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August 11, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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August 11, 1989

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chef OF2. kN teth. [Cq. Pat (in p (in Wid- ,USa 8/15/89 8/16/89 MORNING MORNING 8:00 I Tennis: U.S. Hirdcourt Final 9:00 II Scuba O Maple Town (R) 9:00 l Maple Town 9:05 (I MOVIE: &apos;k of the Blue 9:05 I MOVIE: 'WilderneSS Family, Dolphins' Part 2' 102.00 1 MOVIE: 'The Fallen Idol' lO:00IMOviE:'Iscape' I1200I Purina Invitational !!200 1 Bodies in Motion Show (R) , 8 Bed In Mat i2:00 m  U: W Bombers at Toronto ArIonaats 12:00 (I Hydroplane Racing: Colum. Down  the Count - An bin Cup Unnmltnd Series (R) 12208 I MOVm 'The Dor.ay Inside Look at BoxinI 12:30 !l Maple Town 12:05 I MOVIE: 'The Last of the h00 Hydropiane Racin9: HFC Mohicans' Sirkn 12230 l Maple Town JI MOVI: 'Jumpin 9 Jacks' h00 I! MOVI 'That's My Bey' 2:00 II NR Yue,lxmk 2:00 II Tdaddea: konman Canada 2:30 IJ Hacmm acing '89 Omm (R) 3:00 I MOVIE: 'The  3:00 I MOv ', smimm' I MOve.. '  I MOVIE: '' 3:30 I TV 8 U at 4:30 I Inside the A Tow 4:00 ! TrtH:ki and Tract Pow 5:00 I Home Run De 4:30 I Running and Racing 5:30 II Spot.ask S200 I Home nun Oirby kNN 9 S230 II S..Leak 6:.00 I Fathir MuqAw Part 2 of 2. I I I II New, 6,oo I MOVI: F NighHn- t TOP Cd '_ I iowa State Fair p III I I New, I Andy  I Top Card I Nighfly lasinass Report I Family  (CC). i c, Vk, (in Stereo) I Andy mth I Nightly Business Report m00,er I Miaml Vice (in ,,1 Inqsectw GacIiet lter M*A*S*H , (col. (in Stereo) wedd Moofr I 6:os And.00 6:.30  I  of r.irlvna (CC).  World Monitir J Crook and Chose (in Stereo) 6:05 (I Andy Griffith | USA Today 6:.30 I I  of Firlvno (CC). Ccby Show (cc). (in Sreo) I Cook and Chase (in Stereo) Lengee Baseball: I I co,by Show (cq. (in Cubs at nm Rmh Stereo) bve) _.. I USA T lw_ Side I Ma ue N:  I Night Court ----Slde of Spirtc :. coio Cubs at Cincinnati Reds bYe)iris 'I9 looney Tunes . I wild side I Taxi  Night Court Kate &Ame (CC). I Track and Fled: EWOlan I Bezvo I 6:33 I And,/  Looney Tunes 7:00 I MOVIE: 'The IImve One' N Taxi I I  Summir  i Major  H: San ResId Show (CC). DinIO Padres at New Yock Mats I  Now (In Stereo) (Uvel I I  (c. pc I of 2. iw of in Stereo) I Cabbrato bVho's  8ass? (CC). (R) (in 7:QO I Smathe  Co- Stereo) randy Hour.. tc, Gouirn- I Nova (CC). (R)  and Oth Scary Things I Mlir, She Wrote LCC). (R) (In Ste) I Karate Weald Light welter- I Nashvilb New (in Stereo) we:hampin,ig (To I I owing PaIns (cc). P(P_ from an eirlior date R) BI PrimeNews w Ed III Uasdved MysterHo (cc). i Movi: 'o,,ly who. i '-'ugh' RL%( seo) I Hunter I Discover: The Wmici of Sci- I Maul: 'Heat' once (CC). (R) sp.  Hhe  Murder,  wrote I Dwight D. Esmv Iko I IImeNevn I Advoutumrs Part I of 3.  Mbtor Ed 7: I HoIan's Nwues I MaUl: 'Uban Cowboy' 7:30 I I Wond Yean (c. (R)(in I MO ' b ' stereo)  . F H II Malor League Baseball: At  Battle Une lasts Bravac at St. Louis Cird- I Equinox ntis (Le) 7:30 I I  of the am (cc).  Daka l Majer LaaIUe laseball: At- II Travder's Shewcace 8:00,  I If Vomem)w Comes (CQ. laata Braves at St. Iis Cirdl- Part 3 of 3. (R) mils (Live) III RInne (CQ, (R) (in I Wllknds: Great Smoker Pool Stereo) Shootout Ii  (cc). p 2 of 2. I patty Duke R(in Sterne) I Twentieth Caatun Part 2 of I Strvb he Dames,,cy (CQ, 2. Port 6 of 10. 80 I I Joke and the Firman IS Pu Invitational Do I (CC).R)(inStsreo) Show (Toped) (cc). (R) (in Top   (U,) Stereo) I Lany King Live I  Night Court (CC). (R) I Make Room fir Daddy I Evening at Pops (R) (In Stereo) I Huatir I MOVII 'PeIIY Sue Got 2II The Key to Bebacca IS Larry KinI Live Fort 2of Mank w)vm 'bIon' I Make Room  Beyond 00 I MOVIE: 'Between Two 0:30 I  The Faro= A Penpec. Women' tire (in Stereo) I Armacia Port 2 of 3. EB EB Any but Love (C. II Arthur C. aorhe's world OF R( (in Stereo) Sange Powers II Car $4, b Are YOUT 8:30 I b  & Soul: Untold 9:00 I 700  Stories (In Stereo) I Icaach (cq. (R) (in reo) I I Nikki and Alexander Gang., Cops & D.I. Part 1 OF 2. Be.d: Sonk Pro (Le) FII l (C. 0 Car 54, Where Are YeeT I I New, I Caatoucrf of the Mato,o, I Cun A'okm 9:00 I700b ' I I p x, on w IJ  Time 30 Pad 2 of 2. (CC CC). ).Iin) 9:30 I On staI* (in ) I I China Beach (cO. (R) (in N. New, Carton's  aassics ,&  Fart 2  2. I USA Teaht lmsl blkeam 10r00 1 Betman Port I of 2. I I I I I I New, Da,ng 1988 (R) You Bea INevn IJI USA Tonight I IIest of Satwday Night Uve I Adam Smith'i Money I CurmntAffair Wodd: Fireign Cuneasy Trade  Decades 60's Part 6 of 10.  Minnd I  Turns 30 Vice (in Stereo) 9: I   (in ) I How Run Bed, y I New, (cq. IJ Bewen & Moron's Langh-ln N  (Cq. USA Tonht I Ws a  1001 VIE: 'wu hfln- I   ) (in  spor. r Hhe rI!le. I i I i New, ll Testament I You Can Be a Star 10:.!3 I MOVIE: 'The Rare Breed' I USA Tonight 10:,30 1 Iatman Pirt2 of 2. II Idlami Vice (In Stsreo) ID chew, (cc Ma4 I  and Chc,, (in Stsreo) I Rowan & Martin's Laugh in I M*AeS*H I Newhirt (CC). I I st of  m) (in I se.b Hd (R)(in S) ht Cat I Span'" h' ' ! Ins Anba at the Improv I Newhirt (cq. 10:.15 II_ MOVIE: 'walk the Proud I ou p'l" I Isis TflpIh w-- cm,  1301 chew, (c. I Sper Tenths I Crook and Chase (in ,r) Thtue Sam I A,tb ikdl (R) (in So) I M*A*S'H I I Tbht Show (in Sreo) I Immav Toofto (in Stere) I Night Court ii,oo I MOv 'The  o,, I Newhe, (cq. so) p.,. I P.O.V. (co). I spt.eatir I  T I IAmnle  (R) (in St, nee) I New Mike Nemm'0er ! 12001 Pot S4,1ak I An.qu. co, k.. at I No,,m. Now (in s) Anmtcan h (R) I Ihine (Cq. I New,ight I ',,, o,.,.,, I Bem-n Weekend' I Inside the PeA Tout NeartBeat Newsn ht I I)wight D. Eleenhow. Ice I w-, I 00Sa" 1h30 I ;Lafe N ht With DavklIltortllnnlnt Tonight (In lattormon (in Stereo) 11:30 II btertainmeat Tonight (in I Nalbe (CO. "; - siereal Lattormaa (in Stereo) 1,4Ude Dankor', b I htte (CQ. in before the name goes on.  755-3576 WE BRING YOU THE BEST. 1-800002-0013 8/17/89 MORNING 7:30  mCon 9:00  Waterskiing: World Tour (R) Maple Town f" c c-.c IHarlan 'AN ewsAdveserl TV week: Aug 13 thru Aug 19 8/89 Fri. morn., Aug. II, 19B9 ) I I 8/ 1 , Phone755-3tll ,/ MOR.,.00 .. NEWS-ADVERTISEI00 SATIIRDAY 7:30 tI SportsConter 8:00 lI Tharaughbed Slxts Digest 8:30  tyn St. James: A New Wodd 9:05  MOVIE: 'The Thief of Be I- Record (R) 8/19/89 -- dad' 9:00 I Karate: Worm Light Wolr- 10:00 I MOVIE: 'Mine Own Exacu- weight Championship (R) MORNING tioner'  Maple Town FAM CBN Family Channel 1 I:00  Bodies in Motion 9:05 OIdM,OVIE: 'Across the Gmt 7:00 II Adventures in Dry Gulch O  Adventures of Raggndy KMTV Omaha, NE 1 TNN Nashville Network O Ann and Andy (CC).  WOi Ames, IA I AFTERNOON 10:00  MOVIE: 'fright" III Flintstone Kids (CC). I V WOWT Omaha, NE  C 12:Q0 I Gymnastic: U.S. Challenge ! ! :00 I Beclies in Motion  Kissyfur (CC). I W KETV Omaha, NE O C T Competition (R) AFTERNOO I U.S. Firm RellI I I I l il A KCCI Oes Moines, IA I] 12:05 ) MOVIE: 'The Time Machine' I Beginning With Bang iP.N aIM N kl  WGN Chicago, IL IO 12:30  Maple Town 12:00  Track and Field: Eurolxmn I I)envor, the Last Dinosaur Vllrll11111 Illg WTBS Atlanta, GA 1:00 II Tennis: Canadian Open Meet (R) I Financial Freedom " KHIN Red Oak, IA I Rounds (Live) 12:05  MOVIE: 'Wet '  Spirtsman's Choflenge (R) WHO Des Moinos, IA I) MOVIE: 'The Stooge' 12:30  Maple Town I Iybreak USA NET USA Network I [B] 3:00  MOVIE: 'See China and Die' Quarterfinals (Live)  Leave it to Beaver CNN Cable News Network 1 [H) tlo M,OVIE: 'Mine Own Exesu- I:00  Tennis: Canadian Open  Kick's Court ESPN Sports Network I) [El MOVIE: 'Scared Stiff'  Garner Ted Armstrong ,., .... NICK Nickelodeon  [I) 3:30 O TV 8 Live at Fair 2:00 I Something Magical I Journey to Adventure ,nannel ]Z KPTM Omaha, NE  [J] 4:30  Thoroughbred Sports Digest 3:00  MOVIE: 'One Shoe Makes H 7:05  National Geographic Ex- Harlan Newspapers WWOR New York, NY  [L] 5:00  Home Run Desby Murder' l>m " " " - ;^ KDSM Des Moi .... IA  [M) S:3O  SpirtsLoek  MOVIE: Fright 7:30 Su Cable News 1z LIFE Lifetime  [N} 3:30 I! TV 8 Live at Fair an (CC). A&E Arts & Entertainment  [P] EVENING 4:30  s m America I I New Adventures of Win- DISC Discovery Channel I  [QJ .6:00 I Father Murphy S:0Q II Home Run Derby nie the Pooh (CC). I II O O News 5:30 I Best of SpodsLook I Disney's Adventures of the II Top Card .... EVENING G ummi Bears (CC). .FamilyT.(CC).Portlof2. I'toPePle WEEKDAY See other oa Cable II Andy Gth 6:00: O Fathir Mirphv "'" side of I Nightly BesineII Report I O I O I Ne--   Fishing Mastery From " , I Miami Vice (In Stereo) O Top Card Scientific Anglers USTINGS SpertsCanter I Family Ties (CC). Part 2 of 2. I I sy this page Conversion Moneyline  Andy Griffith  Heathcliff Avoca Haflsn Inspector Gadget I Nightly e Report  Addams Family ) This Week in Baseball: With Channels : equal : Listing M'A*S*H  Miami Vice (in Sreo)  Mindpowor I C)shy Show (CC'). (In Stereo)  ntw  World of Photography Mel Allan 12 CBN CBN Cable Notwrk O A-Team I Moneyline 8:00 I  (CC).  Newsmakor Saturday 3 KMTV Omaha, NE ]l HeartBeat  Inspectm Gadget II O Jim Hensen's Muppet  Heathcliff 22 TNN Nashville NET O I Chronicle  M*A*S*H Be (CC). , -- I:00 0 Big Valley -- WOI Ames, IA I 6:05  World Monitor I Cesby Show (CC). (In Stereo) I America's Weekend ircto- O Tommy Hunter (in Stereo) 6o WOfr Omaha, NE Andy Griffith  A-Team ' net  Twin Star Productions 7 K ETV Omaha, Ni O 6:30 IIO wheel of Fortune (CC). Creek and Chase (In Stereo) I cesby Show (cc), (in Stereo) USA T II Major League Baseball: Chi- cago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds i w lid Side Night Court SpondWeek essfire Looney Tunes Taxi Part 1 of 2. Kate & Aliie (CC).  Werld of Swval Global Village 6:35  Andy Griffith 7:00 II MOVIE: 'O. Henry's Full House' O O 48 Hours (CC). (in Stereo) i Nashville Now (in Stereo) Man Called Hawk (CC). (in Stereo) Coshy Show (CC), (R) (in I HecatBeat I Chrenkle I Wd Ma., 6:05 I Andy Grifflth 6:30 I O whd of rne (CQ. Creel( and Chase (in Stereo) I cod Show (cc). (in Stereo) I USA Today I Be.m I TV's Magk Memories Night Court l Boating world I Crossf, Looney Tunes Taxi Fort 2 of 2. I Kate & Allie (CC). I wodd of sonvof Jack Thompson Down Under 6:35  Mater League Baceball: Pittsburgh Pirates at Aflonta Braves (Live) 7:00 II MOVIE: 'The Big Wheel' Ii I! MOVIE: 'The Last Days OF Patton' (Cq (R) Stereo) I Nashville Now (in Stereo) i Wild America (CC).  I FuN House (CC). (R) Murcl, She Wrote O  Father Dawling Mystm- Golf:. international Open ins (CC). (in Stereo) .aped) lI Ernest Goes to Splash Moun- Il PrimoNews tuin Mister Ed I Washington Week in Re- MOVIE: 'Coming Home' view (CC). I Bonanza I Murder, She Wrote I MOVIE: 'Endangered Spa- ti PGA Golf: The International ' Second Round (Toped) Spenser: For Hire I PrimeNews Durroil in Russia  Mister Ed Sofiri  MOVIE: 'Jaws 3' 7:05 I MOVIE: 'The Deliberate I Kokhak, The Night Stalker Stranger' I MOVIE: 'Honeysuckle Rose' 7:30 II I Different World (CC). (R) I MOVIE: 'The Girl Called Hat- I Stereo) tar Fax' Give Youe/f Some Ondil II Eagle and the Bear Patty Duke ( Testament Wild World of the East 7:30 II II Mr. Beivndire (CC). (R) 8:00  O Equalizer (CC). (R) (in O Major League Bebal. Chi- Stereo) caIo Cubs at Houston Astros II II Mission: Impossible (CC). (Live) (RJ(In Stereo) I Wall Street Week: Action in I i Cheers (CC). (R) (in Stereo) Leisure Time Stocks (CC). I O Smurh (CC). O I Major League Besehall: -- KCCl Des, MesheS, IA O I Chadanclo People Regional Coverage (live) 9 WGN Chicago, iL I Little House on the Prairie 4 VVTBS Atlanta, GA Action-Packed Cliffhangors S Chae Visual Feel Beautiful I MOVIE: 'Ride a Wild Pony" 11 KHIN Red Oak, IA I Jimmy Houston Outdoors I Woaclcarving With Rick Butz 13 WHO Des Moines, IA I I(Ln Stereo ) 20 USA USA Network Looney Tunes  Zerfigo Diamond Caper -- WaR New York, NY i I lncreclible Hulk I Boretta 10 ESPN Sports Network i) Three Stooges  Days and Nights OF Molly 8 CNN Cable News Ntwrk l Creative Living With Aleene Dodd (CC). 1)' NICK Nickoiodeon/A&E i SEdge and Beyond Automated Factory  Shertstories 21 KPTM Omaha, NE I 8:1o I Healthweek  Hawaii Turns 30 Part 2 of 2. 830 ia.werid I:!0 IHeoithwonk = sam. I ii00 of Gardening 1:30 I! Alice siinrl And the Real I Bodywatch (CC). Il Looney Tunes Ghnstbastom (CC). I Style With Elsa Klensch  Kate & Allie (CC). II Heart of Chicago  What's Up, Dr. Ruth?  Charles in Charge (CC). (R) I Give Yourself Some Credit 2:00 t Monroes  Bogle and the Bear I Remodeling & Daceratin I  Sporting Life i Paid Programming Fishin' Hole Today (In Stereo) 7:00 I Moneyweek I Sybervision IIO MOVIE:Paradise'The(cc) McMactorS'(Postponed Out of Control i Spectacular Werld of Guin- from an earlier date R) (in Stereo) ' Thunderbirds ness Rescx'ds I Grand ale Opry Live 8ock- WomcinWatch II MOVIE: 'Harry and Walter stage (In Stereo) I Profiles Go to New York'  I MOVIE: 'Student Ex- ii Perspective I Food for Entertainment change' (CC) Part 1 of 2. (R) 9:00 I Fli/)p I On the Menu II  Amen (CC). (R) (in Stereo) I I Pee-wea's Playhouse  Have You Ever 6een As  Hegan's Heroes haled of Your Parents? Ii Lawrence Walk Show: Bdc )Remecloiing & Decorating  Knight Rider stage With Our Musical Family MOVIE: 'The Kid From Left Today (In Stereo) " Women's Volleylbalh Pro Jl i Alvin and the Chip- Field' munks (CC).  Spenser: For Hire Beach Tournament (Taped) Minority Business Report  Brighton Beach I PrimeNews America Coast to Coast  Cops (In Stereo) II Long Age & Far Away: The 2:20  MOVIE: 'Comanche' Silver Cornet (CC). (R)  Police Story I Land of the Giants 2:30 O Country Kitchen (in Stereo)  Cagney & Lacey O I Golf: Walker Cup (Taped)  Living DcIngrausly i Trusk and Tractor Pull Finders Keep4fs I Art of Buck Paubon: Misty  Down Far the Count - An Airwolf Island lasido Look at Boxing Buck Rogers I Your Money 7:30 I Grand Ole Opy Live (in Your Guide to Homes 3:00 0 Gunsmeke Gra  Mother's Day  O PGA Gaff: The Interns- 13 East (CC) I Decades 60's Part 6 of 10. tional (Live) l Major League Basebofl: Chi- Adventurers Part 1 of 3. II Celebrity Outdoors (in Stereo) cage Cubs at Houston Astres 9:05  MOVIE: 'The People That I Collecturs Live) Time Forgot'  Hollywood Insider (R)  Patty Duke 9:10 I Showbiz This Week  Bodyhuilding: Califirnia   Reporters (in Stereo) 8   Championships (R) 9:30 t 8:00 O O NFL Preseasen Football. kl and Friends  You Can't Do That on Televi- Denver Broncos vs. San Fran- sion cisco 49ors (Livel (CCl. l Knight Rider I Funny Business With Chadio I MOVIE: 'Single Bars, single' lhase6n Stereo) Women' MOVIE: 'Columbo: All Creatures Great and Grand Deceptions' (Cq (R) (in Small I Take O*N*E  Patty Duke I Country Kitchen (in Stereo) I Boxing I V at See (I I Pup Named eahy I Mofirspirts: Thursday 8:00 -- I Perfect Stmnsirs (CC). ICe), Thunder: Auto racing anthobgy R( I"  ALF (CC). series II  MOVIE: 'Strangers in Larry King Live Stop Smoking Ikeokthraugh Ioreo &oklen Town' (CC) (R) Breaking the Ice: The Alaska  Portraits of Power: Churchill Girls (CC). (R) (In Make Room for Daddy I Market to Macket Siberia Med,l Research Project - Voice OF a Prophet Store<)) Bonanza I Alfred Hitchceck Presents (In  Sunkist K.I.D.S. 3210  Sports Close-up I Smlthsenion World (CC).  kMyVlE: 'When the Bough Stereo)  Style With Eisa Kleasch 3:30 II Wish You Were Here (In l Day at the Beach I Larry King L/re QJOU Can't Da That on Yelevi- Stereo) I Showbiz This Week FOR  Make Room for Daddy a Beyond  Make Room fat  III Wide world of Sperts 2000 I Kolchak, The Night Stolkw I weekend Autoguide C(CC). (Live) I Police Story 8:30 IS Elvis: The Echo Will Never I MOVIE: 'Handle With Care' I What Eve Baby Knows: I Frugal Gourmet (in Stereo)  MacGrudor & Loud Die (in Stereo)  America Colt to C4mst The First Three Years I Double Trouble  Rainbow Part 3 of 3.  FM (CC). (In Stereo) 8:30 0 V'ntry (in 5heo)  Traveler's Showcase I Future Watc h II Wodd Showcase Touchstone I! I Just the Ten OF Us (CQ. 10:00 I Sky King  Out of Control 8:30 0  Empty Nest (CC). (R) (In Car 54, Where Are You? (R) II II Hey, Vern, It's Ernestl  Rendezvous Stereo) 9:00  700 Club I NatureKene CC). 4:00 I Bonanza: The Lost Episodes  This Week in Japan II II Knots Landing (CC). (R) I Ray 8radbu Theatir  Wish You Were Here (in II Side by Side (in Stereo)  Car 54, Whore Are You? I(in Stereo)  Car 54, Where Are YOUT Stereo) O Too Close for Comfort   Beyond Tomonow (R) (In I sit and Be Fit (in Stereo) Stereo) I I Primetime Uve (CC). 9:00 1 70o Ctub III Bugs Bunny & Twuety  Star Trek: The Next Genora- I  L.A. Law (CC). (R) (in II II 20/20 (cc). Show (CC).  Focus on Britain Stereo) I Austin City Umiti (In Stereo) I History of Diotin 8 tion (CC). (R) (In Stereo) 8:50  U.S. Olympic Gold I Mystoryh Dorothy L. Sayms' I Hitchhiker (in Stereo) I Taste of Adventure  Throb (In Stereo) 9:QO II Bordertown I Lost in Space ! Country Kitchen (in Stereo) Peter Wimsey (CC). Part 3 of QnAir Force Top Gun Competi- I Besebsdh UttIe League East 3. (R) ' II Play Ball with Reggie Jack- Regional Championship (Live)   Hunter (R) (In Stereo) I Newswatch I Summer Musk Games Auto Racing: USAC Midget I Headline News son Cars (live) m Iklt of Saturday Night Live  Mr. Wizard's World (CC). Don't Just Sit There  Waterskiiag: AWSA No- I  News I/V League Bacebof Kcm-  MOVIE: 'Tonight's The   My Secret identity (R) tionof Show Ski Championship ! Best of Saturday Night Live sac City Royals at Sesltfli Mlt- Nht' Il A-Team Cunont Affair ' nors (Uve) Superman  Fine Romance (Taped) I Headline News News  Coomhe Farm Arabians ! Hawaii Turns 30 I Current Affair ITuenale Mutant Ninja Tur- i 6est of Saturday Night Live 9:30 II On Stage (In Stereo) ties (CQ. 4:05 II Hogan's Heroes  War of the Worlds (R) (In I . (cq. I Days and Nights of Molly  Attitudes 4:30 I Classic Rock With Wolfman Stereo) (CC). I Dwight 0. Eisenhowor: Ike Jack (In Stereo)  News II Cash Connection  Friday the 13th: The Series Carson's Comedy Classics I Hawaii Turns 30 I Animal Wonder Dawn Un- IIT and T (CC). (R) (In Stereo) USA Tonight 9:20  NWA Wrestling Power Hour der i00 I Betmn Pnrf | nf ? I Days and Nights of Molly 9:30 Iaasstc Rock With WoHmcm (R(in Stereo) 10:.10 ?iens* and Technology q!t Firing Line O O O I I 0 New, a My Sister Sam Dodd (CC). . , .-- ! You Can Be a Stir I Werewolf 10:.301 Roy Rage.. I Nowsmaker Saturday  Dudley Moore at the Mm W- USA Tonight  SCTV III Teen WOlf (CC).  Dennis the Menace wood Bowl I Computer Chronicles: Color I USA Tonight I Side by Side (In Stereo)  Out of This World (R) (In  Natural World cad Computing I Days and Nights of Molly III Fat Albed & the Cesby Stereo) 9:30 I Crossbow I Miami Vice (In Stereo) Dodd (CC). Kids (CC). I Munslws Today (R) O Cauntryaips (In Stereo) ! Menoyline 10:001 htman rt 1 of 2. I Triple Threat  Slap Maxwell Story  Tennis Continues Rowan & Mirtin's Laugh-In I I I I I I News _I Floyd on Food ,  Insect Life of the North  SCTV I Newhart (CC). II You Can Be a Star (in stereo) I Gameday 4:35  New Leave It to Beaver  Benny Hi. I It's a Uvin 8 I Dact Who.. The Tdal of a I Baseball '89 5:00 II Bordortown I Esquire: About Men, for Arsento Ne (R) (in Stereo) Time  Part 1 of 4. I Dennis the Menace O News Women I Spenser: Fir Hire I n Vice (In Stereo) I Superman O Country(ips (in Stereo) 9:50 I Night Tracks (In Stereo) ! Imprav Tonita (In Stereo) II Motirweek IIiImtod I Ull'ning the Ropes (R) I Young People Speak Out 10200 II Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). Sporting Life ! Maneyline I Texaco Star National Aca- O Point OF View  O I  News 10:30 I Behan Part 2 of 2. I Rowan & Martin's Laulh-ln mic Challenge I AB News (CC).  MOVIE: 'COnvict Women' II Cheers (CC). _ . I It's a Living (R) 11:00 I Lena Ranger I Heahh Matters I Surfer Ma9azine ii Crook end Chase (In Stereo) I Arsenio Hell (R) (in Stereo) I I Mighty Mouse: The New i  Charles in Charge (CC). I M*A*S*H 0 Spenser: For Hire Adventures (CC).  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In J Tony Brown's Journal (R) I Capita! Gan 8 I I Tonight Show (In Stereo) I Evenin 0 at the Impsov  Friday the 13th: The Series I Night Court I I Animal Crack-Ups (CC). i Spectacular World of Gulp- (R) (In Stereo) d Animal wondir Down Un- IIcalof.tyOutdoo.(In Stereo) Newhirt (CC). I J Punky Ikewstor (CC). ness Records (R) ! it's a Uving Malnum , P.J. 10:.20 I Night Tracks (In Stereo)  Soul Train (R) (In Stereo) I Diamonds (R)  Comic Strip Live I Shogun 102.30 I IIatman Part 2 of 2. t Wekome to My Studio (In I Newswatch I Spenser: Fat I'TO II SpirtcCenter I Cheers (CC). Stereo) ,  Mister Ed I New Animal Wodd Sports Tonight I Crook and Chase (in Stereo) I American Banditana ! A-Team 10:.30  Campbells My Three Sons 0 M*A*S*H I Horse Show Jumping: Tracl-  Adington '89 I  Reck Wlth Woifrnan L IArcenie Han (R) (In Stereo) III Tonight Show (in Stereo)  Point Grand Prix (Taped) aI MOVIE: 'Oceans of Fire' Jack (in Stereo) I kk Adder the Third I Night Court  Newsday  Glehe TV: A Tkket to the JI M*A*S*H I Slporting Life I Newha (CC). II Double Io (CC). World O  Saturday Night Uvo (R) !1:00  MOVIE: "O. Henry's Full I News (CC).  IkIck Sheep Squadron  Madigan Une i(Ln Stereo ) House' I tot I Wrestling ChaUenl 5:05  World Championship Wres- I Night Court I Pat Sajak I Spirte Tonight I Lifetime New, Update fling I News (CC). I NashvWe New (In Stereo) I My Three Sons  MOVIE: 'Handle With Care' 5:30 I! Crossbow I cantor Ntghtline (CC).  Amenie Hall (R) (in Stereo) I Hawaii Turns 30 II O CBS News (CC). I Sports Tonight I Bensen I Amateur Naturalist !1205 I MOVIE: "It's a Mad, Mad, II AIK: News (CC).  My Tron Sons IQincy lh0OlMOviE:'TheIigWhear ,Wm' OINIKNews  Frnddy"s Nightmlres: A I New Mike Hammer I Pat SpOok 11230 I Rifleman I Bensen Nightmire on Elm Street (R) (in II Supercress: Best of AMA I Nachvl Now (in Stereo) I I COS Stc,xnak (CC). I Starting From Scratch (R) Stereo) Racing I Nighfline {CC). I This Week In Country Masic I Shining Time Station (CC),  New Expkrers R Newsnight I Bensen i.n Stereo)  Busebofrs Greatest Games 10:.50 I Night Tracks (In Stereo) 11:00 0  Levitt I Donna Reed l Quincy I Weekend Special (CC). I MOVIE: 'Griffin and Phue- I Tales From the INnkside I  Completely Mental Mis- I Pinnacle II II News nix: A Love Sto W' I MOVIE: "Lust In the Dast' adventures of Ed my (CC).  Count Duckula I Grand ale Opry Live Back- HeartBeat stage (In Stereo) I DurmU in Russia 0  Yearbook (R)  Munstors Today (R)  Mama's Family (R) NewInight ,, I Gentle Doctor: Veterinary  Supirboy (R) , , I Ufeses of the Rkh and (ra* Wodd Showcase  Donna Reesl Medicine EVNII  .... mous (R) 11205 I ComlnI Home: A Rockin' |IMOVIE: 'GiveMyRelacdste I has & Navek I MOW: ,m. str.ts' Beunion (R) Iued Struer I Inspector Gadget 6:00  Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC).  MOVIE: 'Assault Force' Wheoi of Fertuno (CC).  At the Maintenance Shop 11:30 Stereo)I Entertainment Tonight (in IS Eaglewhat'SandUP'theDr'BearRuth? WomenI Esquire: About Man,. for Il Country Kitchen (In Stereo) II AWA Championship Wres- I 0 Late Night With David  Weadm OF the Wild I Three's Company fliaI Lattorman (In Stereo) 11:20 L Night Tracks (in Stereo) AFTERNOON O O  News t Howsnight I Nighdino (CC). 11230 I I:.ntortciinIt Tonight (in 12:Q0 1 Iron Horse ! National Geographic  Donna Reed I MOVIE: 'fain' Around'  Twilight Zone (CC). (R) (In I She's the Sheriff (R) I Monster Truck Choflenie Irealll Late Night With David Q Champion Auto Car Semi- , Growing a iSuness Stereo) SAMPO TV's SHARP TV's 10(1% solid state 12" television wi s0d sta tuners. Grew buy for klth/m or bedroom. 214-1133., oastt00st TOTAL HARDWARE ] East MarKet St., 755-5642 HARLAN Le.irmn (in st,..)) 8 Nightine (CC). MOVIE., 'An Iyo he an I' Filmmaken Gif Amirka  Mlstw lid I W Downey Jr, (R) Iasy Street atSou i kim 12:00 , Cknk National Magnum, P.I. Part 2 of 2. Family Medical CO.TW i Day at the Ikmch Make Room fer Daddy k.mb NaN (R) (in Stem) Solf4mpsovemat Guido MOVIE= 'Handle With Care' World Monit 12220 Night Tracks (In Stereo) 12230 Fall Guy MOvm. ,yhe Troubader' Win, Line Ir Draw Later With Beb Coetm MOVIL 'The Fighting Ken- tuckinn' 12:30 i CountryQIps (In Stereo) t And Hitchcock Presents (in  MOVIE: 'Waclmds of Atlan- U.S. IIrm Repirt Stereo) tis' Free Your Body From Callu-  Spertscaater  Leg Work  Capital Gan 9 I Uving Dangerously III WWi: Supirstms of Wms-  Inspector Gadget  Safari Star Trek: The Next Genera- 11230 II A Woman's Best Friend IIgMOVII: 'One Million Ysrs tion CC), (R) (In Stereo) ! Beach Boys: Endless Sum- .C.'  I Mama's Fam (R) mar I Matorweek  Chnkle I Grand ale Opy Live (In America's Top Ton i Sporting Ufe Stereo) I WWF Wmflini: Summer 6:05 I Maier Laaguo Baseball: IIJeffersens Siam Countdown (R) PDtcburlh Pirates at Adanta   MtI & Nevak I Tennis: Canadian Open Braves (Live) Ed Semifinals (Live) 6:30 I Campbells I F Twilight Zone Newsclay I Jl (CC). I To Be Announced. Lassie  This Weak in Country Musk 11:43 li Night Tracks (In Stereo) MOVIE: The Daliberato Ill, Stereo) 12:00 I Paid Programming Sanier ' I Cesby Show (CC). (In Stereo) I This Week in Country Music i .,ta  su., (R) (In Stereo) Wheel of Fortune (CC). I Synchranal Research MOVIE: 'captain America" Bonsen Cagney & Lacey  Inside Wachin8tan I Froricly's Nightmares: A Hawaii Turns 30 Part 1 of 2. I Night Court Nightmare on Elm Street (R) (In MOVIE: 'Chitty Chitty Bang  Tennis: ATP Championship Stereo) ng' Semifinals (Live) 2 MOVIE: 'Night Crossing' i Cir Care Seminar  NIL Yearbook Tender Is the Night Pan 2 of Moqlan Brittany on Beauty 1 Sports Saturday 3. Hometime (CC). {R/ .... /iil i