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May 5, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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May 5, 1989

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f Sec B -Pg. 6B " (HadanlANewsAdvertiser I TV week: May 7 5/8/'89 5/'9/89 5/10/'89 5/11/89 5/'12/89 I Fr,.rnom..MayS. ,, / Phone 755-3111 .,/ M(ItIN@ MORNIN( P MONIN @ , MORN/N@ MORNIN@ 7:30 SportsCente 7:30 SportsCenter 7:30 SportsCenter 7:30 SportsCenter 7:30 SportsCenter B:00  MOVIE: "Man From Musk 8:0Q  MOVIE: 'Trigger Jr.' 8:00  MOVIE: 'Home on the 8:00  MOVIE: 'Sons of the 8:00  MOVIE: 'Shooting High" Mountain'  Yachting: Ultimate Race (R) Prairie' Pioneers'  Thoroughbred Sports Digest Silver Feet 9:00  Cia,k Summer  Major League Baseball Me-  Surf= Magazine 8:30 ID Ladies Bowling: U.S. Open 5/13/89 8:30  Bowling: Masters Towna-  Maple Town azine 8:30  Track and Field: S&W Mo- R 9:05  MOVIE: "Harum Scarum' 8:30 G PGA Seniors Golf: R JR at the desto Invltationcd (R) 9:00  Maple Town MORNN 9 ment (R) 9:00  Maple Town 10:00 IIwM, OVIE: 'Woman in the Win- Dominion Final Round (R) 9:00  Maple Town 9:05  MOVIE: 'Viva Los Vegas' 7:00  Adventures in Dry Gulch 9:05  MOVIE: 'GI EMues' 9:00  Maple Town 9:05  MOVIE: 'Elvls: That's the 10:00  MOVIE: 'My Favorite Spy' 9:05  MOVIE: 'Girl Happy" Way It Is'   Adventures of Raggedy FAM CBN 10:00  MOVIE: 'That Kind of AFTERNOON 10:00  MOVIE: 'The Velvet Touch' 10:00  MOVIE: 'Cause for Alarm' ! 1:00  Portraits of Anorexia Ann and Andy (CC). KMTV Omaha, NE I h0$  Superstars and Their Morns Woman' 12:00  Golf:. Legends Clasldc (R) 1 i:00 Gem in'the Heart of the City II Eagle's Nest Part 4 of 4.  Beany & Cecil TNN Nashvi|fe AFIP( 4 12:05  MOVIE: 'The Deadly Tow.' ,,, AFTERNOON AFTERN(POH (R)  Kissyfur (CC). l WOI Ames, IA 12:00  Auto Roe/rig(R) 12:30  Maple Town " AFTERN() H  Flintstone Kids (CC). | 1 WONT Omaha, NE L) u.s. Farm Report .u q KETV Omaha, NE 12:05  MOVIE: 'Teleran' 1:00 J Lead-Off Man 12:00  Dog Show: International 12:00  Top Rank Box/ng: From At- 12:00  Scholastic Sports America  U A IE ik| FbB A KCCl Oes Moines, 12:30  Maple Town  MOVIE: 'Dear Brigette' Kennel Ciufl of Chicago (R) lantlc City, N.J. (R) L Choosing Victory 1:00  Auto Racing: Rood to Indy 1:15  Major League Baseball: San 12:05  MOVIE: 'The Fastest Gun 12:05  MOVIE: 'Deliver Us From 12:05  MOVIE: 'Desperate Search' IBm Denver, the Last Dinosaur lrIMJ MJ 11 q WGN Chicago, tL 12:30  Inside the PGA Tour  Financial Freedom I ,q |  WTBS Atlanta, GA MOVIE: 'Oo Not Disturb' Franc/sco G/ants at Ch/cago Alive' Evil' Cubs (Live) 12:30  Maple Town 12:30 L Maple Town  Maple Town i:30  MOVIE: 'Lassie' 1:30  Gymnastics: U.S. Challenge 1:00  Cycling: Tour De Trump (R) 1:00  MOVIE: 'Caprice' 1:00  Lead-Off Man  DaybreakFishing Crooked Creek wHoKHIN DesRed Moines,Oak' IA 3:00  MOVIE: 'Why Me?' R  MOVIE: 'lassie'  MOVIE: 'Paris Blues' 2:00  Motorweek Illustrated   PGA Seniors Gaff: St. Chris-  Dennis'= Dirtiest Day USA NET USA NetwC, 2:30  Best of Muscle Magaz/ne 2:30  Thoroughbred Sports Digest to pher's Classic (Live)  Leave It to Beaver ESPN Sports NetW MOVIE: 'That Kind of  MOVIE: 'Arrivederci, Baby'  Garner Ted Armstrong CNN Cable News Woman' 2:30  Gaff America 3:00  MOVIE: 'The Blue Ughtning' 3:00  PGA Golf: Memorial Tourna- Gemin the He of the CJty 3:00  MOVIE: "Blood Vows: The  MOVIE: 'The Velvet Touch' ment (Live) 1:15  Major League Basebalh  Journey to Adventure Channel 12 KN/CT K ;mCade 4:00  Legends of the Br/ckyard Story of a Marm Wife' 4:00 lid Legends of the rickyord  MOVIE: 'Combat Academy' Houston Astro$ at Chicago Cubs 7:05  National Geographic Ex- 4:30  NBA Today  MOVIE: 'Cause for Alarm' plorer Harlan Newspapers WWOR New york, ! 4:30  K.LD.S. cIvMOVIE: 'Woman in the Win- Le) S:00 SpertlTrivle 5:00 SpertsTrivia PortraitsofAnorexla 3:00 IBPGAGelf:MemerielTourna. 7:30 IBSupooook Cable News12 KI?ESM D:tMen_es' 5:30  SlpartlLook 4:00  Legends of the Brickyard 5:30  SporttLook 5:00  Sports Trivia ment (Live)   Superman 4:30 J Inside the PA Tour 5:30  SportsLook  MOVIE: 'Quart.back Prin-  il New Adventures of Win- AIE Arts & Enm ess" nie the Pooh (CC). oL, Discovery C EVENING 5:00  Sports Trivia lVNaH9 EVENING  MOVIE: 'My Favorite Spy' 6:00  Our House 5:30  SrtsLook 6:00  Ou0" House  Disney's Adventures of the I     News VNING      News 6:00  Our House 5:0Q  Sports Trivia Gummi Bears (CC). Top Card  Top Card     I News 5:30 I Best of SportsLook  People to People , Family Ties (CC). 6:00 . Our House , Family Ties (CC). Part 2 of 2.  Top Card .... EVIN ID Dr. Fad WEEKDAY --- Cheers (CC).      News J Cheers (CC).  Family Ties (CC).  Sportsman's Challenge See other Nightly Business Repeet I] Top Card  Nightly Business Report  Cheers (CC). 6:QQ  Our House J Big Story side of , Miami Vice , Family Ties (CC). Part 1 of 2. , Miami Vice , Nightly Business Report 8  " , News , Addams Family UTINS this page C SportsCenter tJ Cheers (CC).  SportsCenter  Miami Vice  Top Card  Program Yourself for Success Moneyline  Nightly Business Report  Moneyline ID Sport$Center  Family Ties (CC).  Profiles Inspector Gadget  Miami Vice  |nspeotor Gadget  Money|ine  Cheers (CC). 8:00  Gerbert (CC). ] MOVIE: "How to Beat the Avoca [B M*A*S*H  SportsCenter  M*A*S*H  Inspector Gadget  Nightly Business Report   Jim Henson's Muppet Hgh Cost of Uving' Channels Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo)  Moneyline Cosby Show (CC). Part 1 of 2. IB M*A*S*H  Miami Vice Babies (CC).  Yon Can Cook: No Time to 12 CBN A-Team  Inspector Gadget lStereo)  Cosby Show (CC). Port 2 of 2.  SportsCenter  America's Weekend Garde* Shop 3 KMTV Spensr: For Hire (J M*A*S*H  A-Team I(.Stereo)  Moneyline nor  Hollywood Insider 22 TNN Chronicle  Colby Show (CC). (In Stereo)  Spenser: For Hire  A-Team  Inqcto Gadget   Smurfs (CC).  WaNd Cup Soccer: USA vs. -- WOI Ill wmld Monitor  A-Team  Chronicle  Spenser: For Hire  M*A*S*H  Charlando T rinidad-Tobago (Live) 6e WOWI 6:05 Ancly Grlffith  Spenser:. For Hire  Wcld Monitor  Chronicle  Cosby Show (CC). (in Stereo)  Paid Programming  On the Menu r 7 KETV 6:30  Wheel ef Fortune (CC). IJ Chemnicle 6:05  Andy Griffith ) World Monitor  A-Team  Jimmy Houston Outdoors  MOVIE: 'F/ying Leather- -- KCCl I Crook and Chase  World Monitor 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC). 6:05 I Andy Griffith  Spenser: Fr Hire  Incredible Hulk necks' 9 wGN  Cosby Show {CC). {in 6:05  Andy Griffith  Crook and Chase 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC).  Chronicle g Three Stooges  Knight Rider 4 WTBS D World Monitor Stereo) 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC).  Cosby Show (CC). Par 2 of 2.  Crook and Chase  Creative Living With Aleene  MOVIE: 'Oh Godl Book I1' 11 KHIN USA Today  Crook and Chase I( Stereo)   Cosby Show (CC). Part 2 6:05  Andy Griffith ID All Creatures Great and  Spenser: For Hire 13 ) WHO  Night Court   Cosby Show (CC). (In  USA Today of 2. (in Stereo) 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC). Small  A Perfect Spy Part 2 of 7. 20 uSA Make It Yourse/f at Home Stereo)  Cosby Show (CC). Part 1 of 2.  USA Today ]1 Crook and Chase  Breakthroughs  Eagle's Nest Part 4 of 4. -- WaR Major League Baseball Ma-  USA Today (In Stereo)   Night Court   Cosby Show (CC). (In 8:|0  Heahhweek 2:30  Rifleman 10 EsPN 8:30  Kidsworld Risking It All  Night Court Stereo) I  Night Court USA Today ,oosdlro  Im "BA Playof: Second 8 CNN Risking It All /  Risking It All I SpeedWeek  Joy of Gardening Round Game (Live) 17 NICK Looney Tunes  Lighter Side of Sports  Scholastic Sports AmeriCa  Oossfire   Night Court   Slimerl And the Real a Country Kitchen (In Stereo) 21 KPTM M*A*S*H  Crossfire  Crossfire  Looney Tunes  Floyd on France Ghostbusters (CC). m Joy of Floral Painting Kate & Allie (CC).  Looney Tunes  Looney Tunes  M*A*S*H I Boating World O Heart of Chicago  Cover Story = sam National Academic Decath-  Your Money World of Survival  M'A*S*H  M*A*S*H  Kate & Allie (CC).  Crossfire Portraits of Power:. Tito:  Kate & Allie (CC). . B Major League Baseball:  Wor/d of Survival  Looney Tunes Ion  A Cricket in Times Square  Power of Resistance  World of Survival New York Mets at Cincinnati  Global Village  M*A*S*H Paid Programming 3:00 I Gunsmoke 6:35  Sanford and Son  Rendezvous Reds (Live) 6:35  Sanford and Son  Major League Baseball: San  Fishin' Hole  Celebrity Outdoors (In Stereo)  I 7:00  MOVIE: 'To the Shores of Trf- 6.-35  Sanfe.rd and Son  World of Survival 7:00 I MOVIE: 'Made for Each Diego Padres at New York Mets  Moneyweek  I Major League Baseball: (C_C). 7:00 MOOVIE: 'The Benike Gang'  Festivals of the World Other' Le)  Thunderbirds Re_giona| Cave, age IL/ve)  II Uve-ln (CC). (In Stereo)   Rescue: 911 (CC). (In 6:35  Sanfod and Son   48 Hours (CC). (In Stereo)  World of Survival  WomanWatch  Lap Quilting StereO Scotland's Story  I Am Joe Nashville Now (In Stereo) Stereo) 7:00  MOVIE: 'Sentimental Jour-  Nashville Now (in Stereo) qUiD Bustin' Loose '  A  MacGyver (CC). (In  Nashv/|le Now (In Stereo) hey'   Unclaimed Fortunes 6:35 I Sanf'd and Son 9:00  Rin-Tin-Tin  You Can't Do That on Televi-  D Stereo)  Who's the Boss? (CC). (In   Hard Time on Planet CC).n Stereo) 7:00  MOVIE: 'The Chosen"   Pee-wee's Playhouse sion  $  ALl: (CC). (In Stereo) Stereo) Earth (CC). (in Stereo)  lid Cosby Show (CC). (In   Beauty and the Beast C_C). g Knight Rider  MOVe: 'Jaws'   Matlock (CC). (In Stereo)  Nashville Now (In Stereo) Stereo) (CC). (In Stereo)  Remodeling & Decorating  Evergreen Part 1 of 3.  lib WondWorks: Two Odd-  MOVIE: 'Jaws I1'   Growing Pains (CC. R) Q MOVIE: "Running Scared' 1 Nashville Now (In Stereo) Today (In Stereo)  Uving Planet: A Portrait of  Pc dies? (CC).  Nova (CC). (R)  I Unsolved Mysteries (CC). I Wild America (CC),  aJ Perfect Strangers (CC).   The Chipmunks (CC). the Earth  W IStereo)  Murder, She Wrote mill  All-Star Tribute to Ka-  Minority Business Report am Portraits of Power: Tito:  Sh Murder, She Wrote I Murder, She Wrote g Atlantic Realm (CC). Part 2 of  Indy 500: A Race For Heroes reem AbduI-Jabbar (In Stereo) Superbouts: Hagler's Knock-  Cycling: Tour De Trump m MOVIE: 'The Intruder' Power of Resistance  W outs (R) _.aped)  PrimeNews .  MOVIE: 'Legal Eag/es'  Play Ball with Reggie Jack- 3:I0 B Sports C/ose-up 8:30  Th PrtmeNew$  PrimeNew$  Murder, She Wrote M Mister Ed I Washington Week in Re- son 3:30  Wish You Were Here (In  D_ Mtstec Ed J Mister Ed I Adventure: The Gamesman  MOVIE: 'Smokey and the view (CC).  Airwoff Stereo)  lie MOVIE: 'Foul Play'  MOVIE: 'Legal Eagles'  PmeNews. Bandit'  Murder, She Wrote  Buck Rogers Part 2 of 2.   Wide World of Sports Stereo) I Beat of the National Gee-  Hunte*  Mister Ecl "  Untouchables  Gymnastics: U.S. Challenge  Your Guide to Homes (Live)  i IIophic Specials  MOVIE: '48 HRS.'  MOVIE: 'Oeath Wish 3'  MOVIE: "Nighthawks" (Taped) g Mother's Day m Madelelne Cooks (In Stereo) 8:45  I MOVIE: 'Three Am'  Cagney & Lacey Part 2 of 2. I MOVIE: 'Ccmgan's Bluff'  Cagney & Lacey  PrlmeNews  Travel Magazine g Double Trouble fling Cagney & Lacey Part 1 of 2,  Hemingway Part 2 of 2.  Cagney & Lacey  Edge and Beyond (|n Stereo)  Mister Ed g Challenge  Big Story 9:00 Uving Manet: A Portrait of J Challenge  Battle Une  Safari  MOVIE: 'Carrie' 9:05  MOVIE: 'Day of the Animals'  Out of Control the Earth 7:05  NBA Piayoff: Teams to be Ecluinox 7:05  NBA Playoffs: Teams to be  MOVIE: 'Urban Cowboy' 9:10  Showbiz Week  Rendezvous StereO) New Animal World announced (L/ve) 7:05  Mao League Baseball: San  MOVIE: 'Mother's Day on 9:30  Sy King 3:35  Fishing With Orlando Wilson 7:05  Sulars and Their Mms 7:30   Wonder Years (CC). (In Francisco Giants at Chicago 7:30 Walton's Mounta/n'   Garfte/d and Friends 4:00 m Bonanza: The Lost Episodes 7:30   Stereo) Cubs (Live)  Side by Side (in Stereo) announced (Live)  227 (CC). (in Stereo) I Wildsicie 8 Eagle and the Bear ),o Heartland (CC). (in B P Duke  NBA Playoffs: Teams to be  Indy S00: A Race Fm Heroes Tinseltown Part I of 2. untry Kitchen (in Stereo) B T and T (CC). (In Stereo) Nearly Departed (in 8:00 MOVIE: 'Murder by announced (Live)  Patty Duke 7:05  NBA Playoffs: Teams to be   Pup Named Scooby Doe Sit and Be Fit Stereo) Moonlight' Premiere (CC) (In 7:30 )  Head of the Class (CC).  Wild World of the East announced (Live) (CC). Throb ;r; II Patty Duke 8:00   Equalizer (In Sreo) 7:30 S  Full House (CC). (R) I  ALF (CC).  PGA Seniors Golf: St. Chris- foot( l Patty Duke War and Remembrance I Twentieth Century 1 Dynasty (CC) . Wall Street Week: Are Ap-  Countdown to Quitting, A to ooj)her's Classic (Live) Nature's Way (CC). Part 3 of ,5. (In Stereo) 8:00   Joke and the Fatmon Cheers (CC). (R)(In Stereo) parel Stocks Wearing Well? Stop Smoking Breakthrough  Newswatch | I.00 I  Murphy BrOwn (CC). (In m  In the Heat of the Night _C).|n Stereo) I Take O*N*E (CC). W m ;r;  Patty Duke il KJ.D.S. I Mr. Wizard's World (CC). War and Remembrance (C). (In Stereo)   War and Remembrance  Boxing: Tel| Biggs vs. Ru- I Style With Eisa Klensch  My Secret Identity (CC). Part 2 of 5. (In Stereo)  Basketba/. Iowa vs. USSR (CC). Part 4 of ,S. (In Stereo) fus Hadley (Live)  Winston Churchill: The Val- t Winning at Losing Weight A-Team  MOVIE:. 'Top Gun' (CC)  MOVIE: "The Great Santini'    Cheer (CC). (R)  Thursday Night Thunder: iant Years  What Every Baby Knows  Goldie Hawn Special Top Rank Boxing: Kevin Frontline (CC). Auto racing anthology sries 8:00   Dallas (CC). (in Stereo)  World of Photography  In the Wild with Harry Butler Stereo) 2   Mr. Belvedere (CC). (R) 10:00  Roy Rogers 4:05  Fishing With Roland Martin Studio W: Tm'rce HM/Piano Wafts vs. "Irish" Steve Collins MOVIE: 'Scandal Sheet' S Larry King Live Competition LLve) i World of Sports My Three Sons I m MOVIE: 'Amilyville: The   Hey, Vein, It's Ernestl 4:30  Classic Rock With Wolfman j WWF Prime Time Wrestling  Larry King Uve Larry King Uve I Untouchables Evil Escapes' Premiere (CC) (In )Wish You Were Here (In  Good Times 9:30 Truck and Trado FI  My Three Sons My Three Sons MOVIE: 'Drop-Out Mother' Stereo) Jack (in Stereo) iped)  Hunter MOVIE.. 'Haing Bab' Mozart/Handel Deble Bill ) Mmket to Market Stereo)  Firing Line: A C4mtoversial Larry King Live MOVIE: 'Side By Side'  Wings Over the World: An-  Beyond 2000  Alfred HJtchcock Presents   Bugs Bunny & Tweety Prime Minister Speaks Out: Bob MOVIE: 'The Confession' thony Fokker: A Dream Fulfilled 8:30  VideoCountry  Cycling: Tour De Trump Show (CC). Hawke of Australia Best ef the National  Hillary's Adventures Wings   Dear John (CC). (In  Better Ways to Better I My Sister Sam gr_aphlc Specials 8:30 VideoCountry 8:30 VideoCountry Stereo)  Larry I(ing Uve Grades I Newsmaker Saturday MOVIE: 'Calfle & Son' Donna Reed  Night Court (CC). (R)  Touchstone  My Three Sons  Model Railroading i Dennis the Menace i Our Century: Stalin - The Jack Thompson Down Unde I Donna Reed  Donna Reed  MOVIE: 'A Small Ck,le of 8 Scholastic Sports America  Out of This World (In Stereo) Red Tsmr Port 2 of 4. 9:00 700 Club 9:00 I 700 Club 9:00  700 Club Friends' Sclence and Technology ; Munster= Today 9:45 i ) wonders Of the wild F MOVIE: Rich and Famous' ir;MidnghtCaer(CC)(n.iseguy(Cq(Pstpned.KntsLandingCC)`{nAmericanA|bum "Week  A| Doming, Man of the |0:00 f ........ tier' date)(In Stereo) Stereo) 8:30 E VideoCountry 2 MOVIE: 'Fun in Acapuko' North 8:05 8:30 I  Designing Women (CC). News   Quantum Leap (In Stereo)   ABC News Special: The  Just the Ten of Us (CC). Superman 4:35 S New Leave It to Beaver Stereo) I Best of Saeurday Night Uve  American Playhouse: A National Cholesterol Test (CC). I Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur- 5:00 Bordertown L.A. tes (CC). News ' Holiday Goumt ' Cunt A Walk in the Woods (CC). (In 8 News (ccLa) w (CC). (in Ster) Yes, ime Minister  Donna Reed ) Profiles of Nature Stereo) Ray Bradbury Theater  Attitudes CountryClips W|lcllffe Chronicles 9:30 I New Country (in Stereo)  Ladies Bowling: U.S. Open I Mysteryh Game, Set and Donna Reed  Hemingway Part 2 of 2. Young People Speak Out i NBA Iqayoffs: Teams to be ew$  Auto Rccing: USAC Midget   Falcon Crest (CC). (In 10:30  Lone Ranger 8 ABC News (CC). Newhart (CC), (in Stereo) unncmnced (Live) Best of Saturday Night Live Cars (Live) Ster   Teen Wolf (CC).  Health Matters: Head Inju- The United States and the I SCTV Qulncy   News 20/20 (CC).  Side by Side (In Stereo) ries Ph/lipp/nes: In Our Image miere (CC). Part 1 of 3. , Carson's Comedy Classics Current Affair Best of Saturday Night Uve Austin Cty UmJts (In Stereo)   Fat Albert & the Cosby    Charles in Charge Indy 500: Race for Heroes: INN News Decodes: 70't Quincy Hitchhiker Kids (CC).  Part 1 of 2. I News ' You Can Be a Star 9:30 New Country (In Streo) Mozart Miracle Best of Saturday Night Live I Gameday Diamonds Best of Saturday Night Live Honeymooners Part 2 of 2. NBA Playoffs: Teams to be Profiles of Nature Quincy r Baseball "89 Newswatch 10:30 Current Affair Science Journal (CC). announced (Live) 9:30 New Country (in Stereo) Days and Nights of Molly I Superman Kid's Court B Nature of Things 9:30 Classic Rock With Wolfman Shortstoies Monster Truck Challenge SCTV  INN News Dodd (CC).  Lemrning the Ropes S A-Team Moneyflne News NBA PJayof: Teams to .be I Edge of the Cold  Evergreen Part 2 of 3. America Coast to Coast 9:30,  Kate & AMte (CC). (In Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ) INN News announced (Live) 11:00  Rif(eman  Edge and Beyond (In Stereo) Stereo) Newhart(CC). I Secrets of Nature ITV Jack (In Stereo) " Mighty Mouse: The New  MOVIE: 'The Man Who New ConWy (in Stereo) Benny Hill 10:00 )       News Ice: Views of Antarctica  News (CC). Adventures (CC). Skied Down Everest' Part 2 of 2. I Indy 500: Race tkw Hero: Arsenio Hall(ln$tereo) IYovCan BeaStar 10:00, ,,News ,NBA P/ayof: Teams to be B Celebrity Outdeo On Stereo) 5,05 8wmPiC Gold(Uve) Profile of Rick Mecms Spenw:  Hire I Miami Vice  You Can Be a Star announced (Live) Animal Crack-Ul (CC). 5:30 i isolvsCOmecly Noah's Ark I Moneyline  Honeymooners t Wet.wolf B " Punky Brewster (CC). ,  CBS News (CC). ' CJasslcs 10:.30 Ches (CC). r Rowan & Martin's Laugh-/n  Computer Chronicles  Hydroplane Racing: Las Ve- Runaway to Glory  ABC News (CC). C.reok and Chase Newhart (CC).  Miami Vice . Silva* Cup (R) WWF Superstars of Wres-  NBC News M*A*S*H Arsenio Hall (In Sterna) I Moneyline !1SCTV tling Crimes of the Century America Coa0t to Coast Part News  Soul Train (In Stereo)  Starting From Scratch 7 of 2.  Best of Carson (R) (in Spenser:  Hire I Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In    News Stereo) Chris Lemmon at the I r Newhart (CC).  Current Affair  Big Fish Down Under  Shinin!l Time Station {CC). You Can Be a Star I Night Court Portraits of Anc.rexia  Benny Hill I Days and Nights of Molly American Bandstand  Pinnacle Honeymoone, Part 1 of 2. I Newhart (CC). 10:3Q Cheers (CC). , Arsenio Hall (In Stereo) D,C I Billiards: Wcld Open 9-Ball iI Count Duckula American Interests (R) ) Hill Street Blues Crook and Chase ' Spenser: For Hir 10:00  E  News Championship (R) ) Mama's Family Miami Vice F Other Side of Easy Sroet M*A*S*H Rising Damp You Can Be a Star  Newsday t Superboy I Miami Vice  Tonight Show (in Stereo) Sporting Life Honeymooners  Double Dare (CC). Baseball's Greatest Hits ) Heroes: Made in the U.S.A. 10:.4,5 Moneyline I SportsCenter Night Court 10:30 Cheers (CC). Doctor Who  Black Sheep Squadron Wrestling: AWA All Star Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In r Spor Tonight Newhart CC). Crook and Chase Miami Vice VNN  I 1:00 Moneyline I Car 54, Whe Are You? } Hill Street Blues M*A*S*H Wrestling 6:QO  Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). Newhart (CC). Rowan & Martin's Laugh4n  Food a la Floyd I Rin Benny Hill I Arsenio Hall (In Stereo) I SportsCenter  Tonight Show (In Stereo)  Wheel of Fortune (CC). ' Aren/o Ha/f (In ,Sterna) I Morton Downey Jr. I Spts Tonight Night Court Newhart (CC).  MOVIE: 'Scoff of the Antarc- 11 Country Kitchen (in Stereo) Jill St. John at the Improv T|nsehown Part 1 of 2, t Car 54, Where Are You? Newhart (CC). Arsenio Hall (In Stereo) tic'  f/be Haw maul Living Body 1 I:00 MOVIE: *The Benlker Gang' I Arsento Hall (In Stereo) Hill Street Blues Spenser: For Hire  Secrets of Nature B  O News News Pat SQjak I Morton Downey Jr. Nature (CC). (R) (In Stereo) World Alive 11:05  MOVIE: *Man's Favorite I National Geographic " i Cheers (CC). Nashville Now (In Stereo) 11:00 MOVIE: 'Sentimental Jour- SportsCAnte 10:30 Cheers (CC). 4'  She's the Sheriff (R) ) Crook and Chase Nightlirm (CC), ney' Sports Tonight Crook and Chase 11:30 imarron Strip lid Major League Baseball: At- Benin I M*A*S*H  Champion Auto Car Semi- sling I M*A*S*H I IltshSvi/lek  Car 54, Wlre Are You? lanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pit- ) To Be Announced Quincy Now (In Stereo)  Arsenio Hall (In Stereo)  Tonight Show (In Stereo) nar ates (Uve) M;,.k. (',d " Upstairs, Downstairs  Nightline (CC).  Moeton Downey Jr. Night Court  This Week in Country Music  Long Ago & Far Away: Bill & ikmwn Bunny (CC). ; CC), , R=ing: Daytona I Quincy  Black Adder Newhart (CC). & O Car Care Seminm I Hill Street Blues  (R)  SportsCenter Sporting Life Hill Street Blues   Completely Mental Mis-  Miami Vice mark ( C  Newsnight 11:00 Other adventures of Ed Grimley (CC). Ik:wk .C_,.  Adam Smith's Money  MOVIE: 'Made far Each  Sport,.enter  Sports Tongh  Munsters Today i .qrlntr  Make Room fr Daddy Wodd: Cashing in on Toxic  Capital Gang i  Teiht  MOVIE: 'The Sweets of San Waste  Pat Sajak  Car $4, Where Are You?  Evans & Novak  Inspector Gadget i Car 54, Whole Are You? r,-anclsco' -New Mike Hammer'  Nashville Now (in Stereo)  Arsenio Hall (In Stereo)  Inspector Gadget  Star Trek: The Next Genera- L=dy mue Anenio Hall (In Stereo)  Evening at the Improv ..... I Hemingway Part 2 of 2  Inside the PGA Tour  Nightline (CC),  Morton Downey Jr.  Esquire: About Men, for tlon (CC). (In Stereo) 11:30 Newsnlght  Benson Women  It's a Uving (R) mren uowney ,'. Earthfile 11:30  Entertainment Tonight (In  Make Room fo Daddy  Quincy J Edge of the Cold  Secrets of Nature  Mama's Family New Mike Hammer  Pat Sajak AFTERNO  Chronicle ov= ... so .vm .....d ,. ,,:0o  .ov,: T.. C.. Tonight Show (In Stereo)   Late Night With David  AMA Supercrs .rries  Sporting Life MOVIE: 'To the Shes of Tri- jterman (In tereo)  Lady Blue (Toped)  Nashville Now (In Stereo) 12:00 I  NBA Playoffs: Second 6:30  Campbells n,eJi'  Nightline (CC),  Bottle Une   Newsnight  Nightline (CC). Round Game (Live)  Jeopardyl (CC). 11:45 Pat Saiak  MOV/E: 'F/rewa/ker' p World Showcase  Make Room fo Daddy  Benson  CountryClips  This Week in Country Music 12:00 w In New Mike Hammer  MOVIE: 'r-trewalker'  Quincy Nashvil'leNo (Stereo)  . 11:301 Enteeloinmont Tonight (In  Camp Midnite (In Stereo)  Ind/anapis 500 lme Supefboy , I Nightline (CC).  Mister  . Stereo)  Lady Blue Trials (Live)  Wheel of Fartune'(CC). i Benin IJ narney Miller Part t of 2.   Late Night With David  Edge and Beyond (In Stereo) I High School Basketlll:   Major League iknebll:  Benson C,pital Classic (R) Regional Covmage (Uve)  Inside Washington Quincy  Armenia Ho|I (In Stereo) ._ttermn (In Stereo)  H'y'l Adventure  Newsnlght MOVIE: 'Gidget'  Night Court D Mast0ce Theatre: The  Story of Wine  Nightline (CC). 1 !:30 i Entertainment Tonight (In  Make Room fro' Daddy  Motorweek Charmer (CC). Part 2 of 6. 11:45  MOVIE: 'Frogs' J MOVIE: 'Love and Bulls' Stereo)  Legends of the Brickyard stoa New M/ke Hammer 12:00 Win, Lose o uraw I Doncemake: Judith Jami-   Late Night W'eth David  MOVIE: 'The Pink Jungle' I MOVIE: 'They Stiff Call Me  Sports Saturday Lady Blue Volleyball: Men'm Pie Beach Magnum, P.I. en Letterrnan (In Stereo) Bruce'  Looney Tune= I Tournament (1"aped1  Family mecdcal Centec  Major League Baseball Ma-  Nightline (CC).  Eagle and the Bmr  Tennis: U.S.T.A. "Clay Court  Mama's Family Newmight " " Auto Racing: Atlantic Series Qazine  MOVIE: Harper'  Wonders of the W'dd Championships (Uve)  Life's Most Entbarrassing Make Reem for Dclcly R .  Mister F,.d  European Journal I !:30  Entmtainment Tonight (In  Newsday Moments (CC). Crossfe am MOVIE: 'Cool Hand Luke"  , .  Barney Miller Part 2 of 2. l Auto Racing= 50QK (R) SMreo) '  Lassie  Eagle and the Bear  Late Night With David   MOVIE: 'Breakhecwt Pass'  Sporting Life 1 Patty uuxe Spenser: Far Hire  Arsenic) Hall (In Stereo)  Mister H .ltterman (In Stereo)  Barotta 7:00  MOVIE: 'Mother's Day"  n I i I I I I , , n .I ] * T  Nightline (CC). q MOVIE: 'Clok and Oagger'  I Paradise (CC). (In Stereo) The quality goes in before the name goes on.* ! waw Ring, Twice' 1 Australia Noturally ,tage 12:30 ID Jacksonville Jazz IX (In 12:30 j Homefime (CC).   A Man Called Hawk Stereo)  Newsmaker Saturday (CC).n Stereo) Mister Ed  Heathcliff  I 227 (CC). (In Stereo) Barney Miller Part 2 of 2. 1:00  Wagon Train  MOVIE: 'Murder with M- To Be Announced.  Tommy Hunter (In Stereo) rs' iantWinstnyears Church|U: The Vol- pWooclwright's Shop Port 2 of Lawrence Well( Show: Moth- er's Day (R) 12:45 .. .w_+_+ ..o+ + 11:45  Inside the NBA 12:00 ! Win, Lose  Draw  Baretta  volleyball: Men's Pro Beach Days and Nights of Moy Tournament (Taped) Magnum, P.I. Dodd (CC).  PmeNews VCR'S , I SHARP TS eFamllyMedkalCenlr e Amrk:aCesttCaSt g Looney Tunes  Crsf/re I: I0  Hhw   Reporters (In Stereo) BEST. solid state tuners. Groat b  lStroighttotheHecwt To.noment(Livo) .Cagnoy&Laoy ,v,.,+ +,++++ +,+,,= ...,.--o.+ ..+w+,++, . ,,v,+ +.o+ MOVIE: 'A Small Circle of 1 Legends of the Brickyard  Adventurers Coast tooast m Style With Elm Klenlch 7:30 IW Grand Ole OIm3f Live Wrld Monito J Goodnight0 Beantown   One of the Boys (CC). (In ! :30 0 & TV 12:15tNJllhtTracks($nStere) Shortstortes Stereo) Radl I i TOTAl HARDWARE I 12:30 I MOVIE=. 'Tew. of mnkm- I An..ko Coo=l 1o Ceo=t Porl Patty Duke stein' (R) 1 of 2. 8:00 S  Jesse Hawkins (CC). (In ]101 7th St. Harlan 755-3576 ' .... 1-800-432-9213 E=sl Mmrket SI.,HARLANT,2 ftereoAmerion Magazine (In 2:001:35 "e MOVIE: ,Wor Wogon,Remodellng & Delmmrottng =Stere)Roy Clork Friendship Tom': II II I I II Ili ,,u  Think and Grow Rich Today (In Stereo) U.S.S.R+ Port I of 2.