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March 18, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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March 18, 1989

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r TV week: Mar. 19 thru Mar. 25 [ Harlan IA News Advertiser ] f89 3/21/89 3/22/89 3/23/89 3/24/89   sat mum, March Phone 755-3118'111989.) FRIDAY .o..,.o --'- NEWS ADVERTISER 7:30 ) SportsCenter 7:30  SportsCentor 7:30  SportsCentor 7:30  SportsCentor 8:00  MOVIE: 'South of Caliente' 8:00 ) MOVIE: 'Cowboy Serenade' 8:90 I MOVIE: 'The Golden Sta|- 8:00  MOV1E: 'Gone Auhy and Ice  Skiing: World Freestyle Mo-  Horse Show: Grand Prix of lion' the Mounties' Finals (R} Palm .=h, F= (") e Moi-- g,,. vau,=: Lo. m 8..,  i-- L. k..- 3/25/89 Part 9:00  Winterworld: Evolution of 9:00  Great American Race (R) Angeles at San Jose (R) ball 1988 skiing (R) 9:05  MOVIE: 'Adam at 6 A.M.' 9:05  MOVIE: 'Face of Fear' 8:30  Baseball Video Magazine MORNING I 9:05  MOVIE: 'The Dollmakor' Part I 0:00  MOVIE: 'Is Paris Burning?' 9:30  Skiing (R) 9:00  Vintage Baseball: Old Ball Game (R) 7:00  Adventures in Dry Gukh CBN Family Channel Port 2 of 2 10:00  MOVIE: 'Another Time, An-  .......  I Adventures of RogIedy FAM O Heart' 2 of 2. " other P ace' 9:05  MOVIE: 'The Amazing uon- KM'rV Omaha, NE Iml [ oWn Ann and Andy (CC). . .i... 9:30  Ski World AFTERNOON ..... ,,= ermans' TNN Nashville Network I 10:00 ( MOVIE: 'Is Paris Burning?' __ Aqrlr, s,,,,,,x ., 10:00  MOVIE: "Call Me Mister'  I Flintstone Kids (CC).  Of Pure Blood Part 1 of 2. 12:00  Top Rank Boxing: From At- 12"00  Tenn s- Newsweek Chain- 11:30  Children Are the Future  Kissyfur (CC).  WOI Ames, IA ll i V WOWT am=ha, NE 0 I eor-ia 10:30  Maple Town lanhc City N,J. (R) " ":" - " ..... '  U.$, Farm Report ns .Up rmot K) ' tar of AFT|RNO(I II W KETV Omaha, NE IB _ 12'05  MOVIE" The Adven es , A& II Ik lib &I Rlu II It, KCCI Des Moires, IA 0 z - AFTERNOON _ " 12:05 G MOVE: 'The Renewal I1 Project: Universe: An Introd- W.IAI 101xle Frontier Fremont' 1 0Q  MOVIE' 'ColumbO' 12.00 Q Auto Racial: IMSAGTOSOr- uctkm to Astronomy l'.NalJ N jll q WGN Chicago, IL IO 12:00  Col|ego Basketba||: Notional 1.00  MOVIE- 'Colombo' " " m "  Denver, the Last Dinosaur -- , .. 2:00  High School Dance Tea ms (R) V.lllr'lllllIbEWW WTBS Atlanta. GA ID 'COIL Invitational Tournament So- 2:30 ID A.rm _wr.,tling...- Championships (R) 12:05  MOVIE: 'BeneQth the Pkmet I Firmnclal Freedom The Lady from Yes- ond Round (R) l.uu. I M',JWI:: "the rmm. woman'. ?' _:__t rut1 QR M_V(3 E: 'When Your Lover of the Anes'__  Fishing Crooked Creek wHoK HI N DesRed Moines,Oak' IA IA laDIm 12:05  MOVIE: 'Caboblanco'  MOVIE: It Pares Burmng Leaves' 12:30 II The Great Gatlin Getaway I Daylxlak USA NET USA Network IB [B] 'The Captive Heart' I:00  MOVIE: "Columbo" P_aart 2 of 2.  MOVIE" "Another T me An- 1:00  Auto Racing: Paris to Dakar  Dennis the Menace ESPN Sports Network ID [E] xl Fear 2:00  Motorcycle Racing: FIM 4:00 ID 1978 NCAA Final Four atkmr place' ' Ro v (R  Leave It to Beavor CNN Cable News Network m [HI World Superbike Championship 4:30 m Thoroughbred Sports Digest 3:30 '-Chi|dren Are the Future  MbVIE: 'Columbe'  Gamor Ted Armstrong Channel 12 NICK Nickelodeon a [I] ((R Quidmr Uf. :=:  NEAtlY 4:00 = 1980 NCAA FJrl=l Four 2:00 = MuK" ..(=tilt. 7:0, =0 J@urneYNQt.a|to phicAdventdqre I=x- KPTM Omaha, "Ny " [J] I I r 5".00 ( Metmweek Illustrated 3:00  MOVIE: 'Anothm Woman's Harlan Newspapers VVVVOR New York, I (L] 2:30 3:00  MOVIE: "Passions' EVENING 5 30 I The Great Gatlin Getaway Child' 7:30  "uporhk r,,i,|,  ..... , KDSM Des Meines, IA I [M) e  MOVIE: 'Is Paris Burning?' __ -- '" (In Stereo) .  MOVIE: 'Coil Me Mistm' .,..., o 0,,w,, ,,; LIFE Lifetime B [N] I Nws 4:09  1977 NCAA Final Four 6:00 U O,ur Ho ,  SportsLook 4:00  1981 NCAA Chomps I  Supermen A&E Arts & Entertainment I (P] 9e 4:30  K.I.D.S.  i I gl I1 mews "VEN|NG 4:30  Scholastic  America   New Adventures of Win- DiSC Discovery Channel I [Q] rles(CC).lmess Port 1 of 2. 5:30  SportsLook B cmie Te)(CC). 6:00 I Our House 5:30  Best of SportsLook I DIsn.y', Aclventu,n of the (C " 5:00  Inside the PGA Tour I Fand..ango = S:00  Running and Racing nie the Pooh (CC). ,, ,Report "  O I   News EVENI , Gummi Bears (CC). Leln Stereo) EVENING I Nightly Business Report I[ ram Iv Ties (CC) N , I People to People ........ . (in Fandango . --man's Chalbnee thisSee other /a bb 6:00 O Our House =I Miami rK.e (In $ereo) . Cheers (CC). Pa 1 of 2. 6:00 O Our House I P0t: Unhorse: An ,n.od- WEEKDAY =,  I J  News I )porlmenrer I Nightly Business Report   I O  News uctian to Astronomy side of Dr. r.d n t'ort 1 "u "dget o{ 2 O" CheersFmily TieS(Cc).(CC). Part 2 of 2. = |nspectorMeneylineraage, Miami Vice Stereo) = " UTINGS .......  SportsCentor O Family (CC). page v (CC). (in Stereo) I Nightly Business Report  m-  S*H ......... I Moneyline  Cheers (CC). I Big Stcwy Conversion Miami Vice (in S'ereo) i ,osny :)now --. m :)mreo)  Inspector Gadget I Nightly Business Report  Heathcliff SportsCenter Private Benjamin 12 Fm. Hke t Addams Family A'Tnem Pr H:e z. ( M'A'S'.  Miami Vice (In Stereo) 1:00 i Wagon Train Avoce .adon Moneyline I ape .s. ! Cosby Show (CC). (In Stereo) I SpomCentor II . CBN CIN Cable Netwrk I Play/Miadpewor I T--my Hunt. (In Stereo) Channels = equal = Listing 0nltr  Inspector Gadget I Chron, im .  A-Team Part 2 of 2. I Moneyline I Cm Kitchen 3 KMTV Omaha. Ni am / WOrlCl Monitor . It:00 I Gtt'bert ....... kh  M*A*S*H Part 2 of 2. . ........ t  Spenser: For Hare  Inspector Gadget   Jim Henson's Muppet I New Yankee Workshop 22 TNN Nashville NET 0 f Frtune (CC).  Cosby Show (CC), (in Stereo) o'u= I nay ,r,n n -' ........ I -- " "u "C" I Chromcle  M A'S*H (CC). . . -- WOI Ames, IA -m  (In Stereo)  A-Team o:3g =I I whoa= e, ran "In r"  W.ld Monit.  Cby Shaw (CC). (In Stereo) liabias (CC).  Gymnastics ,ntenatlenm ............ : u WUW I moIto NI ( qY :mew (CC). {In = Spenser: r- Hire I , ana ,no=e (i )m ) 6:05 = Andy Griffith = A-Team O Amorica's Weekend G'de- ix=mP  sChwwtien.Ip (R) 7 KETV Omaha, N| I Chronicle  O Cosby Show (CC). fin 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC).  Spenser: For Hire G I Smurfz (CC). qW , .. -- KCCl Des, Molnes, IA I Today  World Monitor r ......... O Crook and Chase (In Stereo) I Chrenkle  CE.=rk=nde Ddgcand Night= of MeUy 9 WGN Chi4., IL O 6:05 I Andy Griffith w m u .uuy O O Cosby Show (CC). (In  World MoniSm I Business of Management __  ). 4 WTBS Atlanta, GA I 6:3Q O  Wheel of Ftune (CC).  Night .ourt . .. Stereo) 6:05  Andy Grifflth II Where There's a Will There's  East Africa Wildnen 11 K H IN Red Oak) IA I ilkk, etbl: National I Crook and Chase (In Stereo) I1 Business Fde: Man.aging rm- O  USA Today 6:30   Wheel of Fortune (CC). 1:05 tain MOVIE: 'Spencel Moun- 13 WHO Des Moines, IA O Cosby Show (CC). (in ancia[ Kesomces: Long-turin O Night Court O Crook and Chase (In Spanish) an A Jimmy Houston Outdoors ' 20 USA USA Network lid j(nament Se- Stereo) Funds I For All Practical Purposes  I Cosby Show (CC). (in  Mr. Wizard's World (CC). 1:10 I Healthweek -- war New York, NY I e I  USA Today  Scholastic Sports America (CC). Stereo) t  Rogers 1:30  Think and Grow Rkh . 10 ESPN Sports Netwedc I T  Night Court  Crossfire  1988 NCAA Final Four   USA Today t Sustolnlng EJ Spectacular Works et uum- IS CNN Cable News Ntwrk (CC). Pod 1 of 2 I For All Practical Purposes W Looney Tunes , - I Cossfbe  Night Court ness Records (R) 17 NICK NickeJodeon/A&| (C " (CC).  I aamj&TllCPart 1 or .  Looney Tunes = Great Steam Trains iI CreativeMiss Maqzee:Uvin9 TheWlth MovingAleene  This Old House (CC). 21 KPTM Omuh., N| = )f SUrvival' ) Monster Truck Challenge I Style With Eisa Klensch Cossre  World. of Survwal .  Kate & AlJie (CC). 1 Cossfire Fingor Part 2 of 2. t Goodnight, Beontown = same ic vor: T,umcm:  " - - : ")"  Family Ties (CC), Part 2 of 2 m SpeedWeek Looney Tunes  Swimming Down the I World of Survival  Lnev Tunes I Of Pure Dkmd Part 1 of 2. J and Sen  Family Tm (CC). Part 2 of 2. anges  Journey Into India  Family Ties (CC). 8:10  Healthweek I Shortstories tropics: Athens 1896  Kate & Allie (CC). 6:35  Sonford and Son 6:35  Sanford and Son  NBA Bosketbalh New York 8:30 I Kidsworld 2:00 I Remodeling & Decorating 7 00 F'st O Athens 1896 d  World of Survival :  " lympics: 7:00 I MOVIE: "Angel and the Bo - Knicks at Boston Celtics (Live) I Joy of Gewdening Today (in Stereo) UVe. Premiere (CC). (in  Rendezvous Part 3 of 3. man'  World of Survival: The Hun- i  Slimorl And the Real    Bowling: $150,000 I NHL Hockey: New York Ran- Ohetbustm (CC). King Labia Opet (CC). (Live) gets at Phm Myers (Uve) Hard Time on Planet )M___.Nv (in Stereo) 6:35  Sanford and Son    O NCAA Basketball Tour- ters of the Okovango I Heart of Chicago I MOVIE: *Moviala: The kar-  Ufe's Moot Emb4mmm 7:00  First Olympics: Athens 1896 Earth (CC). (in Stereo) nament: Southeastern Regional  Scotland's Story lets O'Hara War' Mcmnt ,yvr (CC). (R) (in Part 2 of 3. 0 Nashville Now (in Stereo) Semifinal Game (Live) 6:35  Sanford and Son i Business of Mnagemett  Tour of Duty (CC). (In I O Growing Pains (CC).  Nashville Now (In Stereo) 7:00  MOVIE: 'Mystery of the So- III FIshin'Yuth SecretSHole of the Stars IDuckYansalad,CanDmbleCk: PrawnsShanghalin I iaternatkmalEagle and theoutd(mrsmcm !C. (in Sterna) Stereo)   Unsolved Mysteries (CC).  I MOVIE: 'The Shaggy cred Shroud' I Moneywnek Spicy Tomato Sauce 7:00 I MOVIE: 'Lassie: The New 'he Wild Life'  Nashville Now (in $ereo) ((In Stereo) Don' (CC) Part 1 of 2. (R) (In ]  NCAA Basketball Tourn-  Hollywocl Insider Academy Beginning' '').'= The NJld O i Who's the BOSS' (CC), (In /t1En;(pFa ;yepoM:; :?d St eer-eom .... ment: Mldwestorn Regional iI O.,svitoinJngOf Control A worcJs Speia| O O Iugs ,.nny'e lShe Stereo  -- . - , ...... ' ql ql ,OSl=y :)now (CC). (R) (in Semifinal Game (Live) I On the Men Funnies (R) Wrote  I Highway to Heaven II//ronserv|ng America {..). un Stereo)  Nashville Now (in Stereo) I Forever Young  MOVIE: 'Te Red llemn' I Grand Ole Opry Live Back- Id C(.CC). (in Stereo) Stereo)  MOVIE: "Resurrection'  i Perfect Strange (CC). I WomnWatch I) MOVIE: Our Family Fhmor' stage lp,Th e I MOVIE: 'Ford: the Man and  Murder She Wrote I Wild America {CC). (In Stereo) {R) 9:00 I Rin-Tin-Tin  It's a Living  Mission: I (CC). Gtlmtest ) Col Iksketlll National the Machine (Port I)' Part 1 of 2. 0 I P ee-wee's Playhouse I Spenser: For Hire (In Stereo) Story InvltaOonal Tournament ThWCl I) Nova (CC). '  Drag Racing: NHRA Super- O MOVIE: 'The Return of the (CC). I A Woman Callecl Gcdda Part I   Hope's Ikntm Vaca- al 1 of 2. leg : ...  Murder, She Wrote O I Peter Pan (CC). (R) ' he Greatest Story  Murder, She Wrote Round (Live) nationals (Taped) Pink Panthor' I Remodeling & Decorating 3 of 4. tion in the Bahamas (CC). (in . a. 2 of 2. --  Mncte Magazine $ rimemews I PrimeNews I Washington Week in Re- Today IR Arms of Venus Stereo) : .Night Shift' I PrimoNews  Mister Ed " - rk'  Mister Ecl view (CC). I  The Chipmnks (CC). 2:30 i Rifleman ,  MOVIE: 'Ma Appe' ml Nights of M  Mister Ed  MOVIE: 'A Shot on the ua  MOVIE: 'Zorba the Greek' I Murder, She Wrote I Minority Business Repeat I  NCAA Basketball Tour- i Lawrence Walk Show: Easter re; Ikmt  MOVIE: 'The Greatest Story  A-loOm  Untouchables  Gymnastics: Intornotianal I  AH lrlctlcI Puflms noment: Southeastern Regianof (R) of 6, From $urabaya Ever Told' Part 2 of 2. I Best of Ghmsm  MOVIE: 'California Suite' Mixed Pairs Championship CC). Final Game (Live) I MOVIE: 'The Hearse' . World  Hunter  C=gne.y & 14xey  Cagney & 14=coy (Toped)  MOVIE: 'lnha-n'  eunt/Kitchen (I Shinto!.  Women's Ik.keflN: MOVIE: 'The Last Married  Ettie Une .... I Edge and Beyond I PrimeNews I Monster Truck Challenge )H Couple in America' I ranet for the  Wildlife Chronicles  Mister Ed I NICK Rocks: Video toGe I Art of Ashby Jackson: Still west Regional Final (Live) /aKin USe I FimeNews line (CC).  C, agney & Lacey 7 05 I MOVIE: 'Walking To I' 7-05 ) MOVIE: 'wakia9 Tall: Part  MOVIE: "The Robe' I WWF Superstars of Wres-  Skiing: U.S. Women's Pro  Mister Ed Henry Ford: Tin Uzzie Tycoon 7:30 I I Head of the Class (CC). " I1'  MOVIE: 'Mracle of the fling tn Family (CC). (in  Jack Thompson Down Under  Pat, ty Duke Show 7:30   Day by Day (CC), (I, I'hmt: A Bys Town Story"  Buck Roam Part 2 of 2. ChamplonshiPi Year Money(Taped) ! Cagney  Reportm& Lacey(h Stereo} .ke Show 7:05  NBA Basketba: Detroit PiE- I A'w Power - _ . Stereo)  Cagney & Lacey  First Realty Home Shew g Umpire I Living Dangerously ICh, mtcl Nights of Molly tons at Atlanta Hawks (Live) 8:00 Jcc tn JaKestereoand the ratman I Wildside  Eagle and the Bear t Mother's Oay I Ktnor's Kornor  Above New Zealand 7:39 Owonder Yecrs(CC}.(R)(tn ((). ) ,  Patty Duke Show  Operation Barbarossa I Travel Magazine I A-Team 7:30 I Gland ale Opry Live )tNutvra t Stereo) I I Coach (CC). (In Stereo)  Wild World of the East 7:05  MOVIE: 'Cheyenne Au- I Explore 9:05 I MOVIE: 'Escape from the ICelebrityOutdoors(InStereo) 8:00 II O TV 101 (CC). (In Stereo) Patty Duke Show ?2= Night Court (CC). Part 2  Wildlife Chronicles tumn' 3:00 I Gunsmoke  Patty Duke Shaw , "'wlPtlY rown (CC). (In  True Adventure __ . . 8:00  O Dynasty (CC). 7:30 O I Full House (CC). Planot of the Apes' I Lap Quilting  Tommy Hunter (In Stereo) Eth0s *n Amorca CC) Part 8 n r eEtO_ VIr=" 'Th Women of 8:00 O O MOVIE: 'Purple Hearts' I " ' ' ( ' O Cheers (CC). (R) (| Ste eo) I Wan Street Week: Are High 9:!0  Showblz Week I Bustin' Loose (R) (In iStereO) i I Man Called Hawk (CC). _C) I Stereo) of 10. I Take O*N*E Yield Bends Junk? (CC), 9:30 8  Keld and r, dend mTenni=: Intornatiana Players fin Stereo) 2.r'e L P_, lore {CC)  W Roseonne (CO). (R)(In I MOVIE: 'King Solomon's I MOVIE: 'The Inrudm I patty Duke Show C hompianshIp (Live) O  Golden Gids (CC), (In )t1 ; ere) StereO)' .. .... Within' , i Win;ton Churchill: The Val- )C.,ountrf Kitchen  You Can't Do That on Televt- Stereo) t ,,j'mm', Arthur'  1 In the Heat of the Night i Larry Kmng UVO  Auto Racing: Off-Rooa ian" Years skin I Top Ouns: Gudcha l-i'-- ece in the Nu- CC). (In Stereo)  My Teahree Sns Championship Grand Prix 8:00 II'I Mr. Belvedere (CC). (R) I  Pup Named Scoeby Duo t Knight Rider I SItowbiz Week q' tort 9 of 13. ql Frontline (CC). (R) A- (Taped) Market t Market 'lllk%lle: Ave- P.tportum:The.hcthe I Larry King Live iAHred H|tchcock he,ant= (In )= AU= (CC)' I MOVIE: "dget', Summer My Tlwee Sons Law and Harp/McGraw Reunion' )  Cops (In Stereo) ) t Rklge' (CC) (R)  Top Rank Boxing: Tony Kues  My Three Sens Stere  Making it Happen ! Sk)w likt m Sumboy  MacGrudor & Loud M 1 t Thornton vs. Kevin Watts (Live)  Korean War: The Utold S['4 Untouchables m Larry " mg'" uve'" I  A|I Practical Purposes Part 2 of 6. I Shortstcms  111 Wrestling ted  L UV* I Larry King Uve Story  MOVIE" 'One Shoe Makes It  M- Three Sons CC). I Portrcdts of Powor: Truman:  Austria 3YI 'ttS  My Tree Sons B-24GreatUbera' Planes:tin Consollda Mulo' IE ...... MnVlE- 'The Parade' I K.LD.S. Years of Decision 11:05  MOVIE: 'Goreytes' Blshoi. The Golden Age , , 3:10 I Sports Close-up 8:3Q I  Empty Nest (CC). (tn Hunter -- . . i MOVIE: Who II Step th*  Style With Elsa KlenKh m" " ps'  MOVIE: 'Family Sins' 8:30 I VideoCountry (In STereo)  Return of the Leviathian In|n?'  You Can't O Tlt on Tebvi- 3:30 0 Wish You Wore Here (In Stereo) -"rYthe Wild  MOVIE: 'The GbJ in the Pic-  0 Hooperman (CC). (In 8:30  VideoCountry (In Stereo) m American Diary Elan Stereo Wide Smwts  This Week in Japan tare' Ster. .......... I I Dear John (CC). (R) (In 8'30 B The Great Gtlln Getaway I Thuderblirdt  b World of   Donna Reed Expke I I1 my rowe uaas (..). un Stereo) "   -- (Taped)  I Beyond Tommw (In 'z.= wm (cc)  wh,  hby Knews 8:30 8 Countdown to Quitting, A  Oona Reed  Donna Reed R v.. p.;--. U=.=d--  Explore sic (Uve)  Hands mmt " S.reo) m To-chstone I 1 Just the Ten at Us (CC).  World of Photography   PGA Gf: USF&G Clas- Stereo) Stop Smoking Breakthrough CI b " ..................... 10:00 I Roy Rogers l'n,zzskdl: 52nd O VideoCountry (In StereO) 9:00 I  . u ........ 9:00 I 700 Club I Ray ikadbury Theater I Maddiae Cooks (1 Stereo) 9:00 I Irdertown ) rmt mpion-  0 Anything But Love (CC). J I1 wmseguy Lr,,,). rosponed   NCAA Basketba|l Tour- i G,nt American Events (RI I Hey, Yarn, It's Irnestl (CC). I Double Trouble iI 0 West $7th (CC), (In (Postponed from an earlier date) from an earlier date) (In Stereo) nament" Western Regional  ,,,. ,,t I Wish You Were Here l Big Story Stereo) lt I_ Stereo) 0  and Chase (In Stereo) Smt=| Game (Live} o.n I 7rm 'h k I  Bugs Bunny & Tweety  Out of Control 0 Country Kitchen (In Stereo) C:es  Donna Reed O I China Beach (CC). (In  Crook and Chase-(In Stereo) "' O Q'I(A'A Baskotlxdl Tour- Show (CC).  Learning the Ropes (R) 0 I Men  (CC). (In  0 WWF Spentms of W- Exploro ter .......... I I HeartBeat (CC). nament. Eastern Regional Semi-  Rendezvous Stereo) (CC). (In Stereo) 9:00 I 700 Club I:1 II Nightingales (.,,,). un   L.A. Law (CC). (In Stereo) final me Lve tling 3:35 I Fishing With Orlando Wilton I I Huntor (R) (In Stereo tklvq "'qu'C'- (CC), '  Crook and Chase (In Stereo) Sreo.) "C "  News (C.). - _ ,  I 20/20 (CC),  AI Undnor's In-Fish,man 4:00 I Bonanza: The Lost Epiwcles  News (CC). t Szle. Haayyh(ws.SeK 2k e " M rhua.aEcOo lu I ;C) (irt Angling Adventures II Side by Side (In Stereo) . MOVIE: 'All My Son, s' 0 thirtysemethlng (CC). New  Hard Road to Gkwy (Taped) : i , . ana IL'el T and T (CC). (R) (In Stereo) I Hitchhiker (In Stereoj ,SatWday O  17th Andal American t Film Institute Life Achievement I Scholastic Sprats America Night Live Throb ln Stereo) Regional Final llli r Award: A S|ute to regef out .Por : g " " m = News .... i Auettn City Umlts (In Stereo) Weekience and Teche1y e Uiasl (In StereO) = Women's, B41,1etl,: West Peck (In Stereo) o  ;  Best of Saturday migh! Live  Hltchhlkor/In Stereo I Newswatch I Headline News A" Q M. Wizard'= Wodd (CC).  Beat of Saturday Night Live Af i, O News (CC). ) I News I Current Affair  Headline Iews '  Don't Just Sit There Best of Saturday Night Live )) Ktt Wnc  .. I Legends of Laughter   Profiles of Natoro  Best of Saturday NInht Live  MOVIE: "The 6abe Ruth   My Seaet IdentHy (R) I War of the Worlds (R) . _ -/.,In =Diamonds . Q|ncy 9.20 = Maul|: 'Walking Tan: The " Cmrrent Akr " ----btsel . A-T.m = r.vey'$ A ,try(instre =.Nows !rl'en;e i RNRkeWl'lt,el| P*.kKe (In utantNiniTur" .Evening With Slstor Sledge N.htmareon.mShet(R)(h  ) = Best of Saturday Night live pNaihStof 10 9:30 Fioa6Cwh)'ntry (In Stereo) 9:30 = In the Wild With Horny 'u- Stereo) IP Quincy . II : " ]1  INN News $reo tlet (CC). e..  Cunent Affmr " In Sewch of the Hawk m SCTV ' --  ....... I Attitudes tier , Days and Nights d Melly ale2  of 2. a Profiles of Nature 9:30 ! mw,=,C un_.h- (In Stereo)  Along Nature's Routes I Iemmwr vr)  Henry Ird: Tin U=zie Tycoen 4:05 t Rsbing With Roland Martin Decld (CC). World Alive 4:30 I Rock 'N' Roll Palace (In I A Woman Called Getda Por ws 9:30 I New Country (In Stereo)  lu =, w, 10:00  Remington Steele  Snirit of Adventure (Tanedl Stereo) 4 of 4. C O  INN News  SClrV  I 0  News i .V " ---" 10:.30 1 Lone Ranger  GQod Times I Wild South NBA Basketball: Chicago 9:35 I MOVIE: 'Straw Degs'  You Can Be u Star  Leading Edge I Teen Wolf (CC). I Fkrin9 Une: When Should We 9:30 ! Crossbow L Bulb at Los Angeles Lakors (Uve) 10:00 ! Remington Steele  Honeymooners 10.00 m Reminaton Steele I Side/Side Step Aside ad Let Omth Take  utty (in Stereo) C. " L4:ugh.ln ' . ProfilesSCTV t I  O I 0  ,,,, m Miami w. "  I 'O m O N.., O I r, Ab..  ,. Cw 0? (R) W , ". of Nature You Can Be a Star con  Aute Ra ' g: USAC Copper i You Can Be a Star Kids (CC). I My Sistor Sam I Alfred Hitchcock Presents (In " 10:00  Remington Steele L Honeymooners World Classic (R)  Honeymooners I This Game's fcx' Keeps t Newsmakor Saturday Stereo) llqlev ,k 00 0 0 0 0 News Miami Vice m Moneytine Duct I Gameday R I or Who I Dennis the Menace  SCTV O You Can Be a Star B Magic Years in Spoets ( )  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In  Miami We  College Basketball Preview  Out of This World (R) (In I News (. Ill MiamiSCienCeviceJurnal (CC). 'm RowanNewrmr..  & .'c'Martin's). Laugn-m m Morton"-'m"" .... M;mIDowney Jr. Ilai Kowan-Newhart & (CC)lin'" ' t Laug.m''  i Bullwinkl eI Superman II MunstorSAi Oeming,TdaYMan(R) of the 9:35 It WOddMoviE:of the, vilkql eSea of" the" ;,HMagazin e t Ughtor Side of Sports II Benny Hill . I Sponsor: For Hire  Morton Downey Jr. ) In Search of Parodiee Ninth Damned' Moneyline  Morton uewney sr.  Catch the Joy- The Wll| to am Spenser" For Hire 1 I:001 Rifleman Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In S:0Q I kdortow. ! III I I I ,w,, '12. ISpensor. rmnke w;. . ,.",. O I CBS  Saturday: 4:35 mlwvel, to 10:00IRinTiaTiaK-gCep(CC). -- - --;" ....... I worla A,V* WorM Flgm Skottn I Chum- I CountryCps (In Stereo) I Talei From the DIkside IA._t"W (In Stereo)  Newhart (CC). I Ea oegmy Jr. at me imlv 19:30  Cheers (CC). 10:05  Inside the NIL& nships (Taped) Depenam9 on heaven ine till 1 (CC) I Benny Hill ........ : I American Magazine 10:30 Ii Cheers (CC). I Iklbe W|nkleman's Geod I MOVll: 'r.talrnily VIol- ..... qr " I Amorlcan izme I I Animal Crack-Ups (CC). i IIl I Morton Downey Jr. rClIllanos t'ort iot z.  M.A.. H ..... IICelebityOtder(|n Stereo) Fishing t'n' Associates  American Magazine (In I Night Court Part 2 of 2. I Night  I I Punky Brewstor (CC). tC).  Spenser: Few Hire 10:30 IJ Cheats C). II  Tonight Show (In Stereo) I I Tonight Show (In Stereo) I Point of View t Capital Gang I A News (CC). I Rowan & Mmrtln'.m La_uI 4  Operation krbamssa Stereo)  Hill Street Wues  Hill Street Blues I Soul Train (In Stereo) 10:30  Cheers (CC).  M *A*SH  "-"-nt-- t Dance Party USA I Jeffersons (CC). I I r.rlday the 13th: The Set- Are You? ! American Magazine   Tonight Show (In .... Stereo) t r ..... l'onla, ht IIB  ..... Iht I Wonlen'l eMik(idlb: NCAA (CC), (R) /nlo'$ my M*A*S*H Part 2 of 2. I Night Court Part 1 at 2.  Car 54, Where Are You? i Car 54, Where Art You? Division ! East Regional Final '.-i  J" " I Q .,t of cor (R) (*.  N.,,w.. (E.q I k---V Minor i k...y ,,or ')N.woy (ii onVsp..b,b*-',Wodd,,-of O.I.-m) I Sp..,or:sk,p ,:.,,. sh" .. zr ,m Stereo) I Mm >trnet Blues I ..--Mrton DowneY. Jr.  Morton'" - Downey .-- ms RKords (R) I New Anmn w %- k Ex- O Night Court I Adam Smith's Money World  French and unders I ..... I -  O;ble Oa (CC). I Diamonds 10:.30 1 Camp i  3,1i:  . . .  I L.vemng m '  I Three Stooges Newhart (CC). i :qxmrst.entor J International Outdoeman J In Search of Parac I Women's Basketball: Mt- I1 WKRP in Cncinnatt Athens 1696 0 Hill Street Blues  Sports Tonight 11.00  MOVIE: "Angel and the Bad- n_ 1 I M*A*S*H I AWA Wrestling . ' I MOVIE: 'Who'U Stop the  Kid's Court I I Saturday Night Live (In  bute SJ n:: ( in ' Stereo) R=|n?' I A-T.m Sterlo) (CC) (I, Stereo)  SpasCente I Children Are the Future  Niahtline (CC). amcrecl.Shrudn.  .... ,,,4 So- I! :00 I Fkst Olympics: Athens 1896 ISenson  -" .'...''.'','-"z,---- '." ,.--, 11:05 I MOVIIE 'Meatballs' Car 54, Whoro Are You? Part 3 of 3. i News ]  ......... ' ........ ' 11:30 I C,I Sfl'Ip I Edge and Beyond I Jenl (CC). . . TI _  Barney Miller I Realms of Ocwkness I MOVII: 'Walkia I/on' Zrrl " "f 4. : ;hrb- I Morton Downey Jr. ! P"t .Sa;la. k _ t Ntue (CC). (1" Stereo) B /e n I This Week in Country Music I Slap Maxw*ll Story I Nasnvnle Now (In 3saree) I Mik* Hammer i r---. ua.z,, z,. *.-- II Young Peeple Speak Out S:3OS:05 I  C, mbowU'S" Olympk Geld (Uve) I cwSPdS54,Tnightwtmm Are Ywu" Ptu,_'qkt tlk PaM 1 of 11:00 I First Olympics: Athens 1896 I Nightline (CC). ,  Skiing: Collegiate Chain- E  ',,;.n:"e. I I cbt,tv Wt|  II O CSS News () O Fredcly's Nightmares: A " kql Par2 of 3.  In_son nship (Ta .pad) Playoff Game (Taped) adventures of Ed Irimley (CC). I ABC News (CC). NIghtmcwe on Elm Street (R)(In Munstort Today (R) : Stars On Ice ! Pat Sajak mw ...... jI lewsnight IB Newsnlaht I I NI News Stereo) ,'qn--k-, t I Nashville N(w (h Stereo) I Hhrc|to - Behind the Myth  Make Room for Daddy t Make Rm fro' Deudldv I Rod and Reel Streamsicle I Crimes of the Century I Variety TonIht (In Stereo)  f 0a  O Nightllne (CC). C). .  Arno Hall (In Stereo) i A,.nia  (t. .oi . I =.. & Nm  S..g r S,ch ()  Am N.., ,v . (k   Benson .m.I New_ Mike. innammor" Barbor Saob ll MOVIE.. 'The Gift of Love' i mv.,.="^n= ,.,.", *  Inspectm Gadget I ShiningTime Station (CC), 10:.31 I M*A*S*H .u, / I Quincy II uto .Kac g.  Lady Blue i =dv u= I EaW Street , I I'in.cb 10:3S I IN= 3 of 6 t  , I Up=lair=, Downstairs  Looney Tunes | !:00 I Zola Levitt I mwsnight  Exolore m ,., ....... J 0 Mama's Family I Movur= WotwII the ? N*w Mik* Hammer Part 2 of   ' t Edgeand Beyond t --pn*,nsL=e andmthemeEkrw=m FT)ON q'L .... uml:mYa Mok, Roomfor Daddy 11.3QIRWin I.emDmw ,,n, lu,..a,. ,r," 12:00ICuntt(|n Stere)  Sunorbov Women' '' tt L,i n I) Powerlifting: Supor Heavy- I Arsenic) Hall (In Stereo) :  Late' N;aht With David Let- ,,:v,, I ',-'.'":-',J.,, .....  U,S. Farm Report ---- Iock Home=: Made ia the U.S.A. I Grand Ok Opry Live - It unvm ,What,s So Bad "f m m:$v  m r,,g..... ,,,.. ,--.- 14  er- 9 weight Invitational (R) " "" terman (In Stereo) I School Report ',. rltt ..: .. ..... , temmn (In Stoma) EVENING eMOVIIE: ,Lave Child , Newsnight Aleut reeling Good? II N;,,htiine zCC' ........... 0 Babe Winkleman's Oel Mko bum  Oddy l .u..,,.* O Nowho,t (CO) ....  S.| ' =b.t:  W. Pkked "SOW=: 'To O.b- 6:OO Im. Tia Tie K- Cop ()  bckd F,., Let'qm  A.enia Ha|| p, Stereo)  ....... I MOVIE: 'Thursaay', .mm' the Wtnnm I Amazing I I II I News I spert.entor  ((:H "qle'  MOVIE: 'Skyward' I ,u,.ia I Ch... ( arm.' I Country Kithe. (In Sterna) I .New,nighl .... L.-I. I IAIdy mull ......... ill = Hen. Ford: Tin Uzzie Tycoon I MERTZ in HARLAN I I I I 2"------" I I ,--. ---- "--" """--" "--" "--" "-- ,0ow....w ' I Miami Vice (le )  .. I Nightllne (CC). E.EV I C=pi,al -I" I WIkI II MOVIE: 'The Cassandra I kOVII: 'Kin I of the Ria I i In,por:t-,' =Iet I ! :01 I  of tle IIk'h  Mister Ed Astros w, New York Mett (Uve) It's a Uving : Ina rrtenm cJrI. ' I *r,enia Ham| (,, Stereo) I MOVIE: 'The Red Pony' I Mama', Family 11:20 ht Tracks (In Stereo) . & g)..y c--oro - ==nev = i :. I O,,,d..,. t .lde !!:45  MOVI|: 'Shaft's Wg Sorel' IliaWene e Western Aus- W.mCmCh the Joy. The w|nte B klelkHeNCJU 12:00 I Entertainment Tonight (In 12:30 10 NCAA Ba-.ketlll Tour- 6:05  World Championship Wru- Dtvleian II (]e .r I Stereo) ] noment: Western Regianol .n=l diag ._oped) "Y (In Str) I Magnum, P.I. Game (L)ve) 6:30 I Campbel I [,vans & Novok iI )k,. /itk.. q , Fatally Meciko| Center ! S*vls'n Wei ht C" I I Wheel of rxtune (c). I MIste, " Late Night With David Let- I I  Iknebc: !- I Tbtt week in Country Music I Twilight Zee t tormat (t Stereo ton Red Sex vs. LA. Doclgms I1 Sum-4v I Crimes ef the Century (R) )f lladtt OSeorchforTomorrow Mertz T.V. ""= Bodybuiiding: Men', Junior ( TOTAL HARDWARE 1 I Tony Dean outdeen jl Insld* Washington 12:00 1 Chlidren in Exh I Homefime: Contracting a I Cheers (CC). Part 2 at 2. I Thb Wek in Country Musk National Championshipe (R) Czossfre Home (CC). Part 9 of 10. .  Cou,t Ouckul I Ildy'. NlIktmaret: A e Patty Duke Show . 1 -nnn-432-9213 .., M.rket st, 7.-5.2 I spot. st.,doy e wl..l-s -,  weleht Odd Couple u | HARL.AkN , Htll. Nhm,=n e,, Lqm Se (m*)(. I I Sell Improvement Guide Stereol