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June 2, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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June 2, 1989

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FRIDAY .Harlan[ANewsAdvertiser, TV week: June 4 6/5/89 6//6/89 6/7/89 6/'8//89 6/9/89  Fri. morn., June 2, lgSg) .... .. Phone 755-3111 j' MORNING MORNING MORNING MORNING MORNING  NEWS ADVE 7:00  Lady'= Choice 7:30  SCente( 7:30 S SportsCentet 7:20  Ster 7:$O  SportsCentet 7:30  $portsCenter 8:00  MOVIE: 'The Golden Stal- 8:00 MOVIE: 'S11v Canyon' 8.'00  MOVIE: 'Don't Fence Me In' 8:00 I MOVIE: 'Winning of the 8:00 IUI MOVIE: 'Call of the Canyon' lion'  French Open Tennis= Qvar-  French Open Tennis: Early West' I French Open Tennis: Early tl French Open Tennis: Quar- terflnal Round (Live) Rounds (Live) I Motorweek Illustrated (R) Rounds (Live) terfina| Round (Live) 9:00 I Maple Town 9:00 I__ Maple Town , 8:30 (I Inside the PGA Tour (R) 6/10/89 I Oeofivity: Maya Angelou: A 9:00  Maple Town 9:05  MOVIe.. Charbston' 9:05 II MOVIE: 'Strange Bedfel- 9:00 II II French Open Tennis: MORNING Portrait 10:00  MOVIE: 'You Came Along' 10.-00  MOVIE= 'Tunes of Glory" b ws' Men's Semifinals (Uve) .... 10:.00  MOVIE. 'Another Time An 7:00  Adventures in Dry Gulch 9:00  Maple Town , AFTERNOON Ar imc " other Place' 0 "  Golf:. PGA Long Dflve Chain- FAM CBN I MOVIE: 'Ape and Superape' nship (R)   Adventures o Railgecl Y KM'I Omaha, Part 1 of 2. 12:05  MOVIE: 'The Longest 12:00  &reakthrouihs  Raymond Massel Actor of I Maple Town Ann and Andy (CC). . TNN NashviB 10:00  MOVIE: "Situation Hope/ass Hundred Miles' 12:05 I MOVIE: 'Fort/Vlasmc' the Century Pa 1. 9:05  MOVIE: 'Viewer's Choice'  I Flintstone Kids (CC). TI WOI AmeS, k but Not Sious' - 12:30  Maple Town 12:30  Maple Town AFTERNOON 10:.00  MOVIE: 'Call Me Mister'  KIssyfur (CC).   WOWT Omaha, 1:00  LeacL-Off Man h00  Lead-Off Man __ I U.S. Farm Report AFTERNOON  Auto Racing: Budweis 500  MOVIE: 'Uttle House on the 12:00  Against Her Will 11:00  Bodies in Motion  Au'tlsts of America dm I I J El El Pl-- - - A KccIK ETV Omaha,Des Moi 12:05  MOVIE: "Back to tn' R  Denver, the Last Dinur 00ffMN N P n _ WGN ChicagO, 12:30  Maple Town  MOVIE: 'Getting Married' Prairie" 12:30 m Maple Town AFTERNO4I Financial Freedom . -I w  W WTBS Atlanta, I Kiner's Komer I:00 Ii Woman's Softball: NCAA Di- 12:00 II French Open Tonnb: Semi- t Cmkod Creek i:00  MOVIE: 'The Love Boat' 1:20 IB Maor League Baseball: 1:20   Mai Leaguo Baseball: v'adon I Championsh/p (Toped) final Round, from Paris. KHIN Red Oak 2:00  Drag Racing: NHRA South- Now Yodc Mats at Chicago Cubs Now York Mats at Chicago Cubs  MOVIE: 'Bilile'  Daybreak ern Nationals (R) (Uve) (Live) 1:30 Q Bach at Biltmm'e 12:05  MOVIE: 'Rivkin: Bounty WHO Des Moi Hunter'  Kid's Court USA NET USA Not' 3:00  MOVIE: 'Not in Front of the 3:00  MOVIE: 'Long Time Gono' 2:00 J Max Boyco Meets the Dallas 3:00  MOVIE: 'Ernie Kovacs: Be- 12:30  Maple Town  Leave It to Beaver ESPN Sports I Children'  MOVIE: 'You Came Along' w--;.r k.... tween the Laught.' 1:00  Lead-Off Man  Garner Ted Armstrong CNN Cable N MOVIE: "Situation Hopeless 4:00  _Co Baseball World Set. 2:30  Harness Racing '89  MOVIE:. 'Another Time, An-  MOVIE:. 'Beni/' mid Journey to Adventure but Not Serious' ies: Team= to be announced 3:00 I MOVIE: 'Hobson's Choke' other Place' 4: =CollegeBc.txdlWolSer. L(U_ve) mMOVll,'l"unelofGIo 4;30 Llrhoroughbred$1x.tsDIgest !:20 IDIVlaiorl.guelk..lli)o,;,,. 7:05 iD Nmlon.I C..eogmphk ,x- Channel12 NIpCv I oNim(hlo, ' Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs 7:30 Superbeek Harlan Newspapers WWOR New Yr leg: Teams to be announced S:00 IIMaxBoyceMeetstheDallm 4:30 IINSAToclay 5:00 ISptsXrivia (uve) ISupermon Cable News12 KDSM bD.;:ti (Live) .... Cowboys 5:00  Sports Trivia 5:30 ID SportsLoek 2:00 II LPGA Golf:. Pat Bradley In- LIFE 4:35  Mawr League isosena.: os ..... EVENING $:30 II SportsLo4k " EVENING ternatlonal (Uve) IIIINewAclventuresofWin. A&E Arts & En. Angoles Dodgers at Atlanta  the Pooh (CC). DISC Discovery v" 2:05  Tom & Jeny's School's Out Braves (Live) 6:00  Our House Part 1 of 2. EVENING 6:00  MOVIE: 'The Last Ride of the Special  Disney'l Adventures of the  i EVENING      News 6:00  Our House Part 2 of 2. Dalton Gang' G_umml Bears (CC). "'' WEEKDAY See other Top Card II Top Card o vr Westchester Classic (Uve) 6..00 p MOVIE: 'The Bible' Part I of      News      News Chee (Cq.  Fami/y Ties (CC.  Family Ties (CO).  MOVIE: 'Stormin' Home'  Spertsman', Challenle --. . . . O I O Q N.w.  Nh,y Su,.. a.po,t I Ch.-. (Cq. O  (CC)  OW. 'Co. . . !  Sto or ,, LaW Top Card I Miami Vice  Nightly Business Reperlt  Nightly Business Report 4:00  College Baseball world Set- IJ Heathcliff ... ,...m.v.. ..., " """ ""*" ""--"" USTINGS this page i: Cheers (CO). Q Inspector Gadget li Center  Cen (Live)   ProfilesSynchrnal Research  A the Movies AVachannels   Nightly Business Report  M*A*S*H I Moneyline I Mangy'line 5:00 II Brecd(througm 8:00 I Gerbeft (CC). e 12 cBN i Miami Vice  Cosby Show {CC). (In Stereo) I Inspector Gadget  Inspector Gadget EVENING Bodywatch (CC). "IV | I1Moneyline  A-Team II M*A*S*H  MA*S*H I  Jim Honson's Muppet I Style With Elsa Klensch ^ "NN t Inspector Gadget  Spenser: For Hire  Colby Show (CC). (in Stereo)  Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo) 6:00  Our House Babies (CC). 3 KM Goodnight, Beontown tMfll ! m '-s..  c,o.b m*-T.= T. .... mI m.,-- e m.'. W..k..d .. " " Top Card 2:00 9 .n.roel s-e /ow'r! 2 Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo)  Wad MonHoe  Spenser: For Hire  :q=e,,.w: .... A-Team 6:05 II Andy GrW/tth I Chronicle  ChrOnicle II Family Ties (CC). I II Smurfs (cc). II   French Open Tennis: :  5 r Vl Spenr: For Hire 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC). D World Monitor  World Monitor  Chee (CC).  Chwlando Women's ,,, od) " :i I Chronicle  Crook and Chase (On Stereo) 6:05 I Ancly Griffith 6*05 II Andy Grtfflth I Nightly Business Report I Action-Packed aifflngers II Remodeling & Decorating -. /(N ! S I World Monitor  i Coeby Show (CC). (in 6:30   Wheel of Fortuno (CC). 6,30   Wheel of Fortune (CC).  Miami VIco  Paid Programming Today (In Stereo) ; - rl" /. 6:30  O Wheel of Fortune (CC). Stereo) Ill Crook and Chase (in Stereo) Coek and Chase (in Stereo)  Jimmy Houston Outdoors CoekandChase(JnStereo)  USA Today   Cosby Show {CC). (In l  Show (CC). (in  Inspector Goclgot I Mr. Wizard's World (EC). iYan Can Cook: New Year's oWH0  I I CoIby Show (CO). (In   Night Court Stereo) Stereo) II M*A*S*H t Incredible Hulk Dinner Par "- :... I m I Hollywood Inad 20 U i i Stereo)  Risking it All  USA Today  USA Tocloy .  Cosby Show (CC). (in Stereo)  Three Stooges i II USA Today Crossfire II Thunderbirds I On the Menu N i O i Night Court I Looney Tunes l I NtIht Court I I Night Court  A-Te4m --10 WOHESP * | I Risking It All I Risking It All I Spenser: For Hire I Ceflve Living With Aleeno  Three Musketeers . ,-JN { Chronicle I AH Creatures eat and  MOE: 'All Traib d  " % .,' | ! II Make It Yourself at Home  M'A*S*H II Maior Leluo Baseball's IB SpeeclWeek I_!) World Mitor Small Port 10 of 10. Las Velds' , pTM ( II Crossflro 1 Kate & AUle (CC). Greatest Hits: Advent of the  Czouf/re / ,v- ! Looney Tunes I World of Survival Game  Lmmoy Tunes 6:05  Andy Grifftth  Breakthroughs II Knight Rider ...... I M*A*S*H I Rendezvous I Crossflre I M*A*S*H 6:30 III Wheel of Fortune (CC). 8:10 I Healthweek  MOVIE: 'Fun in Acapulco' : saml I Kate & AWe (CC). 6:35  Malor League Baseball: Lo  Looney Tunes I Kate & AWe (CC). ! Cook and Chase (In Stereo) 8:30 I Kidswodd I Spenser: For Hire  I World of Survival Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta  M'A*S*H  World of Survival   Cosby Show (CC). (In  J o of Gardening  Perfect Spy Part 6 of 7.  Braves (Live) II II Slimerl And the Real I Portrots of Power:  7:00 p MOVIE: 'The Bible' Po. 2 of  Kate & A (CC). m Global Village Stereo) I Raymond  Actor of --  hatred Gandhi I USA Today the Century Port 1 of 2. 7:30 I Worm of Survival 6:35 I And,/Grtfftth Ohostbusters (Cq. 7:00 I Uve-ln (CC). (R) (In Stereo) ! Celebrate 7:00 II (I 48 Hours (CC). (In Stereo) II II Night Court I Heart of Chicago 2:30 I Country Kitchen (In Stereo)  I Nashville Now (In Stereo) O Tour of Duty (CC). Pod 1 of 2. 6:35 W  gue Beba,   Nhvb Now (In Smo)  W, Magk Mlmor  Ramona (C. OR)   Man I  [] III MacGyve (CC). (R) (in R( (In Stereo) Angeles DodIeS at Atlanta IIIlkiseball:NewYorkMets ICrouflre IPaldProlramming IIJoy RoralPainflng:Orchid I i Stereo) II Nashville Now (in Stereo) Braves (Live) at Chicago Cubs or San Diego  Looney Tunes  Fishln' Hole  Cover Story lanNI  []  ALF (CC). (R) (in Stereo)   Who's the Boss? (CC). (R) 7:00  MOVIE: 'The Lawless' Padres at Houston Atros (Uve)  M*A*S*H  Moneyweek  Horse Racing Special:  Lve) , lly Graham Crusade (CC). (in Stereo)  Hard Time on Planet IIrth   Cosby Show (CC). (R) (In  Kate & Ame (CC).  Out of Control mont Stakes Preview (Live)   [] I Stereo)   Billy Graham Crusade Cq. (e) (in Smo) Stereo)  World of Survival I Todd, Look  Your Money  ;, ! II  Major League Bosebcdl: C). (In Stereo) Ill Nashville Now (In Stereo)  MOVIE: 'Sweet Uberty"  kotland': Story I WomanWatch 3:00 II Gunsmoke I L-141i I New York Mats at Chicago Cubs II MOVIE: 'The Final Count- II II Growing Pains (CC). (R) I wild America (CC). 6:35  Andy Grifflth  I Am Joe O Cobbfl Outdoors ( n Stereo) 8-00 Ij/i m ) down' I I B///y raham Crusade IIMurder, She Wrote 7:00 II MOVIE: The Miracle' 8:55  Auto Racing: 24 Hours of Le- II PGA Golf:. Manet,'tutors " lana..lI iI In the Wake of the HMS I Nova (CC). (R) CC)._(In Stereo)  Celia H World S- II JI Beauty and the Beast Mans Hanover C/auk (Uve) il. Lcc). (e) (0. s,) 9:oo 0 Mo Lmu. k..b.,: st. c)kir'l Sheffield I Matlock (CC). (R) (in Stereo)   |xpbfing Psychk Powers ies: Teams to be announced i RPee-wee', Playhouse I Murd4w, She Wrote I Murder, She Wrote " Live) II 1 Now (in Stereo) Louis Cardinals at ChlcoilO Cubi IIl ]  College Baseball World Set. II CoKege Bcneball World Sr. el)nflnite Voltage (CC). pc.t 8 ; PrimeNews II II Perfect Strangers (cq. c(_cc). lVe)LapOuilting:AppliqueArtb" l ies: Teams to be annOunced ieI: Teams to be announced of 12. (In Stereo) l Mister Ed Part 2 of 2. (R) II Romocleling & Decorafln I (Live) (Live)  Unsolved Mysteries (CC). (R)  MOVIE:. 'Citizen Kane' I Stereo)  Graham Ccusade (CC). l'odc_ln Stereo)  Bustin' Loe ;IR PrlmeNews  PrimeNews (in Stereo)  The Untouchables  I The Chipmunks (CC). Mister Ecl I Mister Ed  Murder, She Wrote  Unauthorized Biography: I MOVIE: 'The Hunter'  Mincrity Business Report I You Can't Do That on Televi- I . I  MOVIE: *Big Trouble in  MOVIE: More American  College Baseball world Set- The Royall  Holan's Heroes II Long AIo & Far Away: The lion Uttle China' Graffiti' tes: Teams to be announced ICagney , Lacey I Washington week in Re- R_uctant Draion (CC). (R) , Knlght Rlcler Il Cagney & /.acey  Hunter (Live) " B Edge and Beyond view (CO). II MOVI|: 'Mew=p From  MOVIE: 'Olluzlo.,' ]  [] Living Planeh A Pomit of  MOVIE= 'The Fifth Muske- I PrimeNews  Sri  Highway te Heaven (CC). (In the Earth leer' I Mister Ed 7:05 I MOVIE: 'Living Proof:. The Stereo) nclrs Keepers thai UvingEarth Planet: A Portrait of 8.30 II, mIl  [] New Animal Wodd I Cogney & Lacey I MOVIE:. *French Connection Hank Williams Jr. Story'  Murcl, She Wrote ! Akwolf  Portraits of Power: Mci- " Slate01 ,. [] 7:20 l Three Stooges I Etsenhower Ir 7:30 II  Day by Day (CC). (R) (In I College hieH World Set-  Buck Reign hatred Gandhi i 7:30 I Heartland {CO). (R)fin Stereo)  Challenge  Unauthorized llk)gmphy: Stereo) ies: Teams to be announced  Your Guide to Homes 3:10  Sports Close-up vil II I Day by Day (CC). (R) (in 7:30 II II Wonder Ym (CC). (R) (In The Royals  Iowa This weekend L(ve) I Mother's Day 3:30 II Wish You Were I'/o Part ) 1.11I..d' Mist. lid  Challenge   Wide world of Sports: II , I Patty Duke  Patty Duke  Barb Une  Wild world of the East  MOVIE: 'The Co' Belmont Stokes (CC). (Uve) S Nature's Way 8:Q0   NBA Oiamsh Rn-  ulnox 8:   N Cnip Rn- 9:05  MOE: 'GN)dzilla, KI 7:40  Major League Baieboll: Los dis: Game One, Deo Pistons 7:30 II I Heocl of the Clau (CC). ass, I)et P.ts or Chicago I MOV1E: 'The Wraith' the Monsters' J Macleleine Cook= (In'Sreo)   d I Angeles Dodgen at AtkInta or Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Part 1 of 2. (R) Isumvs. I'noemx=unsorLoAn. I MOVIE: 'The Russians Are 9:10 I Showblz Week Ii Double Trouble Coa.jI Braves (Live) Suns or Los Anielee Lakers (Uve) I Patty Duke iles Lakers. Gain Two (Live) Coming, the Russians Are Cam- 9:30 I Gentle Ben I Auto Racing: Grand No- 9:00 I  I 8:00   Murphy Brown (CC). (R)   Roseanne (CC). (R) (in  Twentieth Century  I Cheers (CC). (R) (In Stereo) 'MOVIE: ' A Good Sport'   Garfield and Friends tlonal Series (Taped)   : [] =,oto.. (In Stereo) Stereo) 8:00   ,lake and the Fatman g Take O*N*E  Eagle and the Bear C)Cunhy Kitchen (In Stereo)  Out of Control lllt/I I MOVIE: 'Shattered Spit-   In the Heat of the Night (CC).n Stereo)  Boxing its' LCC) (R) (CC). (R) (in Stereo) I I Coach (CC). (n Shinto)  Lan King Live  Tinmltown Part 2 of 2. II J Pup Named Scoo DaD (I Rendezvous  IW ] 7:s0 11 Fu. Ham (cc). (e) (CC). ns  rh.e W,h O.,b w,,, m-.!  MOVIE: 'Home Is Where  Frontline (CC). (R) L I Night Court (CC). (R) g My Three Sons 4:00  Bonanza: The Lost Episodes   11 the Heart Is' (CC) (R) (in Stereo)  MOVIE: 'Deceptions" Part 1  Queen Elizabeth I1: Sixty  The Untouchables I Major League Baseball: At- Q  ALF (CC). Studio III (In Stereo) of 2. Glmious Yes  MOVIE: 'Downpoymet on lanta Braves at Houston Askros  Countdown to Quitting, A g Sido by Side (In Stereo)   | WWF Prime Time Wrestling  Larry King Live II MOVIE: 'Deceptions' Part 2 Murder' *Ve)all Street Week (CC). Stop Smoking lkecIktlwoullh I Sit and Be Rt (In Stereo) the ., FJ barry King Live I My Three Sons f 2. King Live  BeyondBarry Douglas  bwa Thb Weekend U Tehwsw I  ' My Three Sons  Hunt.  2000 m Patty Duke ) Sunkbt K.I.D.S. d MOVIE: 'Doubetake' Part 1 II MOVIE: 'l)eubletalm' Part 2 I My Three Sam 8:30 I V'leoCountry II Winston Churchill: The Val- I Style With b KlenKh ql Mr. WizcIrd's world (CC) iant Ys U You Can't Do That on Televi- ! II My Secret kn4y (R)  W "] of 2. of 2.  MOVll: 'The Long .looney   Deew John (CC). (R) (In 8:00   MOVIE: 'Pals' (CC) (R)  A-Team SI I Our Century I MOVIE: 'Ch|lly Scones of Homo' Stereo) slon Wonders of the Wild Winter' I Wings Owr the World: It Be-  Touchstone III Mr. Belvedere (CC). (R) I Winning at Losing Weight I Rich Uttle & a Night of 42 I _.Nv' 8:30 I! l Des/gning Women (CC).  Hinary's Adventures ion With I  Donna Reed III MOVIE: "Haunted by Hw  What Every Baby Knows Stars t I R(In Stereo) 8:30 II Ronnie Milsap: Back Home II Wing s 9:00 II 700 Club P_t' (CC) (R) (in Stereo) I Wodd of Photoimphy m In the Wild w/th Ham/Iluffr ( II tyle Lovott and His Large Again (In Stereo) 8:30  untry   LA. Law (CC). (R) (in 1 Market to Market 10:00  S King 4:05  rhl. Wh bk,.d ar,. Ill .,W Band (in Stereo) I I Have Faith (CC). (in I I Robert GuWoume (CC). Sreo) III Golf:. Manufacturers Hart- II II Hay, Vern, It's Ernestl 4:30 Ii CImsk Rock With Wolfman Dedll; [] Donna Reed Stereo) In Sreo) U rows (CO), over Westcheslr CkIdc (R) CC). Jack (In Stereo)  Wildlife Chronicles  Donna Reed  I My Two Dads (CC). (R) (In I Mystryh Game, Set and  Larry King Live II Wish You Were Here Part 1 ilration: An Australian Di- 9.30 I  I 9:00 II 700 Club I Jack Thompson Down Under Stereo) Ma(CC). Part 12 of 12.  My  Sons of 2. (In Stereo) I! II Newhart (CC). (R) (In 9:00 I 700 dub II Donna Reed I II News I MOVIE: 'Pulp' I   Bunny & Tweety  My SisterlemmcI Sam " Stereo) III thiel3momething (CC). (R) 9:00 1 70o aub ! Best of Saturday Night Live I American Album Show (CC). 8,30  Vldeo4.ountry (In Stereo)  H of Dieting  er Saturday  .. [] On Shihing Sand (R) (I (I Midnight Caller (CC). (R) II  Witluy (CC). (R) (In  Current Affair II II Just the Ten of Us (CC). I  Railroading  Dennis fh Nkmace Ill L.# [] t Nows IStereo) Stereo) II Profiles of Nature SI Out of This World (R)(In I  [] Ber of Saturday Night Live II News (CC). III Ch/na hach (CC). Port ! 9:05  MOVI: 'Your Cheatin' ; SadnI I Play BaH with ReBiie Jack- ) I hy .---  hkWers: A Sond Leak; Meg- of 2. (R) (In Sreo) Hec son  Muns Today (R) W.J I Cwrent A timer Adl: Teochlng the Con- III Dmlim Sheet (Postponed 9:340 I New Country (In Stereo) l bna Reed I Don't Just Sit Theo 9:00 I 700 Club ml) Monkey of the Clouds II tlJ [] Shortstories sfltutkm (CC). fm an earlier date) (In Stereo) t lI INN News  MOVIE: 'Born to be Bad' I America Coast to Coast Part I  News  News (CC). SCTV I  20/20 (CC). I Superman 4:35 I New U., to k= (R) ,n.nn I I 2 of 2.  Best of Sturclay Night Live I American Plyluse: Imm- g ,s Comedy Classics  News (Cq.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur- 5:00 ..... i ,." [] 9:30   Kate & Allle (CC). (R) (In  Current Affair in America (CC). (in Stem) EI tage With Joshua Lo- ties (CC). Stereo)  Profiles of Nature Stereo)  Holiday Gourmet (In Seo)  I II sCounhy (In Stereo) 9:20 I MOVI: 'The Loniest Day" IlIi leetNeWSof Sotmkiy Nt Live IInworld of the Sea I Hecldltne News O EbonhowerAttltudes II Young People Speak Out T, ID Best of Sot,rday Night Live l Point of View I .-,, 9:30 I Now C, ountry (In Stereo)  World Alive INN News m News m Cuwent Affair 10:.QO  MOVIE: 'The Last Ride of the No.  Secas of Nature I You Can Be a Sire. I Health Matters am m,.:-: m I0:00 p MOVIE: 'lf'he Bible' Port l of t Deoriel: 7"1  Gang' IDa. and Nigh. " M 10:I0 wlllekience and Technology m AIC New (CC). I .] ewsOiOOOe Carmn'=ComedyCIodc 9:20 ) Cousteau's Redbcevery  IOOONews Dodd(CC). l.30IR  Tony&rown'sJoumal jv,i g Noah', A,k the w g  Pot ] o( 2. n,,s boo,d, I  [] 9:30 jg.kClauk Rock With Welfman O I Teen Wolf (CC). 10:00 II Remington Steele 9=30 I New Country (In Slereo) I Computer Chronicles II Side by Side (In Stereo) I You Can Be a Star I I III News III INN News I Miami Vice  I Fat Albert & the Cosby I Diamonds II..dl I O A..o. int.,., g Y.. co. ,o so,  scrv I u,, s, of spot, J v N-*, Kid. (cq. I N.w..o,,h ,".  [] Moneyline I Bookmark (CC). 100 II Reminiten Steele g Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In  CarIon's Comedy CkIllics Rowan & 's l"ughn  Miami Vice  III e I N.w, g N. (cq.  Cu,.-, A,=,  i, m u  i. (cq. I  i ' II I)o,/11 and Niihls of Molly t I)enni the Menace ; A-Team !) Newhort (CC).  Moneyllne N You Can Be a Stl, I Benny Hill Arsenio Hall (In Stereo)  .o--. = ,,. ,-.h. I .o..y.--.. ,o.  of 2.  .,,. .o, ( s.o) Odd (:)  s.,..., u  ,Ou, o, ,,. Ok. ." I w i Spenser: For Hire 10:.00 0 Remington Steele  Lelnin I the Ropes (R) nags' 10:30 I I Robin Leach at the Imply I  I Invention No One Wanted  Spen--: For Hire  J m I O O News 1 Amateur Natumllst  EdIe and Beyond (In Sreo) I..'! I Im Miami Vice U Rising Damp  You Can Be o Star 10=.50 ! MOVIE:. 'The Villain' Wave I  Living Body: Into the World  Arsenlo Hall (In Stereo) MoIiC Years in Sports: HNIh-  .SLrflng Life 10:25  MOVIE: 'Shootout in a One-  Spenw: For Hire llghtl 19S1 10:.30   News 1 Honeyrnonmz Part 2 of 2. 1:00 e Lo. b-e-- S=0S 1 U.S. Oc C, dd (-.) , [] Dog Town' I Associates  Meneytine m Crook and Chase (In Stereo)  Doctor Who O Mighty Mouse: The New 5:30 I __,-    I'30 O Cheers (C" g Tinewn Po I  2. g lowan & Man', h g i Tonht iow ( Sreo) II Miami Vice Adventures (Cq.  U C Nws (Cq. sJ,, I II Crook and Chase (In Stereo) 10:30 I Cheers I ht Court II Holidc Gourmet (In Stereo) n Tonight Show (In Stereo) e Crook and Chase (In Stereo) g Benny HUl  Hill Street Wucm t Rowan & Mcwfln's Lauih-ln O I Area, C,k-Up (:q. m m .ac ..w, !  g Night-Cmrt O e Best of Ccmm (R) (In  Arsenio Hall (In Stereo) g Nature (CC). {R) (In Stereo) g Newhary (CC). U e i oa' LoaIuo Baseball: O Crimes of the Century (R)    Benny Hill Detroit Tigers at Tmnto Blue  Shining Time Station (CC). I] ,5 II Newha,t (cc). stereo)" II . r  !l Sw-.m,r II Hill Street Blues Part 2 of 2.  Night Court II Fred Travalena at the Ira-  Sprats Tonight I Arsenb Hall (In Stereo)  (Uve) I America's Cup in 4urt I   spo..c..,, w N.w.   O= 84, wh... A,. Yo? I r,,,,,,.  ., IWW s... of win- g PJn.,,, I -.4 II Sports Tonight I Hi Street IUues Part 1 of 2. I Lorenz I"mmat the Imtwev I Count Dka II,, I of Wmwood I Morton Oowney Jr. I Wod Alive " Cr 54, Whre Are YOu?  %Gllt Crmmde . Cheme - The lUSter Tire m Arsenlo Ha II (In Stereo) ngsoul Train  .--'s Family (R) Nil lt - , Arwnio Hall (In eo) 10:20 I MOVII: 'The Stalkin I Moon' J Black Adder II 10:.15 I Night Track (In Stereo) I  rh Oow. U,d po,  I S.p.d,.y vei  Earthfile Car 54, Where Am You? Croek and Ose (k Stereo) !31 M A S*H 1 Crook and Chase (In Stereo)  American Ilandstand EVINING 1 M,,4' 11:0010:'31 I  PatM*A*S'H I Arsenio Hall (In Sreo)  I Tonight Sitew (In Ster) ! 1:00  Cheers (CC).  NtghtTnlghtcourt Show (In Stereo)  Bowling: Hall of Fame Tour- 6 ' I 0:.$ I I.  Stk l  I)owney ,h'. I Night  . Nashville Now (In Stereo) " nament :0 . Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). IO=" //:)4 Nashville Now (In Stereo) I Slap Akxwell Story  NewhIt (CC).  Ilens4m I Newhart (CC). Newsday I Be,so, I' I 'A'S'tl INm seet mum I ubl owe (cq. I  of Fortune (CC).  L.00 1 0 I  Quincy 1 ! :00 p MOVIE: 'The BnAe' Port 2 of I H ull Street Blues Part 2 of 2.  Newhart (CC). I Masmrpiece Theatre: The m  Sheep Squadron Wrestling: AWA All Star Charmer (CC). Port 6 of 6.  Nashville Now (In Stereo) I Car 54, Where Are You? Wrestflng I  ) I New i, Harem, Se.,o. , High School Dance Team 8 Newhart I Sports Tiiht I Newsnight I Arsenio Hall (In Stereo) I What'= Up Dr. Ruth?  She's the Sheriff (R) I k. !I Championships (R)  New Mike Hamm I Anenio Hag (In Stereo) I  'A Utile Sex' I Amateur Naturalist I Secrets of Nafum I Uan Vice I P' . j ! ! :'0  Rillmon I Dewney Jr. II !/I P  of 2. I ,,o.,.h,  . ,=,.:  .. ;o:= I 'A's-. I Sp....C.n... t Make Room. Daddy !"31 I M*A'S*H I Edge and Beyond !1: I MOVIPat 'The --' 2 Champion Auto Car Semi- tE..GITn SI E/R I Make Raom for Daddy I   11:01 I NiIhtUne Joined in Progre I weekend Special: Rag-Tag Genci. I Living Planot: A Pclit of I MOVII: D-Day, the Sixth of I .h. , ( s) (. , I Beneon Champs (CC). Port I of 2. (R) (C). ( ) ( ) , I Quincy I MuM Today (R) I w, o ,, (e) I the Earth June' I hnwn ih0S I MO in-- o# the I (" I I Equinox Qvincy  , Camp Midnlte (In Stereo)  Evans & Novak 11:01 e Nigh,no Joinod in Progross I . I Lee Kottkot Home & Away !1:30 1 I , NlIht With David I G. en C (R) t Inspector Gadget CO, I NewsniIht 11:30   Late Night WUh David  Temble Tuesday CC). (n S*er*o) n ( S*ereo) I Esquire: About Men, for I Sporting Ufe I 11:30  t  e I h (CQ, te Room   Women 6=0S  W msh Wry. I1,,01  _Jterman (R) (In Stereo) I I Lot, Nht Wlth  I Inside the PA Tow I Quincy I 'Histeryof theWorld AFTERN)ON tnill L I NIghlflne (cq. Letterman (In Sheo) I NewmiIht .I Mov ..,. o ,h. h- - P. r 6:o I Cb.  :OS I  Mister EdI MOVIE: 'The Blue Mox' I ,_hne (C. i Make team f Daddy bls' t I/I Port 2 of 2. 12:00 I Iron Horse  pal (CC). 11:15 I I   at Central I EuropIn Journcd Iagle and thelIe Iut. I This Week in CounWy Music ,0I gamey Ulh. I MOVIE: 'D-Oay, Ihe Sixth of HiIh' I  W I Wonders of the Wild trolt  at Toronto Blue Jays IStereo) t I senlo Hall (In Stereo) June' I/R  Id Live) - i-y,-, 11'011 NiIhtline Je;ned in PmlFrm I Ao hcl, Par to Ika, CC). 6 CounnIm (on so) I  () II.'15 6 NiIht Tracks (In Stereo) 1 !:31 I Entertainment Tonight (In Rally (R) Werld SIhewca  Arwnlo Hall (In Stereo) ! U.S.  bpo,t Stereo) ,,, I Mk,ter ld " I  Te 11.'30 II II Late Niiht With David I T  AAves I inside WcIsinito n II I r 1  ,, rnan (in Stereo) I  Sports Saturday: Col-  Nlht Court The quality goes in before the name goes on.  ' [o] 00_qI l-l,00 rl' i mI Mblr O Dateiid ( Stereo) Il MOVIE: 'Squeeze Play' t   kuNIm/Tu-- _ -.__ I Winston Chwddla The Vcd- I MOVIL. 'True Grit'  Eagle and the Bear iant Yews I V. 'Beer' I nI U 11:311 VAk I 'Don't Give Up the 7=00 II MOVII.. ec, GuM' |ntertainment Tentght (In eT 12,00 IS--)Win, L0ee er 0raw oiPiney & Lacey I Gd Ob Op Uve k- ! I ov. ',." (cc) Part I of 2. I I M/u/on: Impebb (CC'). I 12:30 I  C  R) (in Stereo) 1 I Potty Duke  Robot Vauihn DhxMws I I 227 (CC). (R) (In Smo) I I StraiIht to the Heat II MOV! 'The Domino Princl. 12=01 I Mertz '-'-- "MOVil00 'hip' ItumlfltmolLPGA--(Live)Pat Brodley In- 6 14.mmce Welk --=  I,=10' "" oasttooast m.--*- -""-",') ,,,," 12:!5 IJ NilSt Trock (In Stereo) II HealtlW  MOVIE: "Nilht Friend' 12:30 I ' PHmINewl Radio & TV 1 TOT, L,,RDW,,E I ,,,0,,,O,. AmerkIn  (In 12:$0.p Seven"VIE: 'The Magnificent Iiicopl(R)(inSkmm) I Police Story Part 1 of 2, I Think and  Rich I Tommy Huntw (In Stereo) t ney & Lacey 1101 7th St., Harlan 755-3576 1-800-432-9213 East MarkelSL, 7SS-Se42 r) ,, I8 v, HARLAN I Friday   (in Uberty Univendty School of I Living Dangerously I I , Stereo) Life Lonl Learning II Adventurers 12:31