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July 14, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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July 14, 1989

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FRIDAY 7/18/89 MORNIN  Baseball 7:30 I SportsCentor 9:00 J Waterskiing: U.S. Toam Trials Maple Town With a 9:05  MOVIE: 'Oxford Blues' 10:00  MOVIE: 'Tho Face of Tres- Jar- 11:00 nBodios in Motion AFTERNOON 12:00  CFL Football: Teems to be announced U.S. Challenge 12:05  MOVIE: 'The Outfit' 12:30  Maple Town 1:00  MOVIE: 'The Best Things in rite Month: Life Aro Free' 2:00  Auto Racing: Corvette Chal- lenge (R) 2:30  Auto Racing: Toyota Celebr- i_rx Race (R) (R) 3:00 m MOVIE: 'Like Mam, Like Me' MOVIE: 'The Face of Tros- pots' 4:30  Inside tho PGA Tour 5:00  Home Run Derby 5:30  SportsLook eVENIN0 6:00  Father Murphy (CC). 0 0 0 0 0 News Top Card Family Ties (CC). (in J Andy Gfifflth Nightly Business Report Miami Vico SpartsCentor Mon*ylino Inspector Gadget M*A*S*H Cosby Show (CC). A-Team Part 2 of 2. HoartBeat Chmnicle World Monitor 6:05 I Andy Grifflth 6:30 Q  Wheel of Fortune (CC). Crook and Chase (In Stereo) O  Cosby Show (CC). (CC). L USA Today ID Benson I Major League Baseball: Atlanta &roves at Montreal Ex- f|: At pos (Live) Expos D Wild Side Night Court Home  Truck and Tractor Pull Crossfire Ead:mll Mo-  Looney Tunes Taxi Part 1 of 2. Major League Baseball: Houston Astres at New York World of Survival ' Mats (Live) Rendezvous tar: ProlOgue: 7:00  MOVIE: 'Thunderhead - Sen of Flicka' r  Eagle and the   Fresno (CC). Part 2 of 5. R C). Part 1 of 5.  Nashville Now (in Stereo)  Who's the Boss? (CC). (R) w (In Stereo) (In Stereo) e (CC). (R)(In  I Matleck (CC). (R) (In Stereo) (art  I In Stereo)  MOVIE: 'V' Part 2 of 2. at 2. ID Nova (CC). (R) °IPaP (CC).  Murder, She Wrote Cycling: Tour de France Wte Hjhllghts (Toped) Ill PrimoNows Wild,  Mister Ed MOVIE: 'The Man Who Knew Tee Much' MOVIE: 'The Woman in Red' I Spenser: For Hire Hirohito of Japan: the Last Benzol O Advonturors 7:30   Wonder Years (CC). (R) (In Stereo) Patty Duke r'in  Traveler's Showcase 8:00   MOVIE: 'Necessity' (CC)   Rosoanne (CC). (R) (in (R) Stereo)  In the Heat of tho Night Up' (CC). (R) (in Stereo) Struggle for Bemecrocy (CC). Fore Part 2 of 10. (in Stereo) reD)  Benny Hill Special • (In ID Top Rank Boxing: From Los Vegas, Nov. (Live) ling g Larry King Uvo )d) Make Room for Daddy MOVIE: 'Games Mother Never Taught You' o.  MOVIE: 'La Cage Aux Folios' S Syn- Sbtitled) ID Beyond 2000 8:30  Video.ountry (In Stereo)  C4HIch (CC). (R) (In Stereo) ! Car 54, Whore Are You? ICC). 9:00 O 700 Club  thtrtysemething (CC). (R) ?   Midnight Caller (CC). (R) Stereo) ID News (CC). (CC). (R)(in  Mayors: A Second Leek: Cowboys (CC). News I: C4 lebrat, g Best of Saturday Night Live Ph of -'hadle  Current Affair I_ Profiles of Nature ; 9:15  MOVIE: 'Carbine Williams' rf Ni hi Uve 9:30  New Country (in Stereo) Major league Breball: Chi- cago Cubs at Los Angeles Doclg. i ors (Live] I SCTV le I'  Carson's Comedy Classics News (Cc). (in  INN News Stereo"  Noah's Ark _, mdll:)rhi- 10:00  Paper Chase 0 0 I 0 0 N*ws Derlg. IW You Can Be a Star Bookmark (CC). Miami Vice (In Stereo) Ughtor Side of Sports (e DaUghter  Maneyline INow s g Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in Newhort (CC). kits  Arsonb Hall (In Stereo) Steo)  Sponsor: For Hire Improv Tenito t Hits J Testament 10:30  Cheors (CC). Part 2 of 2. n's Laugh.In D Crook and Chase (In Stereo) I (1 Stereo, II M*A*S*H tl J Impr, g a Best of Canon (R) (In Stereo) Night Court 'rot 1 of 2.  Newhort (CC). " Iml Bottle Une ( Stereo)  rortsCentor Sports Tonight mw (In Stereo)   Three Sons  Anenia Hall (in Stereo) lJ Rising Damp 11:00  MOVIE: 'Thunderhead - Son of Flicka' |  Pat Sojok ln Stereo)  Nashville New (In Stereo) ""QIt and  Nightlino (CC). Bensen and the  Quincy IB From Apollo to the Stars New Mike Hammer '.(In Stereo) ID Auto Racing: Barber Saab sorbs (R) Newsnlght Donna Reed : The IBB MOVIE: 'ffolkes' Heartleat Hirohita of Japan: the Last dis Pro Banzai The Rod Baron 11:15  MOVIE: 'The Glenn Miller Story' Berets' 11:30  Entertainment Tonight (In t  Stereo) td Port 1 of 3.   Late Night With David Lattorman (In Stereo) -FrQphlc Ex-  Nightllne (CC). Battle of the Monster Trucks Mister Ed in before the name goes on.  755-3576 7/19/89 7/20/89 MORNING MORNING 7:30  SportsContor 7:00  Manufacturing Miracles 8:00  1985 British Open High- 7:30  SportsConter lights (R) 8:00 I British Open Golf: First 9:00  1986 British Open High- Round (Live) hts (R) 9:00  Maple Town Maple Town 9:05  MOVIE: "For tho Love of 9:05  MOVIE: 'Drive, Lady, Drive' genii' 10:00  MOVIE: 'Sapphire' 10:00  MOVIE: 'Hollow Triumph' 11:00  Bodies in Motion AFTERNOON '0 TV week: July 16 thru July 22 arian IA News Advertiser I ri. mom.,Jufy 14, 1989 ] Phone 755-3111 / NEWS-ADVERTISER 7/22/89 M(RNIN , 7/21/89 MORNIN 9 7:30  SportsContor 8:00  British Open Golf: Second Round (Live) 9:00  Maple Town 9:Q5  MOVIE: 'Flipper' 10:00  MOVIE: 'Jassy' The Red Boron 12:05  MOVIE: 'Godtilla vs. the Sea Monster' 12:30  Maple Town 1:00  Led-Off Man (Live) 1988 British Open Golf hlights MOVIE: 'A Woman's World' 1:20 I Major League Be,bail: San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs (Live) 2:00  Cycling: Tour de France Hghlights 3:00  MOVIE: 'Quarterback hln- Casc' MOVIE: 'Jacsy' 4:30  Matorwoek ll|ustratod 5:00  Home Ran Derby 5:30 I Best of SpertsLeek EVENING 6:00  Father Murphy (CC). 0 0 0 0 I News 7:00  Advantures in Dry Gulch FAM CBN Family Channel 0 Advontures of Raggody KMTV Omaha, NE Ann and Andy (CC). TNN Nashville Network AFTERNOON 12:05  MOVIE: 'Night of tho Lupus'   Flintetone Kids (CC).  WOI Ames, IA 12:00 t Rodeo: Calgary Stampede 12:30  Maple Town 0 Kissyfur (CC). IV WOWT Omaha, NE ((R) 1:00 I 1987 British Open Golf U.S. Farm Roport KE'rV Omaha, NE 12:05 I MOVIE: 'Redsenia' H_hlights I1 PlanotEarth CHANNELS Kcc, o. . .... ,, o 12:30  Maple Town MOVIE: 'No Down Payment'  Donvor, the Last Dinosaur WGN Chicago, IL 0 1:00  MOVIE: 'The Man Who an- 2:00  Hydroplane Racing: Indiana  Financial Freedom . WTBS Atlanta, GA I) dorsteed Women' Governor's Cup (R)  Sportsman's Challenge KHIN Red Oak. IA I 2:30  Harness Racing '89 (R) 3:00  Spaco Celebration I Daybreak WHO Des Moines, tA I 3:00  MOVIE: 'The Children No-  MOVIE: 'A Reason to bva' i Kid's Court USA NET USA Network I body Wanted'  MOVIE: 'Hollow Triumph' Leave It to Beaver , ESPN Sports Network I MOVIE: 'Sapphire' 4:30  Thoroughbred Sports Digest Garnet Ted Armstrong CNN Cable News Network 4:30  Running and Racing S:O0  Home Run Derby Journey to Adventure NICK Nickelodeon 5:00  Home Run Derby 5:30  SportsLook 7:05  National Geographic Ex- Channel 12 KPTM Omaha, NE 5:30 I SportsLeek EVqNIN G OS__porboo k Harlan Newspapers WWOR New York, NY ( EVENINQ 7:30 O Cable News 12 KDSM Des Moines, IA Superman (CC). LIFE Lifetime 6:00 0 Father Murphy (CC), 6:00  Father Murphy (CC). I I O I I N*ws IlNew Adventurec of Win- A&E Arts & Entertainment ) 0  0 0  News  Top Card n/e the Pooh (CC). DISC Discovery Channel I Top Card  Family Ties (CC).  Disnoy's Adventures of tho II I I Family Ties (CC).  Andy rtlfith Gummi Bears (CC). People to People O AndyGriffith .NightlyBusi .... Report 0 Scientific Anglers sideo, Av0ca Cable Top Card . WEEKDAY ...See other  MiamiNightlYviceBusiness Report  SportscontorMiami Vice O Family Ties (CC). J Fly Fishing Mastery From SpartsContor  Monoyline Andy Grifflth MonoyJine  M*A*S*H  Nightly Business Report  HeathcliffBig Story USTINGS this page Conversion Inspector Gadget  Cosby Show (CC). i Miami Yico  Addams Family Avo˘e Harlan M*A*S*H  A-Team Sl)rtsContor Cosby Show (CC).  HeartBeat Manoyllne  DiningSynchronalin FranceR°seerch  WWF Superstars of WeDs- Channels : equal : LisUn R A-Teem  Chronicle  Inspector Gadget tling 12 CBN C8N Cable Notwtk 0 HeartBeat  World Monitor  M*A*S*H 8:00  Gorbort (CC).  MOVIE: 'Return to Oz' 3 • KMTV Omaha, NE ID Chronicle 6:05 I Andy Griffith  Cosby Show (CC).  0 Jim Honson's Muppet I Golf: Hardee's Classic (Live) 22 TNN Nashville NET I1 Boblos (CC).  weodcarving With Rick Butz -- WOI Amos, IA I World Monitor 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC).  A-Team  America's Woekend Gordo. 6 • WOVVT Omaha, NE I nor 7e KETV Omaha, NE 0  Smurf (CC). Oos, Maines, IA I 0 13 0 0 E is] [E) (H] [q (J] (LJ [M) IN] (P] IOJ 6:05 I Major League Baseball: At- Crook and Chase (In Stereo) HeartBeat Season Premiere (In Stereo) lanta Braves at Montreal Expos  Cosby Show (CC). (in Stereo)  Chronicle  The Electric Grandmother (live)  USA Today  World Monitor  Berotta -- KCCl 6:30 O O Wheel of Fortuno (CC).  Cosby Show (CC). 6:05 I Andy Griffith I Charlondo People  Days and Nights of Molly 9 • WGN Chicago, IL O Creek and Chase (In Stereo) ] BonBon 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC).  Action-Packed Cliffhanoers Dodd (CC). 4 fl"B € Can You Beat Boldness?  Cosby Show (CC).  Greatest Adventure  Crook and Chose (In Stereo) ,  French Revolution 11 • KHIN USA Today  Night Court Part 1 of 2. O  Cosby Show (CC).  Jimmy Houston Outdoors  America Coast to Coast 13 • WHO Benson  SpeedWeek  USA Today  Mr. Wizard's World (CC). I:10  Healthweek 20 USA I Wild Side  Crossfiro  Beacon  Incredible Hulk Three Stooges 1:30  Can You Beat Boldness? -- WaR Night Court  Looney Tunes I Major League Baseball: At-  Thunderbirds L Bodywatch (CC). 10 ESPN Muscle Magazine  Taxi lanta Braves at Now York Mess  Style With ElBa Klensch 8 CNN Crossflre  Kate & AIIIO (CC). (Live)  Creative Uving With Aleane  Goodnight, Beantown 17 NICK Edge and Beyond 21 KPTN Loonoy Tunes  World of Survival I TVs Magic Memories  Amori˘a Coast to Cost Taxi Part 2 of 2.  Global Village  Night Court Part 2 of 2.  Breakthrougbs 2:00 ll Monroes Major League Baseball: 6:35 I Andy Griffith  Boating World 8:10  Healthweek • : same Houston Astros at New York 7:00  MOVIE: 'The Far Horizons'  Crossfro 8:30  Kidsworid TodayRem°deling(in Stereo) & Decorating Mats (Live)   Frosno (CC). Part 4 of 5.  Looney Tunes  Joy of Gardening  AJko World of Survival R  Taxi   Sltmerl And the Real O Little House on the Prairie ] Gn Celebrate  Nashville Now (in Stereo) Ghostbustors (CC). K.,. • Ailio (CC). Q Heert of O Mov,E: '9 to 5' g 7:00  MOVIE: 'Norwoecl'  O Major League Baseball:  World of Survival  Food for Entertainment O O Fresno (CC). Port 3 of 5. Teems To BE Announced (Live)  Scatlond's Story  RobertRam°navaughn(CC)' (R)Discovers ('  Cosby Show (CC). (R) (in 7:00 B MOVIE: 'D.O.A.'  Triothlan: Nice Chempion-  Nashville Now (in Stereo)  Hollywood Insider (R) Stereo)  Fishin' Hole Maneyweek ,  On the Menu O  Growing Pains (CC). (R) p V: The Final Bottle Port 2 of R 0 Fresno (CC). Part 5 of 5. ship (R) Stereo) 0 = Unsolved Mysteries (CC).  Nashville Now (In Stereo) m Out of Control  Mirthworms on Stago 8 L Ma R(In Stereo) m Murder, She Wrote  0 Perfect Strangers (CC).  Today's Leek WomanWatch British Open Golf: First R Knight Rider IV: The Final Battle Part 1 of  MOVIE: 'Flying Misfits' usa to Round (R)   Highway to Heav.n  Profiles J MOVIE: 'L.t'. Do It Again' 8 MwC Oiscovor: The World of Sol-  PrimeNow$ C(.CC). (In Stereo) •  Perspective  Sponsor: For Hire Beach eenceMurder,(CC)' (R)she(In WroteStereo) .. MOVIE:Mister Ed, Footleoso, . V: The Final Battle Part 3 of 9:00 8 FPeo.wee's Playhouse "of 4.MOVIE: 'Evita Poron' Part2 I r PrimeNews  Bonanza  Washington Weak in Re- CCC)Romodoling & Decorating  Alaska Turns 30  Poll I Mister Ed  MOVIE: 'Tho Horse Soldiers' view (CC). 2:30  Country Kitchen (In Stereo)  Ca I MOVIE: 'Easy Monoy"  Spenser: For Hire  Murdor, Sho Wrote Today (In Stereo)  Dukes of Haszard  Livi*  Alvin and the ChIp- MOVIE: 'War Wagon'  Durroll in Russia  British Open Golf: Second I1 Art of Buck Paulson  Chc Spenser: For Hire  Safari Round (R) munks (CC).  Check It Outl 7:30  Gr Battle Line 7:05  Bettor World Society: Abor-  PrimoNows  Minority Business Report 1 Your Money r Equinox tion for Surviva|  Mister Ed .  Long Ago & Far Away: Sva-  King Grizzle Beard 7:30   Just the Ton of Us (CC). 7:30   Different World (CC). (R)  MOVIE: 'Friday the 13th, tohor (CC). Land of the Giants 3:00  Gunsmoko  Patt  World of Sports (In Stereo) Part Vh Jason Liras' . Truck and Tractor Pull . O Golf: Senior Open (Live) II Iowa This weekend  Joe Franklin's 40th Annivor-  Christmas in July Ill Celebrity Outdoors (In Stereo) 8:00 Patty Duke  Patty Duke sory Special J Spectacular World of Ouin- Wild World of the East  MOVIE: 'Brewstor's Millions'  Airwolf ness Records Q #TBS Atlanta, GA I Red Oak, IA I1 Des Moines, IA Q) USA Network I New Yark, NY I Sports Network I Cable News Ntwrk ) NIckolodoon/A&E KPTM Omaha, NE I) ] Grand ale Opry Uvo Back- stage (In Stereo)  Mission: Impstbio (CC). (In Stereo) My Two Dads (CC). (R) (In MOVIE: 'The Maltese Falcon' Lawrence WMk Show: Sol- ute to Now York City (R) MOVIE: 'Grotesque' Women's Volleyball: Pro Beach Tournament (Toped) PrimeNews Cops (In Stereo) Police Story Cagney & Lacey Living Dangerously Chollengo Grand ale Opry Live (in ,t..r Amen {CC). (R) (In Stereo) , Duke Reportors (in Stereo) Tour of Duty (CC). (R) (in 8:00 8 Twentieth Century  Buck Rogers  Olympic Festival '89 (In Joke and the Patroon 8:00 ] O The Cavanaughs (CC).  MOVIE: 'Prescription: Mur-"  Your Guide to Homes  Bettor World Society: Abor- Stereo) MOVIE C(_C). (R) (In Stereo)  I Cheers (CC). (R) (In Stereo) dor' tion for SarvtvaJ  Heoporman (CC). (in TakeO*N*E  Eagle and the Beor Mathor'sDay Collectors 8Gotden 'Ch°Ices'(CC)(R) Stereo)  Boxing  Testament  0ecadec: '605 Port 2 of 10. Girls (CC). (R) (In O  Night Court (CC). (R)  Thursday Thunder: Auto 7:30  O Full Heuso (CC). (R)  Advonturors  America'sBustin' LooseHorse(In Stereo) Stereo)MOVIE: 'South Pacific' 9:05 I MOVIE: 'cot's Eye' Evoning at Pops (In Stereo) racing anthology series m Wall Street Week: Future of 9:10  Showbiz This Week  You Can't Do That an Tolevi- m U.S. Olympic Festival: From MOVIE: 'Murder by Night'  Larry King Live tho Financial .Services Industry sion Oklahoma City (Live) (in Stereo)  Make Room for Daddy )latty Duke 9:30  Gentle Ben  Knight Rider  Showbiz This Week Larry King Lira  Bonanza   Garfiold and Friends  MOVIE: The Bed Seed'  Make Room for Daddy Make Room for Daddy  MOVIE: 'Lady Bluo'  Winston Churchill: The Vat- (CC).  All Croaturas Great and  Police Story MOVIE: 'Why Me?'  Los Miserables Stage by iant Years ]; Country Kitchen (In Stereo) Small  MacGrudor & Loud Gallant Breed Part 1 of 3. Stage 8:0Q  O MOVIE: 'Uttle Troasuro'   Pup Named Sceoby DaD  Portraits of Power: Prologue:  Evito Poron Part 3 of 4. Arthur C. Clarke's World of  Beyond 2000 CC) Tho Old Order  World Showcase Strange Paw. 8:30 O O Coming of Age (CC). (In  Olympic Festival '89 (In b AL I= (CC). _ .... 3:t0 e Sports Cle-up 8:30 O O 8mpty Nest (CC). (R)(In 8:30  VideoCountry (in Stereo) Stereo) Stereo)  Stop Smoking oreeXmrough 3:30 ] Wish You Wore Hero (In Stereo)  Robert Ouillaumo (CC).  VideoCountry (In Stereo)  JMr. Belvedere (CC). (R) I lewa This Weekond (R) Stereo)  This Week in Japan (/n Stereo)   Dear John (CC). (R) (In I[ I MOVIE: 'King David'  Sunkist K.I,D.S.  0 Wide World of Sports I  Knight and Daye (CC). (R) Stereo) CC)  Style With rdce Klensch  Car 54, Wlro Are You7 (n Stereo)  Touchstone  Market to Market LC). (Taped) Weekend Autoguide   Beyond Tomorrow (R) (In Frugal Gourmet (in Stereo) Stereo) PEA Bowling: El Paso Open  Car 54, Where Are You?  Alhod Hitchceck Presents  What Every Baby Knows  Double Trouble  Austria Lve) 8:35  MOVIE: 'Man Without a I Davis Cup Tennis: Singles  Traveler's Showcase  Future Watch 8:45 I1 U.S. Olympic Gold Car 54, Where Are You? Star' Semifinals (Taped) 10:00  Sky King I Out of Control 9:00  Bordortown Contonary of the Motorcar 9:00  700 Club  Larry King Uve   Hey, Vorn, It's Ernestl  Rendezvous 8:4S  MOVIE: 'Across the Wide   Equalizer (CC). (R) (In  Make Room for Daddy C(_CC). 4:00  Bonanza: The Lost Episodes   West 57th (CC). (R) (In Stereo) Missouri' Stereo)  MOVIE: 'Tho Offense'  Wish You Word Here (In I sido by Side (In Stereo)   Huntor (R) (In Stereo) 9:00  700 Club   L.A. Law (CC). (R) (in m America Coast to Coast Stereo) O Three's Company News (CC). O O Wisoguy (CC). (R) (In Stereo) 8:30   Philby (CC).   Bugs Bunny & Twoety D T and T (CC). (In Stereo)  Hitchhikor Stereo)  News (CC).  Naturosceno Show (CC). I1 Sit and Be Fit (In Stereo)  Headlino News  China Beach (CC). (R) (In  Mystoryh Dorothy L. Sayors' ID Ray Bradbury Theater  Bettor Ways to Bettor  Throb  Best of Saturday Night Uvo Stereo) Lord Peter Wimsey (CC). Part 3 of  Car 54, Where Are You? Grades  U.S. Olympic Festival (Live) War of the Worlds (R) (In 0  Miami Vice (CC). (R) (In 4. (R)  Amorico Coast to Coast  Taste of Adventure Ill Nowswatch Stereo) Stereo)  Auto Racing: USAC Midget 9:00 O 700 Club  Lost in Space  Mr. Wizord's World (CC).  News News (CC). Cars (Live)  am 20/20 (cc).  Play Bell with Roggia Jack-   My Secret Idontity (R) sen  News A-Teem News (CC). NOt:w Side of the Moon (CC). e Friday the 13th: The 'ieo Fine Romance Best of Saturday Night Uvo  Austin City Limits (R) (In  Days and Nights of Molly MOVla: 'TO Hove and Hove R(In 5tereo) Best of Saturday Night Uva  Quincy Stereo)  Alaska Turns 30 Docid (CC). A Special Look at the  Memories of Monot  Hitchhiker  Superman 4:30  Classic Reck With Walt'man  Reno's Rounion I (In Stereo) Champ: Mike Tyson  Profiles of Nature  Headline News  Teenage Mutant Ninia Tur- Jack (In Stereo)  Natural World Current Affair 9:30  New Country (In Stereo)  Best of Saturday Night Live ties (CC).  Morgan Brittany on Beauty 9:30  Crossbow Decades: '60s Port 2 of 10.  INN News  Quincy  Attitudes  Good Times  INN News Secrets of Nature  SCTV  News  Hkohita of Japan: the Last  New Leave It to Beaver ll AIhad Hitchcock Presents 9:30  usa Colobrity Tour: Patty  Current Affair  Current Affair Banzai I1 Firing Line: Tho Govornmont J Animal Wonder Down Un- Maze I SCTV Lovoless and Randy Trouts (In  Moonwalk: As It Happened  Days and Nights of Molly der Crimes of tho Century (R) Stereo) 1969 Part 2 of 3. Docid (CC). 1 Esquire: About Man, r 0 Molar LeeOUa Baseball: Chi-  World of the Sea  Nature of Things  Newsmakor Saturday 10:10 ?eokSciance and Technology  My Sister Sam Women cago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodg- 10:00  Papm Chase 9:15  NWA Wrestling Powor Ho 10:30  Roy Rogers  Dennis the Monaco 9:48  Night Tracks (in Stereo) ors (Live) 9:30 O  INN News  Out of This World (R) (In 10:00  Bin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). SCTV  JB 0 0 0  News   Teen Wolf (CC). 5tereo) You Can BeaStar  WorowoIf Fart 1 of 2. (in JONews Side by Side (In Stereo) m Munstors Today (R) News  Tales From the Darkside Stereo)  Country Kitchen (In Stereo) INN News  Cornputor Chronicles  SCTV O  Fat Albert & the Cecby  Slap Maxwell Story  Twilight Zone Kids (CC).  Alaska Turns 30 I MaVIs: 'Lust for Freedom' 10:00 0 Paper Chase  Miami Visa Part 2 of 2. (In  Days and Nights of Molly I Good Times 5:00  Bordortown    O  News 5tareD) Oodd (CC).  Surfer Magazine I Miami Vice Part 1 of 2. (In  Moneyllne 10:00  Paper Chose m Floyd on Food  News  Capitol Gong Stereo)  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in    0  0 News  Gomaday  CountryCllps (In Stereo) q Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 6 Baseball 'B9 Monoylino  Newhart (CC).  Classic Reck With Wolfman  Young People Speak Out  Friday the 13th: The Series Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In  It's a Uvlng Jack (in Stereo)  Superman  Point of V'mw R(in Stereo) Newhart (CC).  Arsonio Hall (In Stereo)  Takn From tho Darkside  Learning the Roped (R)  ABC News (CC).  It's a Uving Arsenio Hall (In Stereo)  Spenser: For Hiro I1 Doctor Who: The Two Dec*  Texaco Star National Ace* lib Health Matto  Fredcly's Nightmares: A Spenser: For Hire  Sportin 9 Life tars deals Challenge I 0 Chades in Chargo (CC). Nightmare on 81m Street (R) (in Chris Lammoa at the Improv 10:30  Cheers (CC).  Miami Vico (In Stereo) 11:00  Lone Rongor R Places, Please  Crook and Chase (in Stereo)  Monoyllne   Mighty Mouse: The New  world Championship Wreo- Stereo) Spen:  Hire 10:30  Cheers (CC). J M*A*S*H  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Adventures (CC). fling  Shostorieo Crook and Chase (In Stereo)   Tonight Show (In Stereo)  Nowhart (CC).  Celebrity Outdoors (In Stereo)  Tony BrOwn's Journal  New Animal World M*A*S*H  Night Court  It's a Living (R) 0  British Open  Third  Spectacular World of Gain- 10:30  Campbeils O  Tonight Show (In Stereo) I Newhart (CC).  Anonia Hall {In Stereo) Round (CC). (Live) ness Records (R) morBeach Boys: Endless Sum- Night Court  Magnum, P.I. Part 1 of 2.  Spenser: For Hire   Punky Brewstor (Ca.  Diamonds Nowhart (CC).  Shogun Part 2 of 6,  Animal Wonder Down Un-  soul Train (R) (In Stereo)  Nowswotch  Classic Rock With Wolfnn MOVIE: 'Moby Dick'  Sportscontor dor  Welcome to My Studio (In  Mlstor Ed Jack (In Stereo) lid P.O.V. Season Promiore  Sports Tonight 10:15  Night Tracks (In Stereo) Stereo) ,  A-Team  M*A*S*H American Bandvtana )SportsContor  M v Three Sons 10:30 [ Cheers (CC).  Arlington '89   Saturday Night Live (R)  Arsonio Hall (In Stereo)  Crook and Chase (In Stereo)  Davis Cup Tennis: Doubles 0 MOVIE: 'Cry for the Stran- I(Ln Stereo ) Sports Tonight  Sporting Life 0 M*A*S*H Semiflnk; (Taped) I E Birds of the World Part 1 of 3. rt My Three Sons 10:38  MOVIE: 'Sidekicks'   Tonight Show (In Stereo)  Newsday era'  Arseni Hall (In Stereo) 11:00  MOVIE: 'The For Nori]ms'  Night Court g Black Sheep Squlran  Alaska Turn* 30  MOVIE: 'lpillan' 11:00  MOVIE: 'Norwood'  Pat Sajak  Newhort (CC).  Wnotflng Challenge 5:30 lid Crossbow  SportsContor Pat Sajak  Nashville Now (In Stereo)  Magnum, P.I. Port 2 of 2.  What's Up Dr. Ruth 0 0 CBS News (CC). I Sports Tonight Nashville New (In Stereo)  Nightline (CC).  SpartsContor  MOVIE: 'The Rose for the lib ABC News (CC).  My Tlwea Sons Nightline (CC).  Benson  Sports Tonight Double Helix'  0  News  Freddy's Nightmares: A Benson  Quincy  My Three Sons  Secrets of Naturo J Bunsen Nightmoro on Lqm Street (R) (In 11:05  MOVIE: 'Death of a Gun-  Starting From Scratch (R) Stereo) Quincy  New Mike Hammer   Arsonia Hall (In Stereo) htor' New Mike Hommor  Suporcrs: Best of AMA  Evoning at the Improv 11:30  Rifleman  Shining Time Station (CC).  New Explorers Inside the PGA Tour Racing  Amateur Naturalist Part 7 of   CBS Storybraak (CC).  Pinnacle 10:45 I Night Tracks (In Stereo) Newsnight  Newsnlght 13. 10:50 UP Ikt of glx (in Stereo) Donna Reed  Donna Reed 11:0€)  MOVIE: 'D.O.A.' '  This Week in Country Music  Count Duckula ! 1:00  Zola Levitt MOVIE: 'Tobruk'  MOVIE: 'Sink the Bismarckl'  Pot Sojak (in Stereo)  It's A Party (Taped)  Grand Ok; Opry Live Back. HeartBeat  HeartBeat  Nashville New (In Stereo)   Completoly Mental Mi  Suporboy (R) stage (In StereO) Baffle Line J World Showcase  Nightline (CC), adventures of Ed Gflmley (CC). I Alaska Turns 30 0 Lifestyles of the Rich and a. Beyond 2000 ! 1:30  Entertainment Tonight (in  Bunsen  Gentle Doctor: Vetorlnary 11:30 i Entertainment Tonight (In Stereo) ID Quincy Modicin°Evans & Nevak EVENI meUsMoVIE:(R) 'The Blues Brothers' Stereo)   Late Night With David i MOVIE: 'Hot Chili' 6:00 Q RIn Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). I Rockford Filet Part I of 2.  Late Night With David Lattorman (in Stereo)  Rodeo: Calgary Stampede  Inspector Glget  Wheal of Irtune (CC).  AWA Championship Wres- Lottorman (In Stereo) O Nightllno (CC). aped)  Ibquira: About Man, for  Country Kitchen (In Stereo) tling Nightlino (CC). ID MOVIE: 'Tho Andromeda  Newsnight Woman I Heo How (R)  Newsnight NIL Yearbook Strain'  Donna Reed AFTERNOON  0 0 News  Donna Reed 0 Mister Ed  Motorweek lilustratad  MOVIE: 'When Hell Was in 12:00  iron Horse O National Geographic  Twilight Zone (CC). (R) (In gamey Millet Part 2 of 3.  Mistor lid Secsinn' .. 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