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February 18, 1989     Harlan News-Advertiser
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February 18, 1989

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'Home on the spt 'Something About 1988 Kemper Tree,' Crasade Great Amor6 Cavalier= Lemon: Navy Wichita It Patrcns .optu of Grizzly Big Trees' Newc (cq. Repart (In Stereo) Beantown Vlllan- Roosev- The Star1 Stereo) (cc). (In Stereo) Young Char- 2f3. Wrestling 'The Sons of Katie Ticket to the World Sand Pebbles' Allie (CC). (in (CC). Part Show (CC). (tn Movie: Gi- Sin' gu- ,5 of 13. The Wn (CC). an earlier date) Ind What I Like 2/21/89 MORNiNg 7:30  SportsCentar 8:00 ]1 MOVIE: 'Spoilers of the Plains' College Basketball: Villan- ova at Pittsburgh (R) 9:05 t MOVIE: 'Lost Flight' 10:00 O MOVIE: 'The Savage' 10:30 I Basic Training Workout O Maple Town AFTERNOON 12:00 I College Basketball: Purdue at Illinois (R) 12:30 O Merrill Osmond: What I Uke I Stereo) 2:00  Muscle Magazine 3:00 O MOVIE: 'The Killer Who Wouldn't Die' O MOVIE: 'The Savage' 4:30 I K.I.D.S. S:O0 0 Inside the PGA Tour S:30 0 Merrill almond: What I Uke Stereo) SpertsLeok IENN 9 6:00 0 Our House 0 0 00G)Newc 0 Family Ties (CC). 0 Cheers (CC). a Nightly Business Report I Miami Vice O SportsCentor m Monoyllne O Inspector Gadget M*A*S*H O Cesby Show (CC). (In Stereo) O A-Team Spenser: For Hire ) Chronicle I World Monitor 6:05 O Andy Griffith 6:30 I1 0 Wheel of Fortune (CC). 0 Crook and Chase (in Stereo) 8 8 CasbY Show USA Today Night Court  All Practic| Purposes i). (R) Truck and Tractor Pull 0 Cr=r=o 0 Inoy Tunes O Family Ties (CC). O Kate & Allie (CC). O World of Survival 0 Rendezvous 6:35 0 Sanfard and San 7:00 6 MOVIE: 'Raseanna Mccoy' O O Tour of Duty (CC). (In Stereo) ] Nashville Now (In Stereo) O O Who's the Boss? (CC). (in r Matlock (CC). (In Stereo) 0 MOVIE: 'Brawstor's Millions' I Nov (CC). t Murder, She Wrote Bottle of Monster Trucks PrimoNews O Mister Ed O MOVIE: 'The Horse Soldiers' ( Hunter MOVIE: "Clau of 1984' Cagney & Lacey Truman: H.S.T. - Days of De- cision 0 Jack Thompson Down Under 7:05 t NBA Boskotball: Boston Cel- tics at Seattle SuperSonics (Uve) 7:30 I 6 Rosoanne (Cq. (In Stereo) Patty Duke Show I True Adventure 8:00 6 6 MOVIE: 'Bi, idecmaids' Premiere (CC) (In Stereo) 0 J MOVIE: 'Pacan and Paradise' Premiere (CC) Part 2 of 2. (In Stereo) t I In the Heat of the Night ). (in Stereo) Fmntlin (CO). I Law and Harry McGraw O Top Rank Boxing: From Las Vegas, Nov. (Live) Larry King Uve My Three Sans Hunter MOVIE: 'Generation' 0 MOVIE: 'Turtle Diary' (In Stereo) O Explore 8:30 II VideeCountry 0 Donna Reed 9:00 ID 700 Club 9:20 9:30 2/22/89 MORNING 7:30 I) SportsContor 8:00 ]1 MOVIE: 'Shooting High' College Basketball: Coach's Court 9:05  MOVIE: 'Wild Horses' 10:00 ) MOVIE: 'Situation Hopeless but Not Serious' 10:30 I Basic Training Workout 11:30 ]1 Gone Autry: An American Legend (In Stereo) A[TERNOON 12:00 ) Cycling: Sparkler Grand Prix I:00 ) Outdoor Ufe (R) 2:30  Auto Racing: Copper World Classic (Taped) 3:00 O MOVIE: 'Th Adventures of Nellie Bly' O MOVIE: 'Situation Hopeless but Not Serious' ) The Horse in Sport 4:30  Thoroughbred Spts Digest 5:00  NBA Today S:30 O SportsLook VENIN f 6:00 6 Our House ]1 Fandango Family Ties (CC). 6 Choo- (CC). 0 Nightly Business Repect O Miami Vice O SportsCenter Moneyline O Inspector Gadget O M*A*S*H O Cesby Show (CC). (In Stereo) 0 A-Team 0 Spenser: For Hire ) Chronicle O World Monitor 6:05 O Andy Grlfflth 6:30  O Wheel of Fortune (CC). O Creek and Chase (In Stereo) I 0 Cesby Show 6 ( USA Today Night Court Business File (R) O Scholastic Sports America O Crassflre " O Looney Tunes O Family Ties (CC). Part 1 of 2. O Kate & Allio (CC). O World of Survival O Taste of China 6:35 I Sanhrrd and Sen 7:00 I MOVIE: 'Neeka' o 0 Grammy Awards (CC). Stereo Live) Nashville Now (In Stereo) J College Iskotban: Knsac t Iowa State (Live) O Unsolved Mysteries (CC). Stereo) Growing Pains (CC). MOVIE: "Blazing Saddles' Mark Russell Comedy Spe- cial Murder, She Wrote College Basketball: Connec- ticut at Boston College (Live) PrimeNews Mister Ed MOVIE: 'The Comancheros' A-Team College Basketball: iowa at Northwestern (Live) CaRney & Lasey Battle bne 0 Planet for the Taking 7:05 I MOVIE: 'The Good Guys and the Bad Guys' 7:30 6 Head of the Cklss (CC). Part 2 of 2. Timoline Premiere (CC). Fart 1 of 6. 0 Patty Duke Show AW Power 8:00  O Night Court (CC). 6 Wonder Years (CC). (R) (In Stereo) Ethics in America (CC). Part 4 of 10. MOVIE: 'Iron Eagle' larry King Uve O My Three Sons A-Team MOVIE: 'The Girl, the Gold Watch and Dynamite' O Vietnam War With Walter Cronkito 2/23/89 MORNI" 7:30 O SprtsContor 8:00 ]1 MOVIE: 'Trigger Jr.' I) College Basketball: Kansas State t Oklahoma (R) 9:05  MOVIE: 'Battered' 10:00 O MOVIE: 'Angel and the Bad- man' 10:30 O Basic Training workout O Houdini AFTERNQON 12:00 I) Top Rank Boxing: From Lal Vegas, Nov, (R) 12:05 O MOVIE: 'Thunder Read" 3:00 O MOVIE: 'Act of Love' O MOVIE: "Angel and the Bad- man' 4:30 O Outdoor Life (R) 5:00 0 Motorweok illustrated 5:30 ) SpartsLook VENIN 9 6:00 IB Our House 6 0 0 0 0 Now, 0 Fandango 6 Family Ties (CC). 0 Cheers (CC). Nightly Business Report Miami Vice E) College Basketball: Florida State at Laselle (Live) O Moneyline Inspector Gadget 0 M*A*S*H 0 Cesby Shaw (CC). (in Stereo) A-Team 1 Spenser: For Hire ) Chronicle ) World Monitor 6:05 O Andy Griffith 6:30 6 O Wheel of Fortune (CC). O Crook and Chase (In Stereo) 0 6 Colby Show 0 USA Today 0 Night Court I For All Practical Purposes ). (R) Creslfire Looney Tunes ) Family Ties (CC). Part 2 of 2. O Kate & Allie (CC). O World of Survival 0 Journey Into india 6:35  Sanford and Son 7:00 6 MOVIE: 'Swan Song' 0 48 Hours (CO). (In Stereo) Nashville Now (In Stereo) 6 0 Fine Romance (CC). 0 0 Cosby Show (CO). (In Stereo) ID MOVIE: "One Flew Over th Cuckoo's Nest' lID Wild America (CC). (In Stereo) O Murder, She Wrote 0 PrimeNews O Mister Ed O MOVIE: 'Rio Leba' 0 Crazy World of Benny Hill 0 MOVIE: 'Silverado' Cagney& Lacey O Edge and Beyond (In Stereo) O Reaming Wild and Free: Last African Elephant 7:05  MOVIE: 'Forced Vengeance' 7:30 00 Different World (CC). (in Stereo) Exploring Lake Powell O Patty Duke Show O Wild Wodd of the East g:O0 6 (E Paradise (CC). (in Stereo) O Dynasty (CC). O Cheers (CC). ln Stereo) Tabe O*N*E MOVIE: 'Getting Even' College Basketball: Nth Carolina State at Duke (Live) Larry King Uve My Three Sons O MOVIE: 'Combat Academy' Rigoletto Beyond 2000 8:30 8 VideoCountry 0 Dear John (CC). (In Stereo)  Touchstone Donne Read 9:00 700 Club ]  Knots Landing (CC). (In Stereo) 6 Crook and Chase (In Stereo) 6 HoartB*m (CC). 0 L.A. Law (CC). (In Stereo) Mystery!: Agatha Chtistie's 2/24/89 MORNIN 9 7:30 O SpartsCentor 8:00 ] MOVIE: 'Round-Up Time in Texas' College Basketball: North Carolina State t Duke (R) 9:05 O MOVIE: 'Go Naked in the World' 10:00 O MOVIE: 'Rage at Dawn' 10:30 0 Basic Training Workout i trrlRNN 12:00 0 LPGA Gff: 1988 Kempar aDen highlights (R) 12:05 IJ MOVIE: 'Fair Wind to Java' 12:30 0 Inside the PGA Tour i:00 I Seniors PGA Gaff: Aetna Challenge First Round (Live) 3:00 0 PGA Golf: Daral Ryder Open /i .%.- Go. K... Second Round (Live) 0 MOVIE: 'Illusions' 0 MOVIE: 'Rage at Dawn' 5:00 0 Best of Running and Rasing 5:30 t Best of SportsLaok m, H i IVIENING 6:00 0 Our House 06 6 0 0 News Fandango Family Ties (CC). I0 Che (cc). I Nightly Business Repart O Miami V'Ke O SportsCentor Moneyline Inspector Gadget O M*A*S*H O Cby Show (CC). (in Stereo) O A-Team O Spenser: Foe Hire 0 Chronicle World Monitor 6:05 I Andy Grifflth 6:30 | J| F Wheel of Fortune (CC). Craok and Chase (In Stereo) O Cesby Show 0 0 USA Today 0 Night Court I Great Steam Trains  Speodweok I Crossflre I Leoney Tunes O Family Ties (CC). O Kate & Allie (CC). 0 World of Survival 0 Scetland'l Story 6:35 0 Senfard and Sen 7:00 6 MOVIE: 'Wild Times' Part 1 of 2. 6 0 Beauty and the Ikmst ). (In Stereo) Nashville New (In Stereo) 6 Perfect Strangers (CC). I O Father Dowlin8 Myster- ies (CC). Fad' 2 of 2. (In Stereo) ) MOVIE: 'Private Benjamin' 6 Washington week in Re- view (CC). O Murder, She Wrote I Figure Skating: U.S. Pro Championship (R) PrimeNows Q Mister Ed MOVIE: 'Big Jake' NBA Basketball: New York Kntcks at Washington Bullets p OVIE: 'The Wraith' Cagnoy& Lacey Eagle and the Bear D-Day: The Great Crusade Part 1 of 2. 7:05 O NBA Basketball: Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets (Live) 7:30 6 6 Full House (CC). O Wall Street Week: The Technical Condition (CC). O Patty Duke Show O Winston Churchill: The Val- iant Years 8:00 60 Dallas (CC). (In Stereo) 6 6 Mr. Balvodor* (CC).  MOVIE: 'Karate Kid Part Two' (CC) (R) Market to Market PGA Golf: Daral Ryder Open 1 Larry King Uve My Three Sons MOVIE: 'The Gift of Life' O MOVIE: 'Eqaas' Etnie Andrews: Bhres on Central Avenue C, raok and Chase (in Stereo) (. Great Pnes: Grumman F- Miss Marple (.CC). Part 1 of 2. (R) I I Midnight ColOr (CC). (in 14 tom Cat   FloWs 8:30  VIdeoCountry VideoCountry  Bast of Saturday Night Live 0 Just the Ten of Us (CC). Yes, Prime Minister Stereo) 8:30  0 My Two Dods (CC). (In  Profiles of Nature News (CC). Monster Shark Tournament Ira) We Shall Overcome Stereo) 9:05 8 MOVIE: 'Death Wish I1' 6 Diamonds 6 Hooperman (CC). (Postponed 9:30 New Country (In Stereo) Donna Reed from on eorller date) (in Stereo) O Nwt 0 Bast of Saturday Night Uve Current Affair 0 Profiles of Nature 0 Billy Graham in China Iml New Cr.mtry (in Stereo) 6 0 INN News m scrv 0 Carson's Comedy Classics O Noah's Ark 10:00 6 Remington Steele 6  66 0 I News You Can Be a Star Honeymooners Donna Reed 9:00 700 Club O Crook and Chase (in Stereo) IB I China Beach (CC). (In G'I Nightingales (CC). (in Stereo) I News (CC). j American Playhouse: My American Cousin (CC). t College Basketball: Kansas State at Oklahoma (Live) 0 News 0 Best of Saturday Night Live News (CC). SCTV Carson's Comedy Classics ) Along Nature's Routes 10:00 6 Remington Steele 6 6 0-6 60 News 9:00 6 700 Club 0 Crook and Chase (In Stereo) 6 6 20/20 {cc). News (CC). 1 Austin City Umits (In Stereo) Sec B - Pg. 3B Harlan IA News Advertiser Sat. morn., Feb. 18, 1989 Phone 755-3111 TV week: Feb. 19 thru Feb. 25 NEWS-ADVERTISER 2/25/89 _ MgRffiNq 7:00 0 Adventures in Dry Gukh 00 Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy (CC). 6 O Flintstone Kids (CC). 0 Kissyfur (CC). U.S. Farm Report Project: Universe: An Introd- uction to Astronomy 0 Denver, the Lost Dinosaur Financial Freedom Fishing Ceeked Creek Daybreak 0 Dennis the Menace 0 Program Yourself for Success Garner Ted Armstrong Journey ta Adventure 7:05 I Bonanza 7:30 0 Superbook 6 6 Suparmn 0 0 New Adventures of Win- hie the Ph (CC). 0 Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears (CC). People to People Project: Universe: An Introd- tian to Astnmmy O. Fad 0 Spartsman's Challenge O sir Story O Heathcliff Program Yourself for Success (!) Profiles 8:00 0 Garbert (CC). 0 6 Jim Henson's Muppet Babies (CC). Amca's weekend Garde. nor 0 Smurfs (CC). Charlande Business of Management 0 Whore There's a Will There's n A J Jimmy Houston Outdoors O Mr. Wizard's World (CC). Buck Rogers Countdown to Quitting, A Stop Smoking geeakthreugh Creative Uving With Aieone Miss Marpla: Murder Is An- nounced 0 Grand Ibritish Expm'imental Railway 8:05  National Geographic Ex- [lloror 8:10  Healthweek 8:30  Kidcworid Jl Joy of Gardening 0 0 Slimerl And the Real Ghestbustars (CC). Heart of Chicago Business of Management i Robart Vaughn Discovers Fishin' Hole Moneyweek 0 Out of Control Barter Perfect Diet Finders Keepers E WomanWatch 9:00 I Rin-Tin-Tin O Pee.wee's Playhouse l[.C)Romodoling & Decorating Today  The Chipmunks (CC). Minority Business Report Foe All Practical Purposes b'llF Prime Time Wrestling  Monster Truck Challenge O NICK Recks: Video to GO 0 WWF Superstars of Wres- tling Buck Rogers 0 Go far Your Deams i Mother's Day Travel Magazine Evplare 9:05 O CHih 9:10 O Showbiz Week 9:30 6 Sky King 6 0 Gacfiold and Friends cc).  Country Kitchen 0 6 Pup Named Sceeby Doe 8 Moking it Happen For All Practical Purposes C). (e) K.I.D.S. Style With El Klensch You Can't DO That on Televi- sion What Every Baby Knows World of Photography 10:00 6 Roy Rogers 0 ] Hey, Vorn, It's Etnastl Hondlin News (C_C). 6 You Can Be a Star 0 Bast of Saturday Night Uve W Wish You Were Here Honeymeonars 0 Quincy 6 6 Bugs Bunny & Tweety I Computer Chronicles (R) 0 Current Affair Show (CC). Miami Vice O Conquest of Space 6 Anglers in Action SpartsContor 9:20  Inside th NBA m Six-Gun Heroes (1Monoyline 9:30  Rock 'N' Roll Palace (In u Scholastic  America Rowan & Martin's laugh-in  Science and Technology Nowhart (CC). Ster) INN News Week O Benny Hill  Spirit of Advanture FAM CBN Family Channel I KMTV Omaha, NE 0  TNN Nashville Network 0 W WOI Ames, |A E WOWT Omaha, NE I1 KETV Omaha, NE 0  CHANNELS o WGN Chicago, IL 0 WTBS Atlanta, GA I KHIN Red Oak, IA lid WHO Des Moines, IA I) USA NET USA Network  [B] ESPN Sports Network I [E) CNN Cable News Network  [H) NICK Nickelodeon  (I] Channel 12 KPTM Omaha, NE  (J] Harlan Newspapers WWOR New York, NY  [L] KDSM Des Moines, IA  [M] Cable News 12 LIFE Lifetime  IN) A&E Arts & Entertalnmenl  [P) DISC Discovery Channel I [0] I WEEKDAY ...See other side of USTINGS this page 0 College Basketball: Novd- Lac Vegas at Louisiana State e)New Yankee Workshop D CC) . Great Escape O Seniors PGA Golf: Aeha Challenge Second Round (Live) O MOVIE: 'Snow White' B aretta Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (CC). O See America 1:05 I MOVIE: 'Northwest Pac- so  1:10  Healthwoek 1:30 0 0 College Basketball: Notre Dame at Georgia Tech Tony Dean Outdoors tD This Old House (CC). Style With Else Klensch Goodnight, Beantown ) Jazz in the Magic City 2:OO O Remodeling & Decorating Today (In Stereo) 0 PBA Bawling: True Value en (Live) MOVIE: 'The Mechanic' Yan Can Cook Hollywood insider On the Menu MOVIE: 'The Cincinnati Kid' Knight Rider It's a Living Spenser: For Hire Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill Port 6 of 7. Aunt Annie's Bomb Factory 2:30 , Rifleman Country Kitchen (In Stereo) Art of Ashley Jackson: Whale Cove i Cover Story Your Money A-Tem Houdini 3:SO 6 Gunsmoko I IE] PGA Golf: Doral Ryder en (Live) Celebrity Outdoorc (in Stereo) College Basketball: Okla- homa at Missouri (Live) Quilting: Photo Printed Quilts (R) 0 Bustln' Loose Tennis: U.S. Pro Indoor Championship (Uve) O You Can't Do That on Televi- sion Knight Rider MOVIE: 'Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion' O Globe TV: A Ticket to the World ) Portraits of power: Roosov- , olt: Hail to the Chief 3:10  Sports Close-up 3:30 ]1 Wish You Wore Here (In re) LPGA Golf: Kemper ewn (Live) ida World of Sports: Figure Skating and Triathlen (Tapedl i Madeleine Cooks (In Stereo) Double Trouble Big Story Out of Control Learning the Ropes Rendezvous 3:35  New Leave It to Beaver 4:00 1 Bannz: The Lost Episodes ]1 Side by Side (in Stereo) T and T (CC). (in Stereo) I LiliasJ (In Stereo) Throb 1Newswatch Avo. Conversion Avoca Heden Channels : equal = Listing 12 CBN CBN Cable Natwrk 1 3 KMTV Omaha, NE lib 22 TNN Nashville NET i -- WOI Amos, IA lid 6 WOWT Omaha, NE I 7a KETV Omaha, NE -- KCCI Des.Motnes, IA i 90 WGN Chicago, IL 4 WTBS Atlanta, GA 11 a KHIN Red Oak) IA I 130 WHO Des Molnes, IA I 20 USA USA Network I -- WaR New York, NY I 10 ESPN Sparlc Network I e CNN Cable News Ntwth 17 NICK Nickolodeon/A&8 21 KPTM Omaha, NE Championships E Off and Running Sports Saturday Count Dackula O NHL Hockey: New York Ran- ets at Quebec Nordiques (Live) Life's Most Embanascn g Moments (CC). 0 Eagle and the Bear 0 International Oatdearsman 7:00 6 MOVIE: 'wild Times' Part 2 of 2. 6 Dphin Cove (CC). (In Stereo) 0 Grand ale Opry Uve Back- stage O O Mission: Impossible (CC). Stereo) O 227 (CC). (In Stereo) i MOVIE: 'Basket Case' PrimeNows Mister Ed 0 Reporters (In Stereo) Days and Nights of MOLLY Dodd (CC). Uving Oangoroucly Dive to Adventure 7:30 ) Grand ale Opsy Uve 0 Amen (CC). (In Stereo) Twilight Zone O Patty Duke Show Goodnight, Beantown Cliff Hangers 8:OO O O TV 101 (CC). (In 5tares) Tommy Hunter {In Stereo) I Man Callad Hawk (co). Stereo) O Golden Girls (CC). (In Stereo) 0 Police Story t College Basketball: town at St. Johns (Live) Showbiz Week My_ Three Sons Beyond Tomorrow (In Stereo) MacGrudor & Loud 0 Shortstorias O Austria 8:05  MOVIE: 'White Lightning' 8:30 6 0 Empty Nest (CC). (in Stereo) This Week in Japan Donna Reed ) Hands 9:00 6 Ikwdortawn O O West 57th (CC). (In Miami VIce Sit There (c c). UShtar Sport, MOVIE: 'King Salomon's  Mr. Wizard's World (CC). 8 Headline News Sid. of O Quincy  Morton Down.y Jr. O 8 Don't Just (in Spenser: For Hiro Best of Seturday Monoyline O Current Affair Unsung Heroes Decades: '6Os Part 4 of 10. J Mines'  O My Secret Identity __ Night Uve (CC).  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 8 Europe's Green islands 10:30  Cheers (CC).  Leading Edge  Superman 1 A-Team ) War of the Worlds (in Stereo) Lanbow: The Life  Newhart (CC). 9:50  Track and Field: U.S. Indoor 0 Teenage Mutant Ninja Tar- 0 Hollywood: The Golden 0 Freddy,s Nightmares: A "mer (CC).  Benny Hill 9:05  MOVIE: 'Silver Streak'  Amor, ican Magazine Championchips (Same-day Tpe) ties (CC). , Years Nightmare on Elm Street Morton Downey Jr. 9:30 I Now Country (in Stereo)  M*A S*N 10:00 6 Remington Steele  OAttitaaec  In the Wild with Harry Butler  Cagnay& Lacey Night Live  Spensoe: For Hire  .I'VI; INN News 0 ONightTonightcourtShow (in Stereo)  6 6 6 6 6 News 0 Truman: H.S.T. - Days of De- 4:05 I Fishing With Roland Martin  Jennie: Lady Randolph You Can Be a Star 4:30 ]1 Reck 'N' Roll Palace (in Associates __ cision :hurchill Port 7 of 7. ( D-Day: The Great Crusade 10:00 6 Remington Steele I Newhart (CC).  Honeymoonorz O World Alive Stereo) Wild South [In Stereo) Part 1 of 2. 6  a6 J 6 News I Hill Street Blues_ . I Oactor Who 10:05  Championship Wrestling  Good Times 9:30 i Crossbow 10:10  Science Journal (CC).  You Can Be a Star I) Nature (CC). (In StereO)  Miami Vice 10:30  Lone Ranger  Firing Line: The Right to CountryClips (In Stereo) 10.'20  MOVIE: '!00 Rifles' 6 Honeymooners _. College ,.B .acketball: Idaho at 1 Manoyline O 6 Teen Wolf (CC). Make Fun of Pub|it Figures (R)  iNN News 1! Clai 10:30  Cheers (CC). 0 Maneyline uoisa State (Uve)  Rowan & Martin's Laagh-in  Side/Side ' ( My Sister Sam , Alfred Hitchceck Presents cQty ml American Magazine  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In  Sports Tonight 0 Nowhart (CC). al t Fat Albert & the Cesby  Nowsmakor Saturday , SCTV 0 M*A*S*H O Newhart (CC).  Car 54, Where Are You?  Morton Downey Jr. Kids (CC). J Dennis the Menace I N*ws 6 O Best of Carson (R) (In O Benny Hill  Barney miller  Spenser: For Hire 0 Saul Train (R) (In Stereo)  Out of This World (In Stereo) I World of the Sea L stNews Stereo)  Morton Downey Jr.  Morton Downey Jr. j World Alive ) Gomeday O Munctors Todoy 10:00 I Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). 6 Night Court  Spenser: Hire I Intarnatinnal Outciooman 10:30 Jl Cheers (CC). 1 Collage Basketball Preview 0 wild Refuge F I 0 6 6 0 News 6 Newhart (CC). O Jill St. John at the Impf.ov 11:SO  MOVIE: 'Swan Sang' I Amican Magazine  Kid's Court 4:35 I Fishing With Orlando Wilson )Tales From the Oarkside O Hill Street Blues ) Southeast Asia Revisited I Pat Sajak t O Tonight Show (In Stereo) O Superman 5:00 I Bardortown  MOVIE: 'Play It Again, Sam' n's Laugh-In  SpartsCentar 10:30 O Cheers (CC). 0 Nashville Now (In Stereo)  Night Court ) Finders Keepers  News I SpartsCentar ( Spts Tonight  American Magazin  Nightline (CC). t Nowhart (CC).  in S4mch o( Paradise I Countryclips (in Stereo)  Capital Gang ( Car 54, Whore Are You?  M*A*S*H 6 Bansan 0 Hill Street Blues 11:00 6 Rifleman  Babe Winkleman's Good  Rowan & Martin's Laugh4n W Jr.  Barney Miller 6  Tonight Show (In Stereo) 0 Quincy 0 SportsContar 0 6 Mighty Mouse: The New Fishing   Frlday the 13th: The Ihts of Molly  Morton Downey Jr.  Night Coart , J Mike Hammer  Sports Tonight Adventures (CC).  Point of View ies (In Stereo) O Slap Maxwell Story Ul Nowbart  Newsnight  Car $4, Where Are You?  Celebrity Outdoors (In Stereo) I ARC News (CC). ( Barney Miller Nenres at Work 10:40  Life Matters Part 12 of 13.  Hill Street Blues  Make Room far Daddy ]1 Barney Millar  AI Unclar' in.Fish, man 6 Jofforsons (CC). I1 Spenser: For Hire 1 I:00 m MOVIE: 'Re.manna Nk,oy,  Adam Smith's Money  Arsenla Hall (In Stereo)  Morton Downey Jr. Special  0 0 Charles in Charge  Slap Maxwell Story Magazine g Pat Sajak World: Aultralla: Banana Re- O MOVIE: 'The Prize Fighter'  In Search of Paradise  I Punky ikowstar (CC). (CC). ) Haw Animol Wodd Nashville New (In Stereo) ,oublic or Pacific Power?  Lady Wuo 10:31 6 M*A*S*H  Animal Crack-Ups (CC). [ Tony Brawn's Journal 10:05  Night Tracks (In Stereo) t v (In Stereo)  Nightline (CC). O Miami Vice  Edga and Beyond (In Stereo) 11:00 6 MOVIE: 'Wild Times' Part 1 11111 Money Watch  Spectacular World of Gain- 10:30  Campballs Banson 0 Sparts Tonight  Explore of 2.  C,,lag Basketball: Tulsa at ness Records  WKRP in Cincinnati ')u  Quincy  Car 54, Wbeea Are Yau? 11:05 m MOVIE: "Capene' 6 Pat Sejak Arkansas (Live)  Diamonds 0 Reck 'N' Roll Palace (In Mike Hammer  Barney Miller 11:30  Win, Lose ar Draw  Nashville Now (In Stereo)  Nowsday  Skiing: U.S. Men's and Stereo) CC). 0 LPGA Golf: 1988 Kempor  Morton Downey Jr. I Late Night With David Let-  Banson 1 Double Dare (CC). Women's Pro Championships   Saturday Night Uve (In Open highlights (R) 11:SO 6 MOVIE: 'Nnoka' terman (In Stereo) E Quincy O Three Stoogec Tped) . Stereo) Iht J Newsnight  Pat Sajak  Nightline (CC).,  Camp Midnito ( AlStm Wrestllng  Newswatch 6 Night Court Are Yu?  Mak Kamm (or Daddy U Ncrhvllla New (in Stereo)  MOVIE: 'The Marcus-Nelson  AWA Championship Wrec-  Foley Square  Kid's Court 6 Jewsons (CC), ) Arcenla Hall (In Stereo)  Nightlino (CC). Murders' tling  MOVIE: 'r:quas'  A-Team ] MOVIE: 'Dactimstkm Tokyo' unr Jr.  MOVIE: 'See How She Runs' 6 Banson  European Journal  N.wsnight  Eurl'S Green Illands  MOVIE: 'Amazons' mB Bix Lives ..lntOwn  Lady Illua I1-- Quincy __ Cheers (CC).  Make Ream for Daddy 11:05 I MOVIE: 'At the Earth's Core' O Edge and Beyond t Collaga Basketball: Colarado me imllm   Truman: H.S.T. - Days of De-  Stooge Snapshots  Mister EI. ......  Arceaio Hall (In Stereo) 11:30 6 Cimmon Strip  In Shakoltan's Wake State at Wyomin 9 (Live) cisn nt  Arsenlo rrall (m Stereo I I Spartsco or .  MOVIE: 'Yanks' 0 Cmmn Ground . 5:05  U.S. Olympic Gold (Taped)  Sports Tonight 0 19305 ewcn ht 8 W0ld World of the East 1 Car $4, Where/ro You? N ig .  Lady Biua 0 This Week in Country Musk 5:30 IJ Crassbaw _. The 11:10  Upstairs, Downstairs  ke Ream for Oodcly 12:00 Entertainment Tonight (In O Eagle and the Bear 6 0 Completely Mental Mis- I 0 CBS News (CC). 0 Froddy'i Nightmares: A 11:30 I1 Win, Lose or Draw  Arsenie Hall (In Stereo) SL.r.e.) ,.  Orphans of the Wild adventures of Ed Grimley (CC).  ABC News (CC). Nightmare on Elm Street I Late Night With David Let-  MOVIE: 'The Norseman'  magnum, r.u. - 11:01 E Nightline (CC).  Munetort Today O O NBC News Variety Tonight (In Stereo) Iw (In Stereo) torman (In Stereo)  Lady Blue U ramm/meaical .eatar I 1:30 I[ Late Night With David Let-  CBS Storybreak (CC). 0 Crimes of the Contary j Amataur Naturalist PC). 6 Nightline (CC)T O Battle Une O Late Night With David Let- tarman (in Stereo) ,* ] Know Your Heritage ] Cllego Basketball: OePaul 10:,31 lID M*A*S*H 11:SO I ZOLa Levitt MOVIE: 'In Uke Flint'  Aushi tarman (in Stereo)  Nightline (CC). I ROd and Reel Streamside t Fordham (Live) bec,MOVIE: 'The Fighting Sea- i Cheers (CC). ., 11:30  Win Lose or Draw  Search for Tomorrow  MOVIE: 'Pohorgeist I1: The  Evans & Novak I Shining Time Station (CC). I Tlmtre: Chris- World Suped01ko Champkmship tarman (In Stereo)  r a,rry, uuxe >now  Nashville Skyline  Basy Street 0 Pinnacle  Grand Ola Opry Live Back- rof 4.  MatarCyla Racin B .... 0 Late' Night With David Let-  C. sflre, o. Other Side' t Inq)ectar Gadget I SpmtsCenter ketboll: Nevada-  Mister Ed 6 Nighfline (CC). W Oaa Couple ID Cheers (CC). TERNOON  Looney Tunes liege D MOVIE" 'Key West'  Self Improvement Guide  Mister Ed O Mama's Family 0 MOVIE: 'Code of Silence' C r  Rigoletto ca8 Ikmch Stbto  Arsenio Hall (In Stereo) 0 Cheers (C). . .  Arsonla Hall (In Stereo) 12:00  Omaha Colanclar  Superbay [ Rockford Filet Victorian Valaec e WWF Prime Time Wrest|rag ....  W arid Monitor W Country Music U.S.A. Winston Chmchill: The Val-  Countryclips (In Stereo) 0 Heroes: Made in the U.S.A. 12:Q0  Entertainment Tonight (In (R uz:ou  mght Heat (R) lent Years  U.S. Farm Report _'_i EVENING  Newsnight for Daddy Stereo) ) Inside the POA Tour  ,V.. eoCo untry  wildlife Chronicles 0 AI Undar' In-Fisherman 0 Mad Movies With the L.A. II (in Stereo) 6 Magnum, P.i. 11:31  Win, Lose ar Draw Mbtor Ed U w.q... . _ lal eup r 6:00 JE Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC). ConneCtiOn 11:50  Night Tracks (In Stereol Saturday Bawling ]1 Wheel of Fortune (CC). LLY Plot" 0 Family Medical Center  Arsenla Hall (In Stereo)  ltw7;th Bob Cost,  Twilight Zone (CC) (In O Late Night With David Let- I WWF Superstars of Wres- 0 Country Kitchen (In Stereo) Stereo) ATitket tothe torman(InStereo) I ' ' J J O Search for Tomorrow MERTZ in HARLAN r' ' .............. ,--w, | tling O Wondor Years (CC). (R) (in O MOVIE: 'Plaza Suite' t Taking  Bi)dybuiiding: Tcurnameet Umpet' 6  t News  Uving Dangerously B'll F.x- " of Championc (R)o__. 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Greal buy lot i t Hometlme: Contractin 9 a 6:05 I Wodd Championship Wres-  Frecldy's Nightmares: A .Wtthl'i- I Celtt. . . * Nowsnight Ulato WIll .... I BEST. // kitchen or b4K]roo. 214-1133. I Homo (CC). Port 5 of 10. lling Nightmaro on Elm Street (In Let 1 Best of Saturday Night Uve  Newcmakor Saturday 6:30 6 Compbolk Stereo) ,oo.--k,i. /ttoe, I 1:00 . Wagen Train .This Week in Country Music Body Snatch.' (Colorlzed Ver- ,, ,, OlC,ege Bamketboll:lawa I Hooparman (CC). (Postponed sion) ) Scotland's Story ...... TOTAL HARDWARE State at Nebraska (Live) ) V: The Final Battle Port 4 of Show 12:35  MOVIE: "Mile of "the from on eorfier date) (In Stereo) Heart: A Bays Town Stay'  Tommy Hunter (In Stereo) .... 6 5upmbay J MOVIE: 'Everything You Al- .. i:00 6 700 C,uh 6 1 800 432 9213 n Market st:, 755-5.2 | I1 StrrtinB From Scratch 6 Wheel ef Fortune (CC) ways Wanted to Know About Kampf O New Country (In Stereo) m m J Babe Winkleman's Good I 1989 High School Wrestling Sex (But Wore Aaid to Ask)' 6 Trapper John, M.D. , Harlan, 755-357 .... HARLAN J Fishin = some II III Stereo) O Country Kitchen (In Stereo) I 0 Murphy's Law (CC). (R) (In Stereo)  Hunter (In Stereo) I1 News (CC). Hitchhiker