sister Sam  Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo) 6:00  Batman Part 1 of 2.  Cable Kitchen  Tommy Hunter (In Stereo) i 22 TNN Nashville NET l) i,;-mu,, gazme'  SportsCenter  A-Team 6:00  Father Murphy (CC).  O  O  News  World of Photography 1 Duxes or nazzara -- WOl Ames, IA I swr uay/eta-  Moneyline  HeartBeat  O   all News  VideoCountry (in Stereo) 8:00  Rainbow Brite  Dayton Air Show 60 WOVVT Omaha, N| I hvia Lab,,, -  Inspector Gadget  Chronicle IUI VideoCountry (In Stereo)  Family Ties (CC.   Jim Hensm'$ Mapper  Woodcorvin 9 With Rick Butx 7 KETV Omaha, NE Ue -'" uay 13 M'A*S*H )ltacin,. A ....  Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo)  World Monitor 0 Family Ties (CC). Part 2 of 2.  Andy Griffith Babies (CC). Part 1 of 2. (In Stereo) -- KCCI Des, Moinet, IA 1 6:05  Jeffersons (CC).  Nightly Business Report  Nightly Business Report  America's Weekend Garde-  Black Beauty g WON Chicago, IL t lJ (R)LaboU'Dam'*T u-,  HeartBeatA'Team 6:30  0 Wheel of Fortune (CC).  My Sister Sam I Miami Vice net  Baretta = N' h .... 4 VVTBS Atlanta, GA ID y ee-  Chronicle ] Too Card  SportsCenter I SportsCenter  O New Adventures of Win-  Days and . tg ts o o,y i 1 KHIN Red Ook IA i 'he Bed Se=d'  World Monitor   Cathy Show (CC). (In  Moneyline  Moneyline nie the Pooh Season Premiere Dodd (CC). ii 13 WHO Des Moines0 IA ID rvh:-- -",. 6-05 t Jeffersons (CC) Stereo)  Inspector Gadget  Inspector Gadget (CC).  Ameica Coast to Coast JJ 20 USA USA Network I ....  ,an Hap- 6130 O O Wheel of Fortune (CC).  USA Today  M*A*S*H  M*A*S*H   Captain N: The Game 1:10  Healthweek JJ -- war New York, NY i Iwjs L..L_ ' O Top Card  Major League Baseball: Chi-  Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo)  Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo) Master Premiere (CC). 1:30 I Devoney i 10 ESPN Sports Network I ltnues ,=uor Day O  Cosby Show (CC). (In cago Cubs at Philadelphia Phil-  A-Team  A-Team I Char|ando  At the Movies (R) Ji 8 CNN Cable News Ntwrk ID lies (Live)  HeartBeat  HeartBeat  Reading Matters  Bodywatch (CC). m 17 NICK Nickelodoon/A&| I.D.S Stereo)  Wild Side  Chronicle  Chronicle  Paid Programming  Style With Elsa Klensch JJ 21 KPTM Omaha, N! tng. All- O USA Today "mer,can  Major League Basebalh Chi-  Night Court  World Monitor  World Monitor  Jimmy Houston Outdoors  What's Up, Dr. Ruth iJ Tennis: U.S. Open (Live) 6:05  Jeffersons (CC). 6:05  Jeffersons (CC).  Incredible Hulk  Shotst'ie$ I = same I hahr Day Tale- cago Cubs at New or( me  Scholastic Sports America 6:30 0 0 Wheel of Fortune (CC). 6:30  Ikatman Part 2 of 2.  Three Stooges 2:00  Monroes (Live) Season Premiere  Top Card   Wheel of Fortune (CC).  Creative Living With Aleene  Remodeling & Decorating t Ill Oceanus   Crossfire  0 Cosby Show (CC). (In ] To_[? Card  Edge and Beyond Today (In Stereo) ll  Cops (In Stereo)  Night Court   Looney Tunes Stereo)  J Cosby Show (CC). (In  Automated Factory  Private Benjamin  Police Story mr'g,-.,,,,,m..,,_ .  Tennis: U.S. Open (Live)  Taxi  USA Today Stereo) 8:10 I Healthweek O  Major League Baseball: J C, agney & Lacey rPhY (CC) Port 1 f  Major League Baseball Ma-  Major League Baseball: St.  Oceanu=  USA Today 8:30  Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theo- Regional Coverage (Live)  Living Dangerously  azine I Night Court  College Football (Live) J Adventurers |  News G Crossfire Louis Cardinals at New York  Benton tar Mats (Live)  Tennis: U.S. Open (Live)  Major League Baseball: At- L Joy of Gardening  Starting From Scratch (R) 7:05  MOVIE: 'Sands of Jwo Jima' htry/In e. ,  Looney Tunes  World of Survival  SpeedWeek |canta 'vet at Cincinnati Reds   S|imm! And the Reu|  Food for Entertainment 7:30  Grand Oh Op4ry hive {In it - orereo) ax! UC)  "  Celebrate  Crossfire (Live) Ghostbusters Season Premiere  Hollywood Insider (R) Stereo 0Ue Baseball Chl O Kate & Allie CC). 6:35  Major League Baseball: San  Looney Tunes  TV's Magic Memories (CC).  On the Menu  l To Be Announced. I Iv,...  - : "  World of Survival Francisco Giants at Atlanta  Taxi I Night Court   Karate Kid Premiere  Three Musketeers   Amen (CC). (R) (In Stereo) --w Ork Mats  Rendezvous Braves (Live)  Kate & Allie (CC). 1 NFL Yearbook (R) C(CC). ) MOVIE: 'The Pursuit of D.B.  Mister Ed usirtets it 6:35  Major League Baseball: 5an 7:00  MOVIE: 'The Magic of Lassie'  World of Survival  Crossfire l Heart of Chicago Cooper'   Reporters (In Stereo) .50pene,,. prt Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves r ttive) (Live) _ ,- ',   West 57th: Three Star  Global Village j Looney Tunes  Focus on Education  Knight Rider 8:00   Tour of Duty (CC). (R) (in Comedy Edition (CC). (In Stereo) 6:35  Major League Baseball- San  Taxi  Paid Programming  MOVIE: 'Way, Way Out' Stereo) I 7.00  Liberty and ,no ,,.,e$  Thanks, Troubadour, Francisco Giants at Atlanta  Kate & Allie (CC).  Fishin' Hole  Spenser: Foe Hire  Thanks, _ . Troubadour, Gadget O  Rescue 911 Series Pro- Thanks'. Ernest Tubb$ Brave (Live)  World of Survival  Moneyweek ) Edward and Mrs. Simpson Thanks: Ernest lubbs miere (CC).  0 Growing Pains (CC). (R) 7:00  MOVIE: 'A Doctor's Story' lid Jack Thompson Down Under  Thunderbirds  Secret Agent O  Movie (CC). w (CC) In St  Conversation W th Dinah (In   Unsolved Mysteries (CC). O College Football: Notre 7:00  Liberty and the Littles '  WomanWatch 2:30 J Country Kitchen (in Stereo)   Golden Girls (CC). (R) (In  area) Stereo) (R(In Stereo) Dame vs. Virginia  Here Comet Garfield (CC).  Profiles J College Football (Live) Stereo) t   Who's the Boss? (CC). (R)  Intifada: The PaJestinians  Conversation With Dinah (in (R)  Perspective  Lead-Off Man O 5mithscnian Wcki (CC. (n Stereo} and Israel (CC). (In Stereo) r Mission: Impossible (CC).  Real Patsy Cline 9:00 0 I'm Tellingl  Art of Buck PauJson: Golden  Showbiz This Week miter I  Matlock (CC). (R) (In  Adventure: Rattle Snake   Full House (CC). (R)   Pee-wee's Playhouse Vignette I Patty Duke I (CC) Stereo) (R) (In Stereo) C(C).  Check It Out  Police Story d of 't  The President and Mrs. Bush Roundup O  Saturday Morning Prev- PrimeNews   Cosby Show (CC). (R) (In iew Special (In Stereo)  Remodeling & Decorating  College Football Scoreboard  M acGude & Loud une (CC). Talking With David Frost  Bewitched Stereo 0 Billy Graham Crusade Today (In Stereo) Le) ] unie raft  o /. )Y Show (CC On  Bodybuilding: Junior U.S.A. g MOVIE: 'North Dallas Forty'  Billy Graham Crusade   Smarts Season Premiere  Your Money  World Showcase "  Championship (Taped R)  MOVIE: 'The Year of Living ] MOVIE: 'St. Des'  MOVIE: 'Where the Buffalo ay  PrimeNews Dangerously'  Wild America (CC). Roam' CC). 3 O00 Gunsmoke 8:30   Empty Nest-(CC). (R) (In Washington Week in Re-  Minority Business Report CeJebrity Outdoors(In Stereo) Stereo) tlelf at H-  Bewitched  MOVIE: 'The Ann Jillian  College Football: Washing- view (CC) 1 Voices & Visions (CC). Part 2  Major League Baseball: St.  his We_.,in Japan , t ,=me  MOVIE: 'The French Lieuten- Story' ton State at Brigham Young  Murder, She Wrote of 13. Louis Cardinals at Chicago cubs 1 ar ,,1, wnere Are your tball. T ant's Woman'  Battle Line (Live)  ESPN's Tenth Anniversary I Land of the Giants (Live)   Beyond Tomorrow (R) (In ) exos at  Hunter  Equinox  PrimeNews Special (R)  Truck and Tractor Pull  MOVIE: 'Man of the West' Stereo)  MOVIE: 'The Bounty' 7:30  O Head of the Class (CC).  Bewitched  PrimeNews 1 Finders Keepers  Collectors  Fcu on Britain u  Spenser: For Hire R  Bewitched =.  Helena Rubenstein  Mister Ed  MOVIE: 'The Fortune  Airwolf I1 Bu=tin' Loose 9:00  Bordertown Cookie' ( MOVIE: 'A Man Called  Buck Rogers  Auto Racing: SCCA Escort  O To Be ltit ICC', '  Adventurer=  Twentieth Century  Bonanza  Your Guide to Homes Trans-Am Championship  Conversation with Dinah (In fmo ' 7:30 O Crook and Chase (In Stereo) 8:00 O  Jake and the Fatman  MOVIE: 'Iceman" Horse' MOVIE: 'Baby... Secret of  Mother's Day O You Can't Do That on Te|evl- Stereq) of POWer ....   Wonder Years (CC). (R) (In CC I, (R} (In Stereo)  Spenser: For Hire  Decades: 60% Part 9 of 10. elan   Hunter Part 3 of 3. (R) (in Feet : avcmn: Stereo)  Nashville Now (in Stereo)  Durrell in Russia the Lost Legend' O MOVIE: 'Saturday Night ) Adventurers  Knight Rider Stereo) 0hd Son  Mister Ed   Hooperman (CC). (R) (In  Safari Fever' 9:05 I MOVIE: 'Charley Varrick'  MOVIE: 'Eight Is Enough: A  Newt (CC). r. A,I,.' _  Travelers Showcase Stereo) 7:30  Crook and Chase (In Stereo)  MOVIE: 'The Ratings Game' 9:10  Showbiz This Week Family Reunion'  MOVIE: 'Holiday' .... aere uoes 8:00   O O O  Presiden-   Night Court (CC). Port 1 O  Different World (CC). (R)  EQgle and the Bear 9:30  New Generation  Brat Forrm" Part t of 3. I HJtr.hhikm' . Igte (CC R 'In Sial Address (CC). (Live} of 2. (R) (In Stereo)  Jean Batten - The Garbo of O O Garfield and Friends  Portraits of Power: Stalin: J Headline Ne,ws . . "     Nashville Now (In Stereo)  Evening at Pops (R) (In Stereo)  Exploring Lake Powell CC). The Power of Fear J Best of 5oturaay Night Uve tiq Offst *.  Struggle for Democracy (CC).  Billiards: World Open 9-Ball  Mister Ed the Skies 7:30  How Bugs Bunny Won the  Country Kitchen (In Stereo) 3:!0  Sports Close-up J War of the Wodd= (In Stereo) age (in Part 9 of 10. Championship "  Wild World of the East WestCC). (R)  O Beetleiuice Premiere 3 30  Wish You Were Here (In  News 1 Fthll III "  Top Rank Boxing: Michael  Larry King Live 8:00  Nashvite Now (in Stereo)   Perfectly Strange Satur- (CC). Stereo)  Friday the ! 3th: The mries : rams Carbajahl (7-0, 6KOI) vs. Jose  Patty Duke  O Trackdown III (CC). ,  Making It Happen  Frugal Gourmet (In Stereo) R(In Stereo) [C," ,re | h (R) (In Stereo Louis Herrara (I 3-2, 7KOs) (L" )  Korea: The Forgotten War   Cheers (CC). (R) (in Stereo) day Morning Preview (CC). m,,ra , ;  Pros dent a Address Part 2 of 2 .........  Equalizer (CC). (R) (In Stereo)   Saved by the Bell (CC).  Sunkist K.I.D.S.  Double Trouble DoddDayS(cc)and Nights of Molly Wall Street Week: Galbraith  Style With Elsa Klensch  Future Watch !' --u pmc (CC).  Patty Duke  Arthur C. Clarke's World of I1 Take O*N*E  You Can't O That *)rt Televi-  Out of Control  Natural World  Hunter Strange Powers  Larry King Uve on the Economy (CC). Mister Ed slon  Rendezvous 9:20  U.S. Olympic Gold td J MOVIE 'Broken Promise'  Weekend Autoguide /tWOrk,  MOVIE: 'The DuelJists' 8:30   Coach (CC). (R) (In Stereo)  Patty Duke  Victory at Sea 4:00 O Bonanza: The Lost Episodes 9:30  Crossbow  FM (CC).  Bonanza 8:00 O O MOVIE: 'Once Upon a  What Every Baby Knows:  O Tennis: U.5. Open Tennis (] Real Patsy Cline nte Natio . _  Beyond 2000  Car 54, Where Are You?  MOVIE: 'Mind Over Murder' Texas Train' (CC) (R/ The First Three Years Continues (Live  USA Tonight ekes hal ;eo- 8:30  CB$ Newt Analysis  Centenary of the Motorcar  Symphony in D Workshop (In  Travelers Showcase 9:00 O 700 Club Stereo)   Perfect Strangers (CC). 10:00   King  Sit and Be Fi! (In Stereo) m College Football Scoreboard _ath on the " "'   Roseanne (CC). (R) (In  Nashville Now (In Stereo)  Side by Side (In Stereo)  Alfred Hitchcock Presents *F H" tllle' Stereo) O O Wiseguy (CC). (R) (In  Beyond 2000 R J  Tennis: U.S. Open (Live)  Throb Le) : A e   Jn the Heat of the Night Stereo) 8:30   Dear John (CC). (R) (In   MOVIE: 'The Cover Girl  Wish You Were Here (In  PGA Seniors Golf (Live)  SCTV cket to the (CC). (R) (In Stereo)   Chino Beach (CC). Part 2 Stereo} and the Cop' (CC) (R) (In Stereo) Stereo  Newswatch  Benny Hill ..1 World  Car 54, Where Are You? of 2. (R) (In Stereo)  Touchstone  Market to Market   Bugs Bunny & Tweety  Mr, Wizard% Wodd (CC).  Esquire: About Men, for "1 Harm, s * 9:00  700 Club " O  NBC News Special: The  Car 54, Where Are You? Show Season Premiere (CC).  My Secret Identity Women l '- Way'  O Candid Camera: Eat!  Alfred Hitchcock Presents qm'-- (In Stereo) EatJ Eatl (CC). (R) R.A.C.E. Part 2 of 2. (In Stereo) 9:00  700 Club  Larry King Live O  Chipmunks Season Pro- i A-Team 10:00  Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). Intifada: The Palestinians   Primetime Live (CC).  Potty Duke miere (CC).  MOV|E: 'Eye. of the Under-    i  News. - , "Y (CC}. (R) (In   thirtysomething (CC}. (R and Israel (CC). (In Stereo) O  L.A. Law (CC). (R) (In  MOVIE: 'Cuba"  Better Ways to Better world'  "89 Bears: Back to New ur- 1  Sgt. Pepper: It Was Twonty  Ladies Pro Bowling: Gold Stereo)  America Coast to Coast Grades O Reno's Cabaret Reunion II (In Jeans Years Ago Today (In Stereo) Rush Mixed Doubles  Knots Landing (CC). (R) (In 8:30   Just the Ten of Us (CC)  Business of Management Stereo)  MOVIE: 'The Pink Chlquitas' Itv I O O News  News Stereo) (R -- --,,Wn (CC). (R)  Best of Saturday Night Live ! Besl of Saturday Night Live  News (CC).  Naturescene I Lost in Space  Secrets of the Coast  Capital Gang Home Run Derby 4:30  Classic Rock With Wolfman  On the TV ..... l  Current Affair Jack In Stereo)  Friday the 13th: lhe =rles I ,Vdln,,Stereo)  Profiles of Nature (J Quincy I Mysteryh Agatha Christie'$  Roy Bradbury Theater  Don't Just Sit There Current Affair Miss Marple (CC). Part 2 of 2. (R)  Waterskiing: Coleman  MOVIE: 'Grand Hotel'  Firing Une: The Legal Future I(l(Stereo) , _ d'eple Ac- 9.20 I) MOVIE: 'Midway'  Superman of Abortion Part 1 of 2.  It's A Uvtng I:!)(R) (In St .... ) 9130  On Stage (In St .... )  Ask Me Anything: How to   News Championship (Taped) ears =t the   NBC News Special: The Talk to Kids About Sex  Best of Saturday Night Live  Car 54, Where Are You?  Teenage Mutcmt Ntnja Tin- II My Sister Sam I Comic Strip Live Livt R.A.C.E. Part 1 of 2. (In ,Stereo)  Decades: 60's Part 9 of 10.  Current Affak 9:00  700 Club ties (CC).  Newsmaker Saturday  Spenser: For Hire Jl Secrets of Nature D Dream Is Over (In Stereo)   20/20 (CC). O Ask Me Anything: How to  Dennis the Menace -Shortstt,ries Ir4  News (CC). 9:20  MOVIE: 'They Were Expend-  Profiles of Nature  News (CC). Talk to Kids About Sex j) Out of This World (R) (in I New A_ninl Wld , I ,, . II Tennis Continues able' 9:20  MOVIE: 'None But the  Austin City Umit$ (In Stereo/  Helena Rubenstein Streo 10:2Q i Night ltcact 0 Streol ,t nhOna| GaD-  SCI"V 9:30  On Stage (In Stereo) Brave' q Hitchhiker  M,nsters Today (R) 10:30  Campbell cDr Animal Wonder Down Un- W--, O Carson's Comedy Classics I News (CC). 9:30  usa Celebrity Tour: Loretta  Headline News lid wild Refuge  Fall Guy .... '.,s'  USA Tonight  Tennis Continues L_nnn Stereo)  Best of Saturday Night Live 10:10  Science and Technology 5 00  Bordertown  .lassic Rack With Woltman t 'l Bless You  Noah's Ark  SCTV   USA Tonight  News Week I News Jack (In Stereo) 4 th W"" 10:00  Batman J News  Tennis Continues O Days and Nights of Molly 10:30  Roy Rogers  CountryClip$ (In Stereo) M*A*S*H W:n (CC). 8 Vid eountNe(:StereO)  USA Tonight  SCTV Dech:l (CC). = Side by Side (In Stereo) O Peint ef View O O Saturday Night Uve (R) V/Ittre Are  -  USA Tonight 10:00  Batman  Carson's Comedy Classics i Nature of Things O  Saved by the Bell Pro-  World Championship Wres- I(Stereo) I    O  News  World of the Sea 9:15 1 NWA Wrestling Power Hour miere (CC). tling  Night Court lt m. __ our II Miami Vice  VideoCountry (In Stereo) 10:00  Batman 9:30  C|os$1c Rock With Wc)Hman  T and T (I, Stereo') O Tony Brown's Journal (R) IJ dmwMms k Iotas  Lighter Side of Sprt$  USA Tonight      O News Jackn Stereo)  Business of Managemont  Spectacular World of Guin-  MOVIE: 'The Gtoundsta Whrt --  Moneyline  Miami Vice  Tales From the Oark$tde   USA Tonight  Gameday nest Records (R) Conspiracy' ((C). (R) (In O Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In  Moneyline  Computer Chroniclos  Werewolf  Baseball '89  Diamonds  SportsCenter ;L'). O Newhart (CC).  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In  Miami Vice  Horse Racing: West Virginia  Dennb the Menace  Newswatch I Sports Tonight /4cttt-- -  It's a Living (R) m NewhC,t (CC).  NFL P|ayoff High|ights (R) Breeders Classic Ill (Live)  Superman  Mister Ed  My Three Sons ')' (R w=: Rivera in  Arsenio Hall (R) (In Stereo)  Arsenlo Hall (R) (In Stereo)  Moneyline  SCTV j Learning the Ropes (R)  Charles in Charge (CC). O r.reddy's Nightrncres, A 'Wr=- O Spenser: For Hire  Spenser: For Hire  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In J Carson's Comedy Classics  Sagebrush Country  A-Team Nightmare on I:Jm Street (R) (In Iv, we ,  Improv Tonite (In Stereo)  Anna Maria Hartford at the  Newhart (CC).  Days and Nights of Molly ! I:00  Lone Ranger  Starting From Scratch (R) Stereo) ilt,. ....  Jean Batten - The Garbo of Improv  It's a Uving - Dodd (C C). ] Celebrity Outdoms (In Stereo)  MOVIE: 'The Letter'  New Explorers - ght Live the Skies  Inheritance Part I of 2. q Arsenio Hall (R) {In Stereo) 10:00  Batman  O Animal Crack,Ups Sea- O Globe TV: A Tickot to the 10:35  Best of Bix 10:30 O Batman 10:30  Botmcm  Spenser: For Hire  O     News son Premiere (CC). World 11:00  Zola Levitt q AI  Cheers (CC). I Cheers (CC). O Improv Tonite (In Stereo)  VideoCountry (In Stereo)   ALF Season Premiere q 16 Days to Timbuktu  Grand ale Opry Live Back. lb:'_.wn:'" The Show I CrOOkM, A,$,Hand Chase (In Stereo)  Crook and Chase (In Stereo)  Sporting Ufe  Taler From the Oarktide CC). S:3Q m C.r.sbow st_age (in Stereo "Fa- M*A*S*H 10:30 1 Batmon  Doctor Who: The Trial of a  Soul Train  Tennis: U.S. Open Tennis  Lifestyles of the Rich ona (1 Streo,   News O  Tonight Show (In Stereo)  Cheers (CC). Time Lord Part 4 of 4.  Welcome to My Studio (In Continues (Live) inDUS (R) . . ;  Night ourt  Night Court  Crook and Chase (In Stereo)  Miami Vice Stereo)   NBC News i MOVIE: 'The m-Laws' t: W * -  Newhart (CC).  Newhart (CC).  M*A*S*H I1 Motorweek Illustrated (i American Bandstand i Sneak Previews I Rockford Fdes . . mdchopping i Magnum, P.I.  Magnum, P.L   Tonight 5how 0n Stereo)  Moneyline  Newsday O Pinnacle  AWA Championshq= wres- --  Sport$Center I SportsConter  Night Court  Rowan & Martin's Laugh.In  Double Dare (CC).  Count Duckula fling gnld ,,,  Sports Tonight  Sports Tonight  Newhart (CC).  Newhart (CC).  Black Sheep Squadron Ill Mama's Family  Nowsnlght ' -Iassics O Y Three Sons i   .. I Arsenio Hall (R)(In Stereo) I My Three Sons  Magnum, P.I. Part 1 of 2. q It's a Living (R)  Wrestling Challenge  Superbly (R)  Donna Reed 1Arsenio Hall (R) (In Stereo)  Japan (CC). Port 3 of 4.  Arsenio Hall (R (n Stereo) q Lifetime News Updat@ EVENING  Twi|ght Zone (CC. (R) 0n ,Uttt/q News  Rising Damp 11:00  MOVIE: 'The Magic of Lassie' I SportsCenter  Spenser: For Hire  MOVIE: 'Cuba  Stereo) Nlllttl'etnOd) e 11:00 8 Lbeenrty $.ad.Sth)tnleennis . Tennil: U.S. Open Tennis . Sports Tonight . Animal Wonder Down Un- . Secrets of Nature 6:00 . Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cell)(CC). q MOVIE: 'Blmzil' Hjhlight$ O My Three Sons der 11:30  Rifleman  Wheel of Fortune (CC).  Leg Work '-- 'i'tu _. . Hi(hlightSNashville Now (In Stereo)  Nashville Now (In Stereo)  Arsenio Hall (R) (In Stereo) ! O: 1.5  Night Tracks (In Stereo)  This Week in Country Musk ] Country Kitchen (In Stereo)  Living Ocmgerously -' lllenge  Nightline (CC).  Night|ine (CC).  Black Adder the Third 10:30  Batman (In Stereo) Hoe Haw (R) ' Safari t "-lt'$ '- *  Tonight Show (In Stereo)  Entertainment Tonight (In  Sporting Life  Cheers (CC). ,  weekend Special: Monster I   News ! !:05 B Alive Fom Off Center (CC). Stereo) ! 1:00 Ill MOVIE: 'A Doctor's Story'  Crook and Chase (In Stereo) Bed Season Premiere (CC). Ill National Geographic (In Stereo) .... ' ,|C. Laugh-In  Entertainment Tonight (In  Quincy  Tennis: U.S. Open Tennis i M*A*S*H   ALF-tales Season Pro- J She's the Sheriff (R) 11:20 MOVIE: 'Making mu l Stereo)  New Mike Hamme H_.h|ights  O Tonight Show (In Stereo) mlere (CC).  Growing a Busines 11:30 i Oral Roberts ..... "qll tR ,.  Quincy llr tm Stereo)  Struggles for Poland (CC). I Inside the PGA Tour Nashville Now (In Stereo)  Night Court  Munsters Today (R) Miami Vice J MOVIE: 'Treasure mrm'  Newsnight Nightline (CC).  Newhart (CC).  College Football: Mississippi I College Football Scoreboard  Grand ale Opry Uve (In t t" Port 1 of 9. (R)  Donna Reed  Entertainment Tonight (In 9 Magnum, P.L Part 2 of 2. at Florida (Live) /Uve) Stereo) h he Improv  New Mike Hammer O MOVIE: 'Tell Them Willie Stereo)  Sl:m.tCentm  Gentle Dtm: VeteinoW Jm Capital Gang  Evans & No .yak - ,, rr.  Motorcyc|e Racing: Best of Boy Is Here' O Quincy Medicine HeartBeat  New Mike Hammer   Three Sons  College Football: Mia-  Star Trek: The Next Genera-  Twilight ZOne -, AMA (R)  Sports Tonight ,,  inspector Gadget q Make Koom toe uaaay h  ,,  Newsnight q t,n Stereo) O Donna Reed 1 Battle Line  ESPN's Tenth Anniversary  Arsenio Hall (R) (In Stereo) mi(Ohio) at Purdue (Live) tion (CC). (In Stereo)  Sustaining . Beyond 2000 S Lcial  Evening at the Impov  Evans &Novak I  Mama's Family (R) 1 !:35 Ill Comedy lonight f   MOVIE: 'Journey to Shiloh'  Chronicle 12:00  Paid Programming , 4n (R) (In  HeartBeat ! 1:30  Pat Sajak  Newsnight J Sagebrush Country  Inspector Gadget O Entertainment Tonight (In  Donna Reed 11:00  Liberty and the uttle$  Esquire: About Men, for  Sporting Life  This week in Country Music 1 Helena Rubenstein Stereo)  MOVIE: 'Miracles'  Tennis: U,S. Open Tennis Women , 6:30  Campbells I(Stereo) Paradise Camp 0  Late Night With David  HeartBeat H__hlight$ AFTIR)ON "  Jeopardyl (CC). J Dynasty . - i !:30 Ill Pot Sajak  This Week in Country Music  Freddy's Nightmares: mm um mare.  Letterman (In Stereo)  Ourre|| in Russia  Nashvite NOW (In Stereo) ,  Nightline (CC). 12:00 O Iron Horse IStereo) Nightmare on Elm Street (R) (In ............. .,.,,.x,  Entertainment Tonight (in  Countryips (In Stereo)  Supecbcy (R) Stereo) , ... in before the name goes on.  Stereo)  U.S. Farm Report  Wheel of Fortune (CC).  V/tNF Svpecstars o1' wres- peql He it ge oooo .=lr..k.vvdrm[d wfl --W.n. n ,,,it, u. MOVIE Wrong Num r a m Big and the Blues Cup Championship (Taped)  Inside Washington O, : 'Sam/, - JD  IkE..EVLC'  M6VIE: 'When Nature Calls'  WWF Superstars of Wres- Night Court m, , . , Crown Series (Taped)  MOVIE: 'Tarzan and the Florida State (Uve) Champiomhip (R) Newsnight Leopard Woman' I Sports Saturday  Bewitched i Donna Reed ,  Motoeweek I Looney Tunes MOVIE: 'Private Resort'  MOVIE: 'The Intrude Kate & A#ie (CC). i Night Gallery icle i Une Part 3 ot 7. SAMPO W'S w What'. Up, Dr. Ruth Within' Charles in Charge (CC). (R) J Selmprevement Gu WE BRING =,..,....,. =., Newsday Eagle and the Bern = Arthur C. Clarke's wedd =f Wonders of the wild  Lassie Sporting Life Strange Powers SHARP TV's 11:15 MOVIE: 'The Blues Bcether m Betta 7:00 MOVIE: ,Blockheads' 12:10 e Travel Gulde YOU THE ,0o..,0,,-,. ,2"lelevisJonwRh 11:30"patsaj ak = MOVIE: 'The Concrete Cow- O Paradise (CC). (R)(In solid state tuners. 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